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Mara is 13 and Alex is 8

Veronica had suggested they invite Evan over for dinner. At first, Logan was vehemently against the idea, not wanting to meet the kid who kissed his daughter on their porch, but he knew they'd have to meet the kid sooner or later. So, Friday night, Logan found himself sitting on his couch, with his son, both dressed to go out, waiting for Evan's parents to drop him off.

"What's his dad's name again?" Veronica asked Mara as the latter paced back and forth across the living room floor.

"Mark Avery," Mara replied, nervously wringing her hands.

"The software guy?" Logan asked curiously. He had seen the guy's commercial on the TV and computer all the damn time. He was a bit annoying, kind of reminding him of that kid in his high school computer class. Or, maybe that was the majority of the kids in his high school computer class.

"Yes," Mara replied nodding. "I am begging you guys," she continued, stopping to give them a pleading look, her blue eyes widening. "Please don't embarrass me."

"Honey, we're not going to embarrass you," Veronica responded softly. "Right Alex?"

"What?" the blonde looked up from the television, meeting his mother's sharp eyes. "I mean, right."

Mara gave her family a skeptical look before returning to her pacing. It was quiet for a moment, but finally Veronica asked, "What about his mother?"

Mara opened her mouth to respond, but a knock cut her off. "Oh my God, he's here. Please, please, please don't embarrass me." She raced towards the door and pulled it open to reveal Evan and his mother…

"Oh crap," Logan whispered.

Madison Sinclair.