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Harry Potter Hale Cullen

Harry's laughter could be heard as Edward flew through the trees, the little boy cradled in his arms protectively. Since his 4th birthday, running with Edward had become a very common occurrence, though Harry complained about being carried.

He felt like he was a big boy, now that he had turned 5, and he wanted to ride on their backs, not be carried like a baby, but no one would listen. The family, on the other hand were delighted that Harry complained at all, it was the only thing he ever got cranky about and they loved it. Slowly but surely he was coming around, becoming more open with what he wanted. Though much to Alice's annoyance he still would not ask for things, like clothing and toys, he had only just started to let them know when he was hungry.

Thanks to all the food and rest he got, and with the help of Kia, Harry was now the acceptable weight and height for a boy his age. To his family, he was perfect.

The Goblins and Carlisle had been keeping track of his money, and the state of affairs in the Wizarding World. It hadn't taken long for the Goblins to get a trial for Sirius Black and for the truth to come out, the Wizarding population had been outraged that this could happen and an extensive look into all the trials came about. Every trial had during that time was redone, this time with veritaserum, and the findings were astounding. They found a few innocent people had been locked away, and that many many Death Eaters had been set free with a bribe here and a 'I was under the Imperious curse' defence.

The most scandalous was a Pureblood by the name of Lucius Malfoy. That was quickly rectified and he was currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

The worst of it was how many officials had been bribed and the fact that the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement departments had broken his son out of Azkaban and replaced him with Barty Jr's own dying mother, polyjuiced to look like her son. This also brought new protections to the prison, with all prisoners being tested for the potion.

All the secrets of the aftermath of the war were finally being revealed to the public. The Goblins had even released the facts about Harry Potter being abandoned with muggles by Albus Dumbleore and systematically being abused until he was rescued by his now adopted Mother and Father. A medical report of all the injuries sustained by the muggles was also released, and Carlisle was satisfied to hear the Headmaster, even after a few years, was still receiving something called Howlers, that Ragnok described to him causing him to chuckle. It did not help that it was also added that Harry Potter was now out of the country and safe, and it was believed that he may never return to Britain because of all the bad memories.

People understood but they were heartbroken.

Sirius on the other hand wanted to be with his Godson, and was on a strict regiment to help him recover from the hell of Azkaban. He was told in detail, with the permission of the Cullens, all about Harry and the progress he was making and was even sent photographs. He was devastated that his actions had caused so much pain to the most precious thing in his life.

He promised to be better for Harry, and was told Harry would need someone to teach him about the Wizarding World, his responsibilities as a Lord and how to control his magic. He had, had a few bouts of accidental magic, but nothing the Cullens were worried about, they were made of sturdy stuff so they could withstand anything he threw at them, besides fire. It was rather funny to see Vampires running around with multi coloured hair or polka dotted skin though and Alice made sure she had plenty of pictures to show Harry when he was older, since she was the only one to come out unscathed so far, thanks to her visions.

The Minister, someone by the name of Bagnold was removed from office and they were waiting to vote in the new Minister, people were pretty sure it would be someone by the name of Fudge, if he was ready, since if it wasn't for the scandal, Bagnold would have been re-elected. Sirius was hoping that with a new Minister, they could do something about Magical Creature reform, since his best friend was a werewolf. Either way, Remus Lupin was going to help instruct Harry on his magic, and they were both looking forward to meeting Prongs Jr.

Harry was told about Sirius, his Godfather and how he was wronged and kept away from him, but Harry was only concerned he would be taken away from his mummy, daddy and family. After they had explained to him that no one could ever take him away from the Cullens, Harry was fine about meeting his Godfather when he had fully recovered from his time in the prison.

It had taken a while but Sirius was now ready to meet the most precious thing in the world to him, and only prayed that Harry would forgive him for his mistakes. Harry on the other hand was very nervous about meeting someone who knew his real mummy and daddy, and knew him when he was just a little baby. He didn't have many memories of his mummy and daddy, but a few stuck out, like he remembered going really fast on a broom with his daddy, it was why he loved to go fast. He remember red hair and green eyes, he remembered a scruffy dog, and something about moons. But that was all.

"Sirius, settle down, if you are this jumped up you will scare Harry," Lupin said as the man in question paced constantly, while checking his watch and looking out for the Goblin to arrive. He had finally been cleared, he was in perfect health, mentally and physically. He loved the Goblins, it had taken them half the time it would have taken St Mungos to get him well. He had never been more grateful for the Cullens, not only had they rescued his Godson, they had cultivated such a relationship with the Goblins that it benefited Harry and now him.

