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Logan hated grocery shopping. He kept begging Veronica to let him hire someone to do this for them, but she vehemently refused to allow anyone else do trivial things for them. 'It wouldn't kill you to act like you are a normal, working stiff for a few hours.'

That was the thing, though. He wasn't a normal, working stiff. He worked from home doing a job he loved instead of a soul-crushing 9-to-5 office job because he could afford to do whatever he wanted. He had two inheritances just burning a hole in his pocket. Why couldn't he hire a maid to do this stuff so he could take his son to a park or something equally fun? It also wouldn't hurt to avoid the strange stares he usually got at the grocery store. He was still the son of a murderer, no matter how many years past.

He shook his head, clearing away any thoughts of his father, and looked down to find his son missing. His stomach jolted in panic. He abandoned his cart as he started searching for the small boy.

"Alex! Alex!," he called racing down the aisle. "Hi," he said stopping a heavily lidded woman with too much make-up, "have you seen a blond boy about this high wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt." He lowered his hand so it was level with his knee.

"Sorry," the woman said shaking her head. "But I'll keep a look out." He barely acknowledged her words as he moved away from her. He had to find his son before anyone grabbed him. He knew what Veronica and Keith did for a living. He'd seen some of those crime scene photos. He wasn't an idiot; he knew what some of those perverts did to kids

After searching the immediate area, his heart thudding painfully against his chest, he started towards the front. If he could get a hold of a store employee maybe he could get them to lockdown the store, perhaps let him check out some security camera footage. Anything that would help him find his boy.

"I like dinos. I'm gonna be dino for Hall'ween."

Logan stopped at the familiar voice. He raced towards it, skidding to a halt when he spotted Alex talking to a short, wizened woman standing by the produce section. She nodded, giving him a small, warm smile. Logan rushed towards Alex, scooping his three-year-old off the floor.

"Thank you for finding him," he said to the woman, hugging his son close. He thought he noticed a hint of recognition in the woman's eyes, but turned away from her before she could say anything.

"I's fine Daddy," Alex grumbled squirming against Logan's hold. "I's tellin' her about the dinos."

"Thank you," Logan thanked the woman again, barely glancing over his shoulder, before carrying his son back to their cart. "You can't wander off like that," he scolded the little boy as he deposited him into the cart's seat. He must have said it harsher than he realized because his son's brown eyes immediately filled with tears.

"'m sorry," Alex sniffed. "I…I's bored."

"I know buddy," Logan said picking Alex up again. "You just need to stay next to the cart, okay? I don't know what I would do if anything bad happened to you."

"O-okay," Alex hiccupped resting his head on his father's shoulder. "I-I's sorry," he repeated in a quieter voice.

"Me too, Alex."

They stood there for a long time, way longer than Logan normally would. Had it been him and his father, Aaron would have dragged Logan off to the bathroom and showed him how much he disapproved of his behavior. But Logan had vowed the day he found out Veronica was having their daughter Mara that he would never turn out like his father.

So, after Alex calmed down, Logan said, "How's about we finish up here, drop the groceries off at home, and head to the park. How's that song?" Alex nodded. "Okay. Just… just no more wandering off; you got me?"

"I gots you," his son responded softly. "'sides, no bad people would hurted me."

"Why's that?" Logan asked trying to hide his surprise that his son picked up on his major worry. Mara may take after her mother in looks, but Alex was slowly developing his mother's wit. It unnerved Logan sometimes, just how bright his three-year-old could be.

"You and Mommy would kick their asses," the little boy replied simply.

Logan couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face. His son was right, if someone did go after their kids neither he nor Veronica would sleep until they caught the son of a bitch.

"Let's not tell your mother you know those words," Logan said softly putting Alex back in the cart. "Otherwise she'll be kicking someone else's 'you know what.'"