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Title: Jayden and Ty: The New Alphas

Genre: Sci-fi

Author: writergirl142

Central Characters: Gary Bell, Dr. Lee Rosen, Nina Theroux, Bill Harken, Rachel Pirzad, Cameron Hicks, Jayden Rhodes (OC), Ty Shawn (OC)

Main Antagonist: Undetermined (as of yet, may change if I get good ideas)

Pairings: Nina/Cameron

Summery: Jayden Rhodes and Ty Shawn had never met or seen each other their whole lives. When a confrontation with a mysterious mind controller brings the two together, things in their world begin to change. How will the two deal with it all when they meet a man named Dr. Rosen and his team of Alphas?

Chapter 6: Rescue

Bill and Cameron snuck around the debris. Luckily, Ty seemed to be too wrapped up in her chaotic orders to notice the two men sneaking around behind her. Bill and Cameron pulled out their guns. These were loaded with tranquilizer darts, enough to hopefully knock Ty out.

"Okay," Bill said. "Here we go!" He ran out from hiding, charging at Ty. The twenty-one year old turned and held out her hands in front of her, effectively stopping Bill in his tracks. He planted his feet in the pavement, refusing to allow Ty to get the better of him.

Meanwhile, Cameron snuck around behind the younger girl, fist raised. He crept up behind her and, raising his fist higher, brought it down on Ty. To his shock, Ty, still holding back Bill, spun around and stopped his fist mid-hit. Cameron gasped. "Impossible! I don't miss!"

"Hicks!" Bill yelled, his voice strained. "Ignore that the girl stopped you and show her what you're made of!"

Cameron nodded and began throwing multiple punches and kicks at Ty, all of which she surprisingly blocked near effortlessly. She has to be getting extra power from the mind control. Finally, to his relief, one of his kicks collided with Ty's head, knocking her to the ground.

Bill bent over, his hands on his knees and panting. He looked up at Cameron. "Hicks, Hit her with the tranquilizers!" he yelled. "Hurry, before she comes to!" Cameron took out his tranq gun and, loading it with tranquilizer darts, began repeatedly shooting Ty where she was lying face down on the ground. She relaxed further, showing that the tranquilizers had done what they were supposed to do. Cameron looked at Bill and smiled.

"One down. One to go." he said. Bill glared at him, then looked in the direction that they had seen Jayden and Marcus standing.

"Let's hope Nina gets Jayden's attention." he said. Cameron chuckled.

"With her ability, Jayden should be back to normal quicker then we could snap our fingers."

Nina crept towards Jayden and Marcus, keeping as quiet as possible. She looked around.

"Okay," she said quietly, putting a hand to her earpiece. "I'm going in."

"Nina," Gary said. "You need to be careful! Jayden is blocking me so, so I can't see anything. That's not fair! That's, that's cheating and cheating isn't nice."

"Gary, calm down." Nina said soothingly. "I'll be fine, like I always am."

"But Nina, this guy is really dangerous. He could hurt you, or, or take control of you like what he did to Jayden and Ty. Then we would really be in trouble." Gary continued. Nina chuckled softly. Gary could be such a little sweetie.

"Okay, Gary." Nina said. "I'll make sure to be very careful."

"You'd better!" Gary exclaimed. Nina chuckled softly again, then brought her attention back to what she was about to do.

Neither Marcus nor Jayden were facing her, which made sneaking up them that much easier. Nina could see that Jayden's blue eyes, which in the picture Lee had shown them had had a childlike glow about them much like Gary's, now appeared vacant and dim, staring straight ahead of her. Her fingers were flicking through the air, no doubt searching through frequencies. Jayden didn't seem to be aware of anything.

Nina crept up behind Marcus but, as she was about to strike a blow to the back of the Alpha's head, he yelled in frustration. Panicking, Nina quickly hid behind a nearby building that had not been demolished by Ty.

"This is absurd!" He yelled. Jayden didn't flinch a bit, showing Nina just how out of it the teenager was. "Ty should not have been this easy to defeat and by a washed up FBI agent and an alcoholic!" He looked fiercely at Jayden. "Rhodes, make sure they don't come anywhere near here!"

"Yes sir." Jayden's voice droned. Her fingers flicked through the air faster.

Nina looked around and saw that many of the television screens and video ads were flickering. Jayden was definitely making sure that they couldn't come anywhere near them. However, Marcus didn't count on the fact that Nina was already there.

When Marcus turned his attention away, Nina crept up behind them once again. She walked right up to Marcus and whirled him around, forcing him to make eye contact with her.

"You will come with me right now." Nina said, her ability making Marcus space out as soon as the first word left her lips. Nina looked over at Jayden. "You also will let Jayden and Ty go and leave all of us alone until the end of your days."

Marcus nodded numbly and his eyes flashed. Jayden groaned and clutched her head.

"Ow." she said. "I have a headache and it's like when my brother has the TV on too loud." Nina smiled at Jayden, then frowned back at Marcus.

"Now stay there." she commanded. Marcus nodded slowly, his eyes vacant. Nina walked over to Jayden. She put a hand on Jayden's shoulder. "Hi there, Jayden."

Jayden looked up at Nina, a look of confusion on her face. "How do you know my name? I, I didn't tell you. You're a stranger so I shouldn't tell you my name. But you already knew it."

Nina chuckled. Definitely like Gary. "I need you to come with me. I know some people who can help keep you safe."

Jayden looked around. "What happened here?"

"I think I better let my boss explain that to you." Nina said. "For now, we better go find my coworkers."

"There was a girl!" Jayden exclaimed. "Her name was Ty. I remember cause her name is a boy's name just like mine."

"She's with my coworkers." Nina said. "Now come on." She began walking away, Jayden soon enough following after her.

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