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Harry James Potter Hale-Cullen

Rosalie ran through the forest that backed up onto the suburb on Little Whinging , Surrey. She enjoyed the freedom of the woods in these parts, as most of the locals were too scared to enter them at night. England held a long history of things that go bump in the night and scary monsters in their forests, and yet a lot of places had forests as their backyards.

She paused as a frightened scream pierced the air, followed by the scent of human blood. She moved forward, creeping out of the forest and jumped a few fences until the scent of blood was strong and the sound of a small child whimpering was extremely loud to her sensitive hearing. There was no mistaking the bellow that followed, "WHY WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH A FREAK LIKE YOU IS BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION. SHOULD HAVE DROWNED YOU THE MOMENT WE FOUND YOU ON OUR DOORSTEP, FAMILY OR NOT."

That tirade was followed by a very meek, "sorry Uncle Vernon." She was stunned into immobility by the next words.

"I will have none of your cheek young man, don't you dare talk back to me." That was followed by a loud slapping sound, and the scent of more blood. It was that, that put Rosalie back into action. She stormed through the back door of the house like an avenging angel, and it only took her moments to take in what was happening.

A small boy, his age was hard to tell, was bleeding on the floor in front of an open door of a cupboard under the stairs, he was naked from the waist up, large gashes on his back from the belt that fat whale of a man had in mid swing ready to slash down on the child again. She grabbed his hand before he could connect with the boy and with a slight flick of her wrist snapped the bones in his. The young child was looking up at her in almost reverence as she grab the man by the back of the neck and not so softly threw him against the wall. She saw no reason to be upset about the fact that she had snapped his neck as she tossed him aside. Her eyes were for the boy only.

She crouched down to face the young child and spoke as softly as she could, "Hi, my name is Rose, can you tell me your name?" He shook his head at her, but she noticed that he scooted closer to her as a woman made her way down the stairs. "Vernon, what is all the damn noise, can't you beat the freak out of that boy quieter, you are going to wake my poor Duddy..." her voice broke off as she spotted her husband laying on the floor, and a girl sitting down next to the freak. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" she bellowed.

The young boy moved to hide himself behind Rose, causing the blond to smile and gently run a hand through his hair. It was dirty and there was blood in it, but she would get him fixed up as soon as she sorted out this mess.

"What is the boys name?" she asked, her voice sickly sweet, but the flash of her eyes caused Petunia Dursely to take a step back and put her hand to her chest.

"H-h-harry, H-harry P-p-potter," she stuttered out, totally terrified that this woman was one of his kind. "You're a freak too, a magical like him," she spat out.

"No," Rose replied, cocking an eyebrow at the horse faced woman, "no, I'm much worse than that." Rose laughed as the woman backed up again and fell on her ass on the stairs. "And," Rose continued, "I'm going to kill you for what you have done to Harry." Rose got up to move over to the ugly woman, but was stopped by a hand tugging on her dress.

She turned and looked down at the boy, Harry, who was crying softly. She knelt down and spoke gently, "What is it sweetheart?" she murmured to him, her voice soft and full of love. This young boy reminded her so much of little Henry, it made her heart clench that someone could treat a child like this, when all she ever dreamed of was being a mother.

"You saved me," Harry said, his voice soft, "are you going to take me with you?" His eyes were pleading, and she was so lost in his eyes that all she could do was nod. He smiled shyly at her, and whispered, "I dreamed an Angel would come and save me, and you did." Rose gently scooped the boy up in her arms and turned to the stunned woman on the stairs.

"Where are his things, and how old is the boy?"

"Under there" the woman pointed to the cupboard under the stairs. Rose turned and glared at the woman, and that was all it took to get her to continue, "h-he's t-three." Rose turned back to the cupboard and knelt beside it. What she saw made her sick to her stomach, there was dried blood in there, and it smelt like urine and faeces. There was a tiny little mattress on the floor, it was paper thin and the blanket was filthy and thread bare. He had nothing.

Rose turned back out of the cupboard but stopped when the little boy reached for something, pulling it carefully out from under the mattress. It was a little blanket, with funny like balls that seemed to move, all over it. He pulled it to himself and held onto it like it was the best treasure in the world. She smiled softly at him and lifted him as she stood and faced that horrible woman again.

