Ultimate Spider-X

(Exterior: street: Night)

(opening Shot: Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde are walking down the street at night holding hands)

Kitty: I had a really great time tonight, Peter, thank you.

Peter: Well, a night out with you is bound to be good.

Kitty: Shut up! (Hits him lightly on shoulder)

(New shot)

Peter: OWW! That hurt!

Kitty: Here, let me kiss it better for you. (Kisses his arm; he wraps his arm around her) Ohh, you're really warm!

Peter: And you're really hot.

(Smiles at her)

(A scream is heard; Both look at each other)

Peter: I Gotta go

Kitty: I know

(Shot of him running off, changing into his Spider-man outfit)

(Exterior: Behind building: Night: Four 'Thugs' One 'Victim')

(Shot of Thugs mugging Victim, who is screaming)

Peter: (Off screen)Didn't your Parents ever tell you to play nice together?

Thug leader: Who's there!

Peter: (off-screen) The Easter Bunny, Who do you think, dumbass?

(Close-up of Thug leader's face)

Thug Leader: (Shouting) Where are you!

(Camera pan to the side, reveal Peter, tapping on Thug leader's shoulder)

Peter: Look! (Points) it's the Thing! (Punches him in face)

(Fight ensues; Peter takes down All the thugs. 'Victim' flees)

Peter: You guys seriously fell for that? Come on, you can do better than that.

(His back is to Thug leader; Thug leader stands, draws gun.)

(Shot of wall; Kitty phases through the wall)

Kitty: Peter watch out!

(Peter dodges bullet; Kitty takes out Thug leader)

(Mid-shot of the two of them standing together in alley)

Peter: Told you a night with you is bound to be fun

(close-up of their faces)

Kitty: You're Amazing, Spider-man

Peter: Well, being with a girl like you makes me want to be at my best

Kitty: (Smiles) What would you do without me?

Peter: Definatly not this

(He pulls off his mask, pulls her into a Kiss; he strokes her hair, she lifts one leg)