"What if he doesn't like me, or doesn't want to get to know me. What if he tells me to go away and he never wants to see me again," Sirius' breath came out in harsh pants as he finished his rant, but he was interrupted by a pleasant voice.

"Harry is a sweet, caring, wonderful boy, Lord Black, he will be thrilled to have you in his life, just as soon as he gets use to you. My name is Carlisle and I am, well Harry calls me Grandpa, but we try to dissuade that from happening in public, as you can imagine." Carlisle ended with a chuckle which Sirius added too after looking at the incredibly handsome man standing in front on him that did not look a day over 30. "There are just a few things I thought to warn you about before we get going. We have guest rooms for you to stay in or you can use the other house we have not to far from our own, the choice is yours."

"We would be honoured to stay with you, Carlisle, and please call me Sirius, and this is Remus." Carlisle had stiffened slightly but relaxed quickly, unlike Remus who was still on guard, his werewolf senses going into overdrive.

"Calm Remus," Sirius said as he laid his hand on the werewolves arm. Remus shook himself slightly and tried to reel in his natural instincts.

"I'm sorry, its just rather more difficult than I thought, to control the natural urges." Remus said as he offered his hand to Carlisle.

"Trust me, if any, we understand. My children are tested everyday, with the diet we choose."

"Ah that's right, the Goblins did say, you only drink animal blood. That must be hard." Sirius remarked, rather impressed and a little unnerved. They had never come across vampires like these before.

"Anyway, as I was saying there are a few things that you must remember when interacting with young Harry. He is still a little traumatised by the events of his past, though is doing much better with our family. We were so proud when he started to ask for things, not a big deal to most, but a huge stepping stone for us. He still does not react well to strangers and takes a while to get to know them, which means he will probably not wish to be alone with you for a long while. He still refuses to be alone with any of the Denali clan, even Carmen and he adores her."

"Okay, anything else," Sirius said, very anxious to see his Godson.

"No sudden movements when you are around him, no raising of your hands or kicking of your feet, do not under any circumstances raise your voices, and always try to be as calm as possible. In time these things should change but for now, this is what needs to be done." Carlisle said.

Sirius started to mumble under his breath but both Remus and Carlisle caught it with their hearing. "Kill those bastards that did this to my Godson. Kill the Ministry for taking me away from him, and Dumbledore for not allowing me to take Harry in the first place."

"The Goblins tell me that the Ministry is in for a rough ride, with the law suits headed their way, as is this Dumbledore fellow, since he had the power to grant you a trial but did nothing. The Goblins believe it is because he wanted Harry away from the magical world and raised ignorant of his title and heritage. As for Vernon Dursley, he is dead, Rosalie lost control and broke his neck when she saw him beating Harry. The rest of the family the Goblins took care of."

"Shall we get going?" Receiving nods and smiles, Carlisle pulled out the portkey that Ragnok had given him and when they all touched it, he activated it. They landed gracefully in the backyard of the Cullen residence, only to be surrounded by snarling vampires.

Alice was confused when Carlisle just disappeared, well he didn't disappear but he became hazy, like he was blinking in and out of existence. It made the Seer very uncomfortable. She was becoming more and more unnerved, when they heard a noise in the backyard and then the smell took over their senses and Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Edward were in the yard surrounding the one that smelt like the enemy, while Rosalie and Esme guarded Harry, who at this point was shaking at the scene before him. He was trying very hard not to cry, but he was so scared, he had never seen his family act like this before and he knew there was only one reason for it, danger. They were protecting him and their territory.

The environment suddenly changed again, drastically, and Harry couldn't help himself, he let out a choked sob, almost of relief as he felt his family calm. "Shhh, it's okay baby, I'm here, mummy won't let anything hurt you, remember." Rosalie whispered soothingly into his ear as she rubbed his back gently.

"I know mummy, I was just scared for daddy and the family." Harry replied through hiccups. Emmett was by his side in a second and took Harry from Rosalie's arms, covering the little boys face in kisses before pulling him close.

"Don't worry little man, daddy can take care of himself. Besides I would never do anything that would take me away from you." Harry smiled a watery smile at his daddy and hugged him close. He truly felt like the luckiest boy in the world, and had the best mummy and daddy ever.

"What happened?" He asked as he got himself under control, which was very easy in his daddy's arms. He was so big and strong, it still amazed Harry.

"It's just your Godfather Harry and his friend. His friend is a werewolf, and you remember how vampires and werewolves get along. It takes a moment for our brains to override the natural defences in place when we catch that scent in our territory." Emmett said as he sat down with Harry on his lap.