"You stuck him in there? You let that filthy whale beat him, a small defenceless baby? What kind of sick, twisted person are you? Tell me everything about the boy, and tell me now before I head up those stairs you are trying so hard to keep me from and slaughter that child you are trying to protect."

Petunia's face paled as she tried to stutter out the information as quickly as she could, "His name is Harry Potter, he is my sisters child, she was killed in a wizard war by a bad wizard, apparently she died protecting that freak. He was dropped off on our doorstep in the middle of the night when he was fifteen months old, with a note telling us what happened, who he was and that we needed to keep him safe. The letter was from an Albus Dumbledore. The boy is a wizard, a freak of nature just like his mother and father were."

Rose's teeth ground together as she tried to keep her temper, she could hear her sister approaching, she figured it wouldn't be long before Alice would have seen what was going on. "You mean to tell me, that this precious boy, is your nephew, your sister's child, and you treated him like this. Your own flesh and blood. You are a disgrace." Rose growled out the last part and was thinking of killing the woman when Alice burst through the door.

"Rose, no. Think of Harry, he has been through enough." Alice laid a hand of Rose's arm as Rose tightened her hold slightly on Harry. He made a little sound and hid his face in Rose's chest, his little arms protecting his head.

Rose ran her fingers through his hair and cooed at him softly, "it's okay little one, Alice wont hurt you, no-one in my family will. I promise to keep you safe, sweetheart." Harry sighed softly but still kept his face pressed against her. She was his Angel, his rescuer, he knew she would keep him safe and the only safe place was in her arms.

"We should get home, I think we will have to move in the next few days." Alice said. Rose was so caught up in the little man in her arms that she forgot about her surroundings, "what do we do about her, and that fat lump. I broke his neck, stopping him from lashing at the boy. Just look at the poor boy's back, Alice." Alice already had her phone out, "go Rose, I will deal with this mess."

"Jasper, make sure Carlisle has his medical bag out, Rose is bringing home a new addition that needs medical care, you and Emmett meet me at number 4 Privet Drive and hurry." Rose heard Alice say before she walked out the door and then raced home with Harry in her arms. She heard him giggle at the speed and it made her heart soar.

It wasn't long before she burst through the front door, and found Carlisle, Esme and Edward waiting for her. She knew if she could, this would be the moment that she would break down in tears. "Esme, it was horrible," she whispered as she tried to put Harry down, but the boy refused and started to cry as he clung to her. "Shhh, baby, I wont put you down okay, I will keep you on my lap while Carlisle looks at your wounds. He is gonna fix you right up, you'll see Harry. Carlisle is a doctor and he is also like my dad, he found me and took care of me when someone I trusted hurt me."

Harry looked up at her, his little fists opening and closing around the fabric of her dress, his beautiful green eyes looking so sad and lost, suddenly took on a shine and energy started to crackle around the room. His little voice, that would have been lost to humans, was heard by all in the room, "someone hurt my Angel?"

Rose could feel the prickle of tears that would never come as she nodded to Harry, "yes sweetheart a long long time ago, but Carlisle made me better and he can make you better too, is that okay baby." Harry nodded his head and wrapped his arms around Rose's neck, holding on as tight as his little body could. It wasn't long, as Carlisle's cold fingers gently checked his wounds that Harry fell into a deep sleep, feeling safe for the first time in a long time.

Rose smiled down at him as Carlisle sighed, "I'm glad the little one is asleep, this is not good Rose, not at all. He will need antibiotics for the infection in some of the wounds." He turned to Esme, "I am going to need warm water, antiseptic, and I want to get him x-rayed, I think he may have some broken bones that have healed incorrectly. He is underweight, I can see his bones. Did they feed him at all Rose?"

"I don't know how much he ate, but I'm sure it wasn't much, they had the poor child sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs. When I looked in there, it was awful Carlisle, the smell of bodily fluids, dried blood and filthy. The only thing that was salvaged was this blanket," she pulled out the blanket that was wedged between them, "he really wanted it, so it must be from his parents, can you get it washed and cleaned please Esme."

"Of course I can. What are these things on them?" She asked as she took the blanket and went through to the wash room.

"I'm not sure but they probably have something to do with the fact that Harry is a wizard." Carlisle looked up suddenly.

"What is his last name, Rose?"

"Potter, Harry Potter, that's what that vile woman said."

