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Title: Jayden and Ty: The New Alphas

Genre: Sci-fi

Author: writergirl142

Central Characters: Gary Bell, Dr. Lee Rosen, Nina Theroux, Bill Harken, Rachel Pirzad, Cameron Hicks, Jayden Rhodes (OC), Ty Shawn (OC)

Main Antagonist: Marcus, an Alpha with the ability to take control of the minds of others. He can take control of at least two people at one time, but his ability is strongest when he's taken control of just one person.

Pairings: Nina/Cameron; maybe Gary/Jayden if you guys want me to pair them up

Summery: Jayden Rhodes and Ty Shawn had never met or seen each other their whole lives. When a confrontation with a mysterious mind controller brings the two together, things in their world begin to change. How will the two deal with it all when they meet a man named Dr. Rosen and his team of Alphas?

Chapter 7: Meet the Team

When the rescued girls arrived at the office building (Well, Jayden walked. Ty was still unconscious and so was being carried by Bill.), they were confronted by Lee and Rachel.

"Welcome, Jayden." Lee said. Jayden raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't tell you my name so how did you know it?" she asked, her fingers tapping the side of her leg. "Did, did you talk to the man who kidnapped us?"

Lee chuckled. "No, Jayden, I did not talk with the man who took you and Miss Shawn here." Jayden looked somewhat satisfied, though really, it was hard to tell.

Gary walked up, his fingers flicking in the air and Jayden gasped with what seemed like excitement. "I do that too!" she exclaimed. Gary looked at her, and his expression seemed to portray confusion.

"No, you, you can't do that." he said. "Only I can."

"I can do it too." Jayden said, crossing her arms with a kind of glare on her face.

When Gary seemed like he was going to argue back, Lee stepped in. "Okay, that's enough." He looked at Gary. "Now, Gary, I'm only going to say this once so I want you to listen closely: In our world of humans and Alphas, it is possible for an Alpha to have the same ability as another Alpha. Jayden is a Transducer like you and Ty Shawn is a Hyperadrenal like Bill. Just as I'll need Bill to help me with helping Ty better understand her ability, I'll need your help in helping Jayden better understand her ability. And that means no arguing."

"Yes, Doctor Rosen." Gary said, bowing his head down in understanding. He turned, lifted his head and looked at Jayden. "Come on. We have to do what Doctor Rosen says cause he's our boss."

Jayden nodded and followed Gary to his office. Lee turned and looked at Ty, smiling. "Well," he began. "Now that that problem is handled, how bout we start helping you Ty?"

Ty nodded. "Of course, Doctor Rosen." She said. Lee led her to his office where Ty sat down on the couch as Lee pulled a chair in front of her. He set up a video camera and directed it towards Ty.

"Ty, don't be alarmed." He said when Ty seemed to become apprehensive. "I am only setting this up so that I have a record of our conversation should I ever need to refer back to it. I will be doing the same with young Jayden." Ty nodded and Lee smiled and started the camera recording. "Okay, then how about we start with some basics, like your name, age maybe even where you are in your relationship with your family."

"Well," Ty started. "My name is Ty Shawn and I am twenty-one years old. I live with my mother, whom I love very much and I have a problem using contraction words. So, I do not use them at all. I have a very good relationship with my mother and I would do anything for her."

"When did you first realize your Alpha ability?"
"I suppose I realized it back in middle school when I could do things that no other student could. It got stronger and stronger until I was banned from any kind of sport where my 'ability' as you called it would give me an advantage."

"Have you ever been resentful of your ability?"

"Only once or twice. Maybe even more than that when I wanted to play sports but I was unable to."

Lee nodded. "Thank you, Ty." He said, standing up and gesturing for Ty to do the same. "Would you please call Jayden in? She should be in Gary's office which is down the hall to your left."

Ty nodded and left. A few minutes later, Jayden walked in, her fingers flicking through the air in front of her once again. Lee led the jet-black haired girl over to the couch and once again set up the video camera. "Jayden, I'm going to be recording our conversation for future reference, alright? I have already done the same with Ty. Is this alright with you?" He was using a combination of one of those typical therapist voices with the kind of voice you'd use on a kindergartener. Jayden nodded, still staring through the air in front of her, her fingers still moving.

"Yeah that's okay." She said, still not making eye contact with Lee. "I had doctors do it too when my big brother took me to see him. His name is Andrew you know, but, but I think my name's cooler, cause it's a boy name used for a girl. Just like Ty's name. I found that out when that mean guy captured us."

Lee held up a hand to stop Jayden's rambling. He was used to this kind of thing from Gary, so he had an idea of how to handle Jayden. He turned on the camera again after putting in a new blank tape. "Okay, so tell me your name and age."

"I already told you my name." Jayden answered. "It's Jayden and my last name is Rhodes so if I was a secret agent, my name would be Agent Rhodes cause it's cool. And you know my age too. I'm seventeen which is five years younger than Andrew."

"How long have you known about your ability?"

"I've known I could do this since I was like five, five years old. I have a good memory so I can remember back that far. It helps when I have tests at school. I have to go to special classes cause I'm not like the other kids." Jayden's eyes darted from side to side, following whatever signals she was looking at. "They called me weird cause, cause I do this with my finger. They call me a retard cause I can't do some things that they can. They laugh when a loud noise scares me and makes me mad. They are mean people and I don't like them at all."

"Are there any times that you don't like your ability?"

Jayden shook her head. "No. I thought I told you that I think it's cool. People who think it's weird are meanies and need to get their heads screwed on straight. That's what Andrew says."

"Thank you, Jayden. You can go back and join Gary now. Is he being nice to you like I told him to be?" Lee asked.

Jayden stood, her left hand now rubbing up and down her right arm. She nodded. "Yes. He's being nice. He showed me some really cool signals that he's tracked before. Will I get to do that cause it looked really cool and I like cool things."

Lee nodded. "If you become a part of our team, then possibly." Jayden smiled and left, closing the door behind her. Lee sat back, rubbing his eyes with his fingers. "Low functioning autism… A different type then Gary's high functioning autism, but I think I can handle it. These two girls are very interesting and I look forward to getting to know them better."

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