"Oh, is it going to be okay? I don't want anyone to suffer just for me." Harry said, his little voice soft and sweet, always concerned about others.

"It will be fine, sweetheart, we just had to get over the initial shock. It was a little worse since it seems Alice can't see the wolf and he blocks her visions of anyone with him." Emmett added. "Now, do you think you are up to meeting your Godfather and his friend?"

"I'm ready," Harry said, then whispered to his daddy, "don't put me down, please."

"Wouldn't dream of it, till you tell me otherwise," Emmett said and kissed the top of his head, before indicating to let the others in.

Sirius and Remus made their way inside, and Carlisle lead them to the couch across from where Harry was perched on Emmett's lap, his face buried sideways in his daddy's chest, so he could see what was going on but still remained mostly hidden from the new people. He still didn't like meeting new people.

"Harry," Emmett said, "I would like you to meet, your Godfather, Lord Sirius Black, and his friend werewolf Remus Lupin." Harry giggled at the way his daddy said werewolf and flourished his hand towards the man. Emmett leaned down and kissed Harry's messy hair, glad to make him laugh, and chuckled himself at the werewolves pout.

Harry turned his head a bit more and said a quiet, "Hi," with a little wave and then burrowed back into his daddy's warm, safe chest.

"Hello Harry, it's so great to see you again." This got Harry's attention and he sat up straight on his daddy's lap and faced Sirius.

"Have we meet before?" he asked as he studied the man in front of him. Something about him was familiar but he couldn't quiet place it.

"Well," Sirius said, "you were more fond of me when I was in a different form," and with that Sirius turned into Padfoot. Everyone around them was first shocked at the man turning into an animal and second at the reaction it got out of Harry. He squealed in delight and jumped down from his daddy and ran to the dog, wrapping his arms around its neck and squeezing tightly.

"Oh Padfoot, I remember you, you let me ride on you and daddy would hold on to me so I wouldn't fall." The images ran through Harry's mind, thick and fast, as he recalled spending time with his favourite dog and how he would sometimes cry when the dog would turn into his Uncle Sirius.

Edward chuckled at some of the thoughts going through the little boys mind, but stopped short when Harry's mind took a different turn. The little boy let go of the dog and ran back to his daddy, curling around him and sobbing softly, "you will always be my daddy, wont you?" he sobbed out as he held on to Emmett, the memories of his real daddy and Emmett moving through his mind, confusing him. "I know I had another one, but..." he started to cry in earnest as he thought he might lose what he had now. Harry could remember a few things about his original family, as they had come to call them, but at the forefront of his mind were his family that rescued him, kept him safe and promised to never leave him. The Cullens surrounded Harry and were trying to comfort him the best they could as the little boy cried himself into a fitful sleep, and dreamed about his different families, his little mind trying to reconcile them all.

"What happened, Edward?" Emmett asked as he rubbed his son's back trying to sooth him in sleep.

"He kept having memories of his father with Sirius and he remembered being happy and laughing and being loved, like he is now, and then he remembered the Dursleys. He is having a hard time putting it all together, it's a lot for a little boy. His body decided to shut down and let his sleeping mind try to help. He feels like he is being disloyal to us, his new family, if he loves his birth mother and father."

"We will have to talk to him when he wakes up and let him know that is not the case. He needs to feel free to love his parents and remember them well, after all, from what we have gathered, they gave their lives for Harry. We should honour that." Rosalie stated. She has so much respect for any parent that would sacrifice themselves for their child, because she would do the same, she would give up everything for Harry. She would make sure her little man understood that completely.

She turned to the new men in the house, "Sirius?" at his nod she continued, "do you have pictures, mementos of his time with his parents, anything that you can remember that we can share with him. The Goblins said something about a pensive or pensieve something like that, that is used to view memories, do you have one of those, or know where we can get one, so we can share those things with Harry?"

Sirius was smiling at this turn of events, he was not sure if these people would allow him to talk to Harry about the Potters, but he had never been so happy to be wrong. "There is a pensieve at Potter Manor, the Potters ancestral family home, there should be a lot of valuable stuff in there, to remind Harry of his family, but I think it is probably best to wait until he claims his Lordship before he discovers the family journals."

"Do you know how to get to Potter Manor?" Carlisle asked. Sirius thought about it for a moment and then nodded.

