Drive me crazy

I do not own National Treasure in any way.

One-shot inspired by Kip Moore's song of the same title.

Riley sat in Border's ready to give up and go home, when he heard her voice.

"Hey Riley", she said.

Riley looked up into the green eyes of his first love. He jumped out of his chair and stuttered, "K…Ky…Kylee".

She giggled and hid her smile with a copy of Riley's book clutched close to her chest.

"You bought it", he said.

She smiled and focused her eyes on her black and white converse. "Yeah", she said softly. She raised her eyes to meet his blue ones. "Read every word of it", she said.

"Would you like me to sign it?" Riley asked.

She nodded and handed him the book.

He signed and handed it back to her, their hands brushing.

Both she and Riley blushed.

"Um…Ry…I think your car just got towed", she said.

Riley turned to see his car being towed. "Great", he muttered. He looked back to Kylee. "Would you like to come with me to my apartment? It's just a couple of blocks down", he said.

"Yeah", she said. She grabbed the thing with his books on it and Riley grabbed his life-size cardboard cut-out of himself.

They set off for his apartment.

"I really missed you", he said.

"Me too Riles", she said.

Riley looked ahead and noticed Ben sitting on the steps in front of his apartment. "Ben!" Riley said.

"Hey Riley", he said.

"Oh, Ben. This is Kylee. She's my…high school sweetheart", Riley said.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Gates", she said.

"Kylee and Riley. That's cute", he said grinning.

"Our mom's thought so too", Riley muttered.

"Well, I should be going", Kylee said, "Thanks for signing my book Riley". She started to walk off, but he caught her hand.

"Hey. Come here", he said softly.

She stepped closer to Riley and he leaned down and stole a soft kiss.

"I'll call you later", he said.

"K", she said biting her lip.

Riley let go of her hand and she walked off, clutching the book to her chest and fingertips touching her lips.

"She's pretty", Ben said.

"She moved in down my street in 8th grade. Her mother home-schooled her until high school", Riley explained, "She was my first everything. If you know what I mean. Her father got some new job down south and they moved in the middle of our senior year. Never saw her until today".

"I hope everything works out with her", Ben said.

"Me too", Riley said, "If I lose her one more time, I might just lose it".