"Oh dear, how could they do this?" Carlisle said as he gently treated the wounds of the child. "I need to go out, but I will be back as soon as I can, with help. We should be able to treat him faster and we will need the Goblins to see just what condition he was found in." Rose looked startled.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't worry, Rose, I will sort everything out. I take it you would like to raise the boy?" Carlisle asked.

"No-one is going to take him away from me," she said fiercely. Esme came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, "of course not sweetheart, he is a part of our family now. It's nice to have grandchildren." Esme's eyes twinkled at the thought of a child in the house.

Carlisle wrapped a blanket around the boy, and thought out loud, " I wonder why he doesn't react to the cold?" as he walked out the door.

Carlisle strode through the Leaky Cauldron and made his way to the bar. "Tom, I have some business with the Goblins would you mind opening the portal for me?"

Tom smiled at the Vampire and nodded his head, "'course I can Carlisle. What ya been up to lately, been a while since I seen ya last." Carlisle smiled at Old Tom, he had became friends with the barman and his wife many years ago, when his wife went into labour while on a visit to the Muggle world, as they called it. Carlisle had delivered their son, and had discovered the wizarding world. Of course he was fascinated, especially with the different types of vampire species. Being from England himself, he always thought Vampires were all alike, but turns out he was wrong. Though he was still classed as a magical creature, just a way more sturdy one, since he seemed to be immune to most spells, but his brethren in the magical world were not.

Carlisle did think that a well powered cutting spell and that nasty fiendfyre spell would do them in.

Shaking that thought from his mind, he answered Tom as best he could, "not much, just working, though we should be moving along soon, before the humans notice us not aging."

"I always wondered why you lot just don't move into a magical community, that way ya wouldn't have to move. But then I remember how you lot are treated." Tom rolled his eyes, he never understood the bigotry that happened in the world, but when you have a war about the quality of blood then I guess it's to be expected. Good thing that little Harry Potter put an end to You-Know-Who.

Carlisle shook his head at Tom and then slid through the portal the man had opened while talking. "Thanks Tom," he called out as he passed through. He made his way through Diagon Alley, up to the impressive marble building and walked through the doors, straight up to the tellers. It didn't take long before he was in front of a Goblin.

"Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could let Ragnok know that Carlisle Cullen is here to see him, on a very important matter?" Carlisle asked. The Goblins head snapped up and he nodded quickly before scuttling off. When Carlisle had found out about the wizarding world, he had talked to his family about it and Alice had told him he should invest in the Goblin bank. She wasn't sure why but she was adamant that he needed to do this. Of course he had listened, since it was Alice and with her advice they were one of the richest families in not only the human world but the wizarding one as well. He was also well respected among the Goblins for the respectful way he treated them and how well he paid his Goblin accountants.

It wasn't long before Carlisle was being lead to Ragnok's office and was ushered in. "Carlisle, what can I do for you today?" Ragnok asked.

"Old friend, I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. You see, my daughter Rosalie, she came across a human child being beaten by his Uncle. The child is but three years old and I'm sure you remember how she is about children. She rescued the poor boy, unfortunately killing the man in the process and brought him to me. Turns out he is a wizard child, and he needs a lot of healing for malnutrition, broken bones that have healed incorrectly, infections and open laceration. I am sure the boy has never seen a doctor since he was left with these people, so will likely also need his immunizations. The most shocking part about this, Ragnok, is that the boy is Harry Potter."

Carlisle could tell the Goblin was beyond shocked, as he called out for the Potter accountant to be brought to him. It took a few moments for the Goblin to come in, and when he did it was with his head bowed. "Explain to me," Ragnok snarled, "why Harry Potter was living with muggles, and why those muggles were free to abuse the boy to the limits of almost death?"

The younger Goblin looked up sharply, "Albus Dumbledore said that Mr Potter was with relatives and being taken good care of, they were even receiving payments for taking care of Mr Potter from his trust vault."

"Well it seems that Mr Dumbledore lied." Ragnok stated, "where is the Potter will?" he demanded.

"It was never read," the Goblin said, but before he could say more, Ragnok jumped of his chair and backhanded the other Goblin sending him sailing through the air. "Griphook," he shouted, and another Goblin came running into the room, "audit Mr Potter's vault, confiscate all monies that have been paid out, recall all items that belong to the Potter clan and get their will executed. NOW. And while you are at it, get all viable information out of that, then have him executed."

