Far away from civilization, just over the freezing water of the Bering Sea, in the cold, icy, deserted edge of the Americas. The turning point of the lives of a wolf pack, a wolf-dog hybrid and his daughter, was going on.

"You don't belong here. You belong at home, with my mother." Said the female, Aleu, feeling that her destiny finally reached her. She turned to stare at the wolf pack. That was floating away in an ice block, without a leader and howling of desperation.

"I belong here. It's my destiny." She told her father, Balto, the nationwide known hero of Nome, Alaska.

They both had made a great journey, Aleu ran away from home, Balto told her about her wolf heritage, she can't stand it and escaped to the dangerous forests of the North. Her father ran after her, alone, he instructed his mate and Aleu's mother; Jenna, to stay at home.

It was a journey just made for father and daughter.

Balto followed a raven, it guided him to face a vixen that tricked him and sent him to the furious stream of a river, then he comfronted a group of wolverines, whom helped him to realize that he was afraid of losing his beloved daughter. They told him to return home. But no, he kept walking after Aleu.

He found her, just in time to save her of the attack of a mad bear. Aleu saved them both by jumping over a cliff that saved their lifes.

Then they met the wolf pack, the rivalry between two wolves, the young and ruthless Niju, and the elder and wise Nava, the alpha, the caribou will not return again, that was almost a death sentence to a wolf pack, as their main source of food was going to vanish from there.

But Aleu appeared, and Nava realized that she was the one who will guide his pack through the sea to find the caribou's new home.

"Aniu, the white wolf, told me that the one who should lead our pack would be one who is a wolf but does not know it. I had assumed it was you, but I see now I was wrong." Said the old gray and white wolf.. Nava "It is your daughter." He stated.

Balto was afraid, the main objective of the trip he made, was to find Aleu and bring her back home, but he understood that the journey was not meant for him, but for her.

Balto can't do everything for her forever...

Aleu's destiny was found, Balto's one was already written, in Nome, with his beloved mate Jenna, with Boris, the russian snow goose that found and raised him. His other pups: Kodiak, Dingo, Saba...

He belonged to them, and Aleu belonged to the wolves.

'''There's no turning back, your destiny is calling''

"It's...just…so hard to let my baby go..." Nothing could better sum up what was going through his mind.
"Papa, I'm not…Oh, all right...So I'll always be your baby!"

Aleu nuzzled her father, maybe for the last time...She needed to hurry up, the pack was floating quickly out of sight.

"Tell Mom…that I've finally found my home." Then she jumped into the water and started swimming to reach the ice block.

Balto thought over all the things that had happened back home, when the ''stork landed'' back home at the village of Nome, when Aleu and all his other pups ran, played, and had fun at the beach...This was the farewell, even if he don't liked it, but Aleu was already a year old. She needed her own home, her own life now or never..

Aleu reached the block, climbed on, and looked back at her father. She let out a beautiful howl, the pack, her pack, followed her in a sublime chorus of howls.

"Goodbye, daughter..." Balto said in a low, saddened voice, then he howled for her response.


Dreams and new friends

-Goodbye, daughter

Balto was dreaming, one of those specially strange dreams. This time was a flashback, the moment when his daughter, Aleu, went to lead a wolf pack, two years ago. He was awoke by the soft voice of his mate, Jenna.

-Wake up, sleeping beauty. She said
-Oh, good morning love.
-Do you know what day is it?
-Yeah! Why not?
-So? Answer me!
-It's the birthday of our boys!

All morning long, Balto taught deeply about his dream, What means? was just a dream? Or a signal? A premonition?

-Dad, dad, daaad! Kodi shouted at his father's boat.
-Uh, what's going on, son?
-Dingo and Saba will come soon. Get ready for the party.
-Oh, Okay. Balto can't avoid thought on his daughter Aleu, his 'baby', were out there in the wild, facing all kinds of dangers.

-If only i could see her. He thought with a nostalgic sigh.

Later, Kodi, his brothers Dingo, Saba and some friends were celebrating happily their birthday. A white and black husky talked to Balto:

-Wow! Are you Balto?. He asked
-Yes I am -replied the wolf dog- You may be Dinae, Kodi told me about you.
-Balto knows my name, knows my name!. Oh, get calm boy, he's your idol, but you are acting like an idiot ...'said the young dog on his mind. ''Yes, we work for the mail, sir''
-He told me that you aren't from Nome, were are you from?
-I'm from White Mountain, I belonged to an old man who sold me to Simpson the last week
-Why? Asked Balto.
-Because I have skills to be a sled dog, Or that's are Mr. Simpson thoughts.

Later. Dinae met Kodi's siblings

-Hey, guys. I challenge you to a race.
-Okay. But you know that we're skilled sled dogs. Dingo said defiantly.
-You think I'm a newbie?
-You've only been a few months here.
-That does not make me a newbie. I'm a shooting star!.
-Well, let's see.
The four huskies ran, was a close race. Kodi beaten Dinae by nose. Dingo and Saba were a little behind.

-Well, expert, what you say to that? Dinae said slyly.
-I say we work in the mines, you in the mail, we are not so fast.
-No excuse pal! Din replied. -Okay. Dinae, calm down. Saba said to cool down the things.
-Well, there's no excuse with you, pretty girl!
-DINAE! Kodi muttered and stepped on his friend's front paw
-Ouch, so sorry! He apologized, embarrassed.

A