~A/N~ A Wicked Fic based on the musical. I wish I owned Wicked but I don't.



Glinda sat in a rocking chair, holding her newborn daughter Fabala and thinking about a certain green-skinned friend. Tomorrow was to be the one year anniversary of her death, and the Good Witch was to make a public speech about what a terrible person she was, but she couldn't do that. She had only barely been able to make it the the celebrations when her friend had first died; there way no way she could do it again.

As Glinda continued to remember Elphaba, she thought about the night she had died. She remember the scream that was the result of Elphie being melted by a bucket of water. Just one bucket of water . . . but that wasn't right.

Glinda mind began buzzing. Elphaba never had an allergy to water. In fact, when they were at Shiz, she had been the only girl in the school who walked in the rain without holding a jacket above her head. Which means Elphaba couldn't have died.

Elphie was alive, and it was up to Glinda to find her.


Elphaba was in the most pain she had been in her life. Fiyero was by her side, but she half feared that she might break his hand due to the strength so had gripping it.

"Come on Fae," Fiyero cooed in a calming voice, "Sweetie your almost done."

While trying to block the pain out of her head she thought about when she was able to turn Fiyero back into a human. She doubted she would have been able to do it if hadn't brought several spellbooks to her when he rescued her Kiamo Ko after her 'melting'. Then, in just three short months she was able to find the spell the had worked.

Unfortunately her happy memories were ended by another stabbing sensation in her stomach.

Fiyero rummed her hand one last time and turned to her, "Fae, it's time to get this baby out."

For what seemed like an eternity, he pushed and pushed until she heard a baby crying. Looking over her swollen belly, Elphaba saw her Yero holding their baby. Who was, thankfully, not green.

Fiyero and a happy & prideful look in his eyes as he grabbed a blanket and wrapped the baby in it. Handing the new bundle to his wife, he spoke in a shaky voice, "It's a baby girl."

Elphaba looked down at her daughter and took in beautiful baby in. She had a small tuft of black hair on her head, and her fathers shimmery blue eyes.

Elphaba felt tears of happiness sliding down her face; she had an amazing husband who loved her and a new baby girl who had a bright life ahead of her. Her baby girl, Roselinda Melena Tiggular-Thropp.


The next morning, she packed clothes into a small pink suitcase, and left downstairs to inform her husband, her staff and her assistant that she would be taking a mini vacation with Fabala.

Through the night Glinda decided that the most likely for Elphaba to have made her home somewhere far outside the Emerald City but still along the yellow brick road (so she would have access to information about what was happening in the City), and by studying maps she concluded that it was most likely that she had made a home near a small village called Zema, located along the very end of the Yellow Brick Road, on the very outskirts of Oz.

For the entire one day bubble trip, Glinda held Fabala in her armd abd thought about Elphaba; she had missed her friend so much, and now she had hope that Elphie could be found she had to find her.

As she was flying into Zema, Glinda saw the cottage, she knew that it was the home of her friend. It was located about an half-hour walk from the village, next to a lake and in the middle of a dense forest; it was in a location that Elphie would have picked.

Walking up to the door, Glinda was nervous. She heard noises of a man laughing and things being moved around, but she was still afraid of what she would see. Despite this she knocked on the door, and a second later it was answered by a handsome man with sandy blonde hair and warm brown eyes. A man she recognized to well from her days at Shiz.



As soon as Elphaba heard the name of her friend, she whipped around and saw the petite blonde standing in her doorway with a blonde baby in her arms.

Shakily, she stood and and walked to stand next to her husband, still with her child in her arms. Both Fiyero and Glinda were staring at each other with looks of shock on their faces, and when the Good Witch saw Elphaba, she face exploded with emotion and she jumped forward and hugged her friend.

"Careful!" Fiyero yelped as he pulled the two babies from between the women.

Glinda was trying to process what she was seeing but she couldn't so she started by stammering, "But . . . Elphie, water . . . Fiyero, cornfield . . . YOU LIED TO ME!"

The green witch laughed and told her friend everything.