"Come Carlisle, I shall get a Goblin healer, and we shall go treat Mr Potter. I will also need to document his injuries. I take it your Rosalie would like custody?" At Carlisle's nod, Ragnok continued, "then we shall see that it happens, I shall get the paper work through today, and if it does not clash with the reading of the will, it will be pushed through and made legal by the days out. We will have the results of the will reading and the audit very soon."

Ragnok had a healer and made a portkey in no time and the three where whisked off back to the Cullen house. Rosalie was still on the couch holding Harry close to her chest, as he slept, he made small noises and whimpers in his sleep, but they were quickly silenced as soon as they began by a kiss on the forehead from Rosalie.

Kia, the healer Goblin, approached Rosalie slowly, examining the young boy as best she could, with him shrouded in blankets and half his face buried in the Vampires chest. "Can I take a look at the child?" Kia asked.

Rosalie shifted the boy gently as not to wake him and pulled the blankets down to reveal the child's back. Kia made a small grunting noise that got Ragnoks attention, and he grunted louder. "Those humans must be punished," he said, and Kia nodded in agreement.

"The man is already dead, I broke his neck getting him off Harry. Alice, Emmett and Jasper are over there cleaning up the mess." Ragnok nodded and pulled a crystal like prism out of his pocket, he spoke in his own language to someone on the other end, and Carlisle watched fascinated. After a few grunts and groans, the light from the prism faded out and Ragnok gave a wide toothy smile that sent shivers down the Vampires spines.

"Some of my men will be over there shortly, taking care of memories and staging the scene," Ragnok said. Moments later Carlisle's phone rang. Alice was on the other line, letting them know that she and the boys had set the body at the bottom of the stairs and were waiting on the Goblins to fix the memories of the boy and the woman.

Mia was running her hands over Harry, blue light emanating from her palms. "What are you doing?" Rose asked, her hands unconsciously tightening around the boy.

"I'm running a diagnostic scan on him, checking for injuries and finding out what kind of potions I need and other spells." She pulled back with another grunt, turned to Ragnok and shook her head. "No child should ever suffer as this one has, Ragnok." Kia shook her head sadly, and then pulled out some special potions from her bag, "these will fix the broken bones that healed incorrectly, the malnutrition, his poor eyesight, and the internal organ damage from the beatings." she pulled out a jar of balm and passed it to Rosalie, "put this on him once I have given him the potions and healed the lacerations on his back."

With that Kia waved her hand over Harry's back and the cuts healed up tight, leaving slight scarring, then she magically lifted Harry to a sitting position, opened his mouth and used a spell to make him swallow the potions, before lowering him back down. Rosalie quickly put the balm on Harry's back and was stunned to see the scars vanish almost as soon as the balm was rubbed in. "That's amazing." Rosalie said as she continued to rub it into his skin.

"You will need to use that on any other scars you find, after you have bathed the child, you should examine his entire body, I believe you will find more scars on his legs, arms and torso," Kia said and grunted again before turning away to face Ragnok, "I have done all I can, now he will need love, support and proper nutrition, though it will take a while for his little body to handle too much food, so small portions multiple times a day to increase his stomach capacity. He will also need to take nutrient potions for a the next month, to fix the imbalance. After that he should be good as new physically at least."

Harry awoke then and smiled into Rose's chest, until he heard others in the room and peaked to see who was in the room. He squeaked and clung to Rose as he noticed the strange looking creatures in the room. Rosalie ran her hand through his hair in a motion that seemed to soothe him, and whispered to him, "don't worry sweetheart, they are friends, Goblins, we will talk more about them after you have had a bath and gotten some rest."

"You won't let me go will you, Angel?" Harry whispered, his voice so soft and fragile.

"Never, baby, never ever. The Goblins are going to make sure I get to keep you always, would you like that?"

"Yes," Harry breathed out softly, almost afraid of saying it out loud in case he was whisked back to his Aunt and Uncles.

"Okay, how about we get you a bath and cleaned up and put into some clean pyjamas and by that time your blanket should be dry. Esme washed it for you so it will be as cleans as you will be after your bath." Rosalie smiled down at him and then kissed his forehead causing Harry to sigh softly and lean into her touch.

