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Title: Jayden and Ty: The New Alphas

Genre: Sci-fi

Author: writergirl142

Central Characters: Gary Bell, Dr. Lee Rosen, Nina Theroux, Bill Harken, Rachel Pirzad, Cameron Hicks, Jayden Rhodes (OC), Ty Shawn (OC)

Main Antagonist: Undetermined (as of yet, may change if I get good ideas)

Pairings: Nina/Cameron

Summery: Jayden Rhodes and Ty Shawn had never met or seen each other their whole lives. When a confrontation with a mysterious mind controller brings the two together, things in their world begin to change. How will the two deal with it all when they meet a man named Dr. Rosen and his team of Alphas?

Chapter 1: Jayden Rhodes

The definition of the word "different" can mean many different things. It all depends on how certain people interpret them. Seventeen-year-old Jayden Rhodes was one such person. Jayden, when she was young, had been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Of course this meant that she didn't think or act the same as others her age. In the terms of adults, Jayden basically had an attitude younger than how old she really was. Though she was seventeen, she had the attitude of someone much younger than that. Jayden was also very smart, despite being autistic. She learned things faster than others.

But, despite her intelligence, because of some of her 'habits' as they were called, Jayden was made fun of by many of her peers. The main 'habit' that Jayden was ridiculed for was the constant flicking in the air she did with her fingers. Day in and day out, Jayden would stare off, seeming to be looking at something and her fingers making flicking motions as if searching through something. Of course, no one ever saw whatever it was Jayden was seeing, but most times, Jayden didn't even notice. She claimed that she could see bright lights of color in blinking lines surrounding her.

The reason Jayden was so dead-set against her statement was because what she had said she saw was true, although what Jayden saw was actually electro-magnetic frequencies. She was what some might call a human antenna.

Physically, Jayden was very well brought up. Her parents had passed away when she was young and as a result, Jayden went to live with her older brother, Andrew. However, even though pictures of their parents were all over the place, if someone who did not know the family on a personal level ever saw all four of the family members together, they actually wouldn't be able to tell that Jayden was part of the family. While the rest of the family were tall, rather muscled, and tanned complexion with light brown hair and dark green eyes, Jayden looked nothing like that. Jayden, for her age, was scrawny and short with alabaster-pale skin, pitch black hair and dark shining sapphire blue eyes.

However, this story really begins on a day when Jayden's life changed. At first, it seemed like the change would be for the worst, but as the day wore on, it would soon be better.

That very day found Jayden walking along the sidewalk, her eyes staring seemingly at nothing as her fingers flicked back and forth through the wavelengths in front of her eyes. As was usual as the teen didn't have any friends to speak of, Jayden was alone with only her frequencies for company. As she turned a nearby corner, a shady man who kept to the shadows caught her attention. Jayden looked towards the man, her eyebrows raising in curiosity.

"What are you doing in the shadows?" she asked, quite innocently. "You should be out in the nice bright sun."

The man smirked. "I'm on the lookout."

"For what?" Jayden asked. The man looked from side to side and gestured for Jayden to come closer. She complied and the next thing she knew, she had been grabbed and her startled sapphire blue eyes met the piercing stormy grey of the man's. They glowed a light purple and Jayden fell into unconsciousness.

"You, little transducer." he said, grinning evilly as the teenager slumped to the floor.

Just to warn you, when I write Jayden and Gary, because ive never interacted with an autistic person in my life and all i have to go off is Gary and/or Anna from the show, I apologize if they seem off.

So, anyways, how'd I do the first chapter of my newest story?