"Yes, it seems I do. I would have thought it would have gone into lock down after James and Lily's death. Personally I still don't know why they were hiding in Godric Hollow when Potter Manor was so much more secure. I tried to talk them into using Potter Manor, and Lily agreed with me, it took a while for both of us to convince James, but they were going to move a week after the attack happened. I was iffy about Peter and still don't understand how I decided to make him secret keeper. I never would have put them in danger that way, I knew I was the safest option, because I would have died before I betrayed them. A lot of it doesn't make sense to me and I'm still trying to figure it out." Sirius shook his head, and Remus looked at him funny. "Anyway, I went off on a rant there, Potter Manor, yes I can go there, but I would have to take Harry with me, to give all of you access to it."

"How about we talk to Harry about it tomorrow, maybe we can spend some time in Potter Manor so Harry can live amongst his parents things, it may help him somewhat. Sirius, where exactly is Potter Manor?"

"It's in Scotland, actually it's close to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Why?"

"Just hoping it wasn't in England. Still not sure how Harry will cope with going to Scotland as it is so close to England, but let's discuss it with him." Rosalie said as she looked up at the stairs. She could hear Harry stir and knew Emmett would be bringing him down shortly.

Harry stretched out on the bed as he woke, feeling quite refreshed from his nap. He didn't nap often any more, only when he got too emotional. He felt the strong arms of his daddy wrap around him and he sighed in contentment. "How are you feeling little man?"

"Better," Harry replied as he sat up and cuddled into his daddy's side. He loved the feeling of being in his daddy's arms. He truly felt like nothing could touch him while there. All the Cullens were strong, but his daddy was above all the rest. He was stronger than anyone he had ever known, but he was kind and gentle and Harry felt loved above all else.

"Good, kiddo, cause everyone is waiting downstairs, and they want to talk to you about something important, and kinda exciting." Harry sighed again, not looking forward to facing everyone after his breakdown earlier, so he just clung to his daddy and let himself be carried downstairs.

Rosalie rose from her seat and met Emmett and Harry at the bottom of the stairs, she hugged them both to her and whispered in Harry's ear, "It's okay sweetheart, please believe me when I tell you, I want you to remember your birth parents, because without them, we wouldn't have you." She smiled at her little boy and then pulled him in so she could kiss his forehead.

"Thanks mummy," he whispered and awkwardly rested his head on her shoulder while still being held by his daddy. Rosalie ended the hug and lead them over to the couch to sit.

"We have been talking while you were sleeping," Rosalie began, "and we discovered that there is a special device called a Pensieve, which allows people to view memories."

"Like watching Television?" Harry asked.

"Yes, very similar," Sirius said.

"There is one of these things at your families ancestral home, and we were wondering if you would like to go stay there for a while, so you could get to know your birth family better?" Harry started to shake his head wildly.

"No, no no no no. I don't want to go away from you, you promised I would never have to leave, you promised, you promised," Harry repeated over and over as he got himself worked up.

"Oh baby no," Emmett said as he rubbed his back, "we would all go, together, as a family." Harry stared at him for a long while, tears streaking his cheeks as he watched his daddy. Finally he nodded and breathed out, relieved.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he clung to Emmett, trying to control his breathing.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, I just should have explained it better," Sirius said, "that is the second time I have upset you today." He shook his head sadly at Harry.

"It's okay," Harry said but he kept his eyes low and nestled further into Emmett's embrace.

"We should explain, Harry," Carlisle continued, "that Potter Manor is in Scotland, so even though it is not in England it is close." Harry's eyes grew wide.

"Manor? Like a castle? My house is a castle?" Harry had visions of draw bridges and dragons, like the fairy tales Jasper would read to him sometimes. Edward laughed at the visions in his mind from Harry.

"Yes, just like a castle, except I don't think there are dragons in the castle, even though we know dragons in the magic world are real, I don't think your family kept them as pets." Edward said.

"Oh," Harry said and looked slightly disappointed.

"So would you like to go?" Esme asked.

"We are all going, everyone, Grandma, Grandpa, Alice, Jasper, Edward, mummy and daddy?" Harry asked, just to make sure.

"Yes, sweetheart, we would all go with you, there is no way we would let you go anywhere we couldn't follow you," Rosalie said, kissing his cheek.

"Okay," Harry said.

Everyone moved at once, Carlisle to the Floo to call Ragnok for assistance and everyone else to get packed up. Ragnok popped into the house a few minutes after being called and had the Heir ring for Harry, which was also a port key to all the Potter properties. They were waiting for Harry to get more settled before giving him the ring, but he would need it to give access to his family to the Manor.