Rose noticed that Harry was shaking slightly, and asked him what was wrong, but he shook his head, refusing to answer. Edward who had been standing back watching, and trying very hard not to lose his temper at some of the things he had seen running through the little boys head spoke softly so that Harry wouldn't hear, "he is afraid of the bath, his Aunt, on the small occasions that she did bath him would always hold him under the water and she used a metal scrub brush to viscously scrub at his skin, causing him to bleed. He is torn because he knows deep in his heart that his Angel would never hurt him, but he is having trouble ignoring the panic and fear of the water." Edward's voice had a hard edge to it, and Rose could just imagine what he had seen. She had to take a few unnecessary breaths to calm down before talking to Harry.

"Well how about I get my bathers on and jump into the bath with you, you can sit in my lap the entire time, and I can wash your hair and you can pick the sponge and the soap you want to use. Would you like that?"

Harry breathed out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and sighed, of course his Angel would take care of him, "I would like that a lot," he whispered and there was a small smile on his face at the thought of not having to be parted from his Rose.

"Would you let Edward hold you while I change, I promise to be as fast as I can, so we won't be parted for more that a few seconds. Is that okay?" Rose asked in a soft voice as Edward came to kneel down in front of them.

Harry turned to face Edward and smiled slightly when he noticed Edward's eyes were the exact same as his Angels, " are you an Angel too?" he whispered. Edward smiled at him, but shook his head.

" No sweetheart, we are not Angels, just the people who want to take care of you and give you a proper family. Will you let us?" Edward asked and held his breath as a million thoughts travelled through Harry's mind. Finally Harry nodded, though Edward could still read the caution in his mind.

Rosalie stood up and went to pass Harry to Edward, but Harry shook his head, and Edward whispered quickly, "he wants to wait until we are upstairs." Rose nodded and they both went up the stairs quickly, causing Harry to laugh quietly as the wind whooshed past him. Edward read his mind and relayed to Rose what he was thinking.

"Harry has a small memory of travelling fast and the wind whipping through his hair as he giggled, being held by a man on a broom as they flew through the air. The memory is hazy but I can just make out baby Harry and a man with black hair and glasses. It's a very happy memory, so he likes the speed."

"You like it when we go fast Harry?" She asked him as she kissed his forehead, he nodded his head from its spot buried in Rosalie's chest. " Well that's good then since we go fast a lot," she added and he giggled quietly at that. Edward himself was just amazed that Rosalie was kissing the young boy when he was so filthy, the smell coming off of him was atrocious, but as he scanned Rose's mind, all she could see was her beautiful little Harry, nothing in the world seemed to matter to her any more besides the little boy in her arms and being a family with Emmett. Edward made a humming noise when Rose's mind flashed a picture of Emmett and Harry side by side, her big strong husband taking care of their little baby.

Rose glared at Edward, but it was only half hearted, and then went into the bathroom to run the bath. Harry was shaking slightly at the sight of the tub and the water, but Rose stroked his back and told him he would be safe with her. She then took Harry to the bedroom door, and said, "you need to stay with Edward for a few seconds while I change Harry, I promise I will be right back, okay?" Harry nodded his head hesitantly but let himself be passed over to Edward.

Edward ran a soothing hand up and down Harry's back and the same coldness that came from his Angel, he could feel from Edward, it comforted him some what, but his small frame still shook, until a minute later he was again in Rose's arms. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck, sighing in relief at being back with her.

"Okay kiddo, let's get washed, hey," she said as she took him into the bathroom again. She turned the taps off and climbed into the tub, holding Harry tight as he started to shake. "Edward stay close and let me know if he needs something specific," she murmured under her breath.

"Sure thing," he whispered back.

As she lowered herself and Harry into the water, she spoke soothingly to him about what they were doing. Once they were in, Harry started to shake slightly and Rose ran a hand up and down his back until he settled somewhat. She then tilted his head up so he could look in her eyes and asked, "so which sponge shall we use, which kind of liquid soap do you want, and which shampoo and conditioner. You can smell them all and pick your favourite scent. How would that be?" Harry nodded slightly so Rose reached for the sponges first and lay them on the side of the tub.

"How about you feel them and see which one is soft enough for you." Harry reached out his little shaking hand, and gently ran his fingers across the sponges. His mind was a whirl of thought as he realized every single one of them was soft and felt nice against his hand. He picked one up that was shaped like a fish and giggled softly as he handed it to Rose, "this one," he whispered.