"Potter Manor has been unoccupied for quite some time, but has been kept functioning by the family elves, so you will have to prepare Harry for the fact that they will be there and answer to him. Also I think you will find that the forest that is included in the property wards are well stocked with wild life so you will have no problem hunting and you will not have to be careful about not being seen." Carlisle smiled at this, Harry loved to see them out in the sunshine, so this would be wonderful. "I have sent word to the elves to let them know that Master Harry would be arriving today and that they should have everything ready for him and his guests. I informed then that seven of you were Vampires and Harry's adopted family, and that his Godfather, Sirius Black would be with you and long time family friend and werewolf Remus Lupin. Now normally the wards would recognise Emmett and Rosalie because they legally adopted Harry, but since they are vampires, we are just not sure how the wards will work."

"Would you mind coming with us, Ragnok, and taking a look at the wards, to see if they need strengthening or if there are any weaknesses. It is always better to be safe than sorry."

"Of course, I will go back to the bank and get my best warders, and meet you back here. We would be unable to access the Manor without little Harry." With that Ragnok popped away, and Carlisle went to inform them all as to what they would be doing, once they had finished packing, and covering the furniture, since they would only need their clothes.

"Harry, come here for a moment please," Carlisle said, gesturing for the boy to come to him. Harry walked over to his grandpa, with a smile on his face and was promptly picked up and placed in his lap. "I have something for you, this is a ring that you would have been given by your birth parents, it's called a Heir ring, and what it does is, it lets people know that you are the Heir to the Potter line and it also acts as a port key to your various properties that your family, and now you, own. Do you understand so far?"

"I think so, I put this ring on and I can take us to the Manor or any other place that I now own, right?"

"That's right, Harry. Also when we get to the Manor, I was to inform you that there will be little creatures there, known as House Elves. Now what they do is, they take care of their owners, like make them food, clean the house, all that sort of stuff. From what I understand from Ragnok, all Lords have House Elves and some of the richer members of the Wizarding world do too. It is supposed to be a privilege to own them. They are very loyal to their masters, but it is also a sort of two way relationship. Apparently, elves need to bond to a strong wizard to keep them alive. Their magic thrives off of their owners magic, so to speak. Do you understand so far?"

"Uh huh, I have House Elves, and they will take care of me and the properties. Also they need me to live." Harry said, looking amazed at all this new information.

"Correct, Harry, apparently your elves have been sustaining themselves through your magic, while waiting for you to call for them, but since you didn't know you had them, you couldn't. Had someone told you, you could have called them to... never mind about that...all you have to know is that they are very loyal to you and will be very excited to see you. So you may have to brace yourself when we get to the Manor, some might be a bit enthusiastic." Sirius said, trying to shake the fact that if someone had told him about his elves, he would have been saved a lot of pain.

Harry also guessed what his Godfather was alluding too, and for the first time he could remember something boiled in his belly that made him feel funny. He wasn't sure what the emotion was, but it made him feel almost queasy. Jasper was by his side in a second and he felt the feeling slip away, making him feel so much better. "What was that Jasper?" he asked, knowing the empath would know.

"That was anger, Harry. You were very mad, do you want to tell me what you were thinking to make you react like that. I've never felt that from you before." Jasper was smiling and Harry couldn't understand why and his confusion was plain to see. "It's perfectly normal to feel anger Harry, we all feel it from time to time. I'm smiling because I'm happy you have finally decided it's okay to be angry about something."

Harry laughed a little at Jasper's explanation but decided to answer him. "I was thinking if someone had told me I have Elves, I could have called them and not had to suffer before." Harry refused to say the names of the people that had hurt him, he preferred to pretend they never existed. He knew his Uncle was dead and he knew his Aunt had gotten off from the charges of murdering him, and had regained custody of his cousin. But that was all he knew and all he wanted to know as long as they were nowhere near him.

Jasper was impressed, Harry had never shown anger at his relatives before, but now he was angry at his situation and angry that someone had kept him ignorant of things that could have helped him sooner. They had been impressed the first time Harry had shown impatience, he had not reacted well to it, but it was something. It had taken a while for Harry to show anything other than fear and panic. He then showed contentment, love, happiness and then impatiences, annoyance and excitement. Now they could add anger to the list. It was all signs their precious boy was healing.

"Okay, are we ready to go?" Edward asked, as he moved over to sit next to Carlisle and Harry crawled into his lap. Harry turned to face the group, his back leaning against Edward's chest and his head resting on Edward's shoulder. He liked sitting like that, Edward always mad him feel happy and content.

"We are just waiting on Ragnok then we will be off. Everybody have everything?" Carlisle asked.

A round of yes' were heard and then they all sat and waited for the Goblin to return so they could head to Potter Manor.