"I have always been partial to this one myself," Rose said, earning herself a smile. "Now what smells would you like?"

Harry, becoming a bit more confident, sniffed at the bottles of shampoo and conditioner and picked one that smelled like apples, he also picked the body wash with the same smell.

As they continued the bath, Rose telling him everything she was going to do as she did it, Harry relaxed more and more, enjoying the sensation of being cleaned by gentle hands. In the end they had to empty the tub a couple of times until the water was clean at the end of the washing. Harry's hair was washed three times, as was his little body. Rose kept her smile as they had finished as she was drying him with a towel, even though inside she was seething at the scars all over his little body.

"Okay my little man," Harry giggled at the name, "we just have to put a special balm on your skin to get rid of these marks, and then get you all dressed in warms Pyjamas that I'm sure Alice would have ready for you in my room."

She knew this because Alice had come home during the second tub emptying and let her know that she had picked up some clothes and essentials for Harry, until they could go on a proper shopping trip. She also had picked up a teddy bear for the little one.

"Let's get you dressed first and then, if you can let Edward hold you till I'm dressed, you can come straight back to me. Can ya do that little man?" Harry giggled again at the name, he liked it a lot, but not as much as he liked it when she called him baby and sweetheart. Of course Edward told her this as she was dressing Harry.

"Oh Harry, you look adorable in those slippers, I will have to ask Alice where she got them," Rose declared, as Harry looked down at the bears on his feet.

"Emmett picked them out," Edward answered as he moved in to pick up Harry. The boy came to him easier, this time, in his mind knowing that his Angel would be back for him quickly. And he was right, Rose was dressed and had Harry back in her arms in seconds. Harry yawned and snuggled into Rose again as she ran her fingers through his damp, now silky, locks.

"Want to snuggle up in bed, sweetheart?" she asked and smiled when he nodded against her shoulder. Rose moved into the bedroom she shared with Emmett and pulled the covers back, thanking the stars above they had a bed. She slid in with Harry and pulled the covers over them as Harry snuggled into her side and slipped into sleep.

Downstairs, Griphook had come to the house with all the information he needed, and was in the middle of explaining what had happened.

"After the downfall of Voldermort," the Goblin said, " Harry was placed in what was believed by Albus Dumbledore to be a safe place, with his relatives, to protect the boy from stray death eaters. Since his godfather Sirius Black had been thrown into Azkaban, for betraying the family. I did some digging and it turns out Lord Black never received a trial. I had the will executed and it stated that under no circumstances was the child to be left with Lily's sister, but he was to be left with Sirius Black. There was no other options other than Sirius Black, so under wizarding law, he would have been put up for adoption through the ministry. Money has been taken from the Potter trust since the death of the Potters, to the amount of one hundred galleon a week. The money was deposited into Albus Dumbledore's account. I would have to check with his accountant as to whether he kept the money or gave it to the Dursleys. There was a letter, the will states, left for Harry, in one of the Potter main vaults, and I retrieved it for you." Griphook handed the letter over to Ragnok to do with as he saw fit.

"I have the paperwork for the adoption of Harry Potter to a Rosalie Hale-Cullen and Emmett Cullen, all it needs is their signatures, and a drop of Mr Potters blood. Once that is done it will be finalized and unbreakable." Griphook stated as he placed the forms on the table in front of them.

"Why does it need blood?" Carlisle asked, looking over at Alice, who was holding tightly to Jasper's arm.

"The blood is used as a sign that the adoption is legal and above board, the blood itself, being magical will approve or deny the adoptions. We use blood this way to insure that no-one can dispute the adoption, especially since you are Vampires. It is illegal in the Wizarding world for creatures to adopt Wizards, but the blood will bind the contract and make it impossible for it to be over turned. A lovely loop hole the Wizards set up for themselves, but seem to have forgotten that it will legalize any adoption of a Wizard child. As long as the child's blood chooses freely."

Emmett signed it immediately, knowing exactly what Rose would want and then took the papers up to her in the bedroom. She smiled widely at him, and signed the forms, then asked for Mia to come and get a drop of Harry's blood. Once the blood was added the forms glowed and then vanished.

Emmett and Rosalie were now the proud parents of Harry James Potter Hale-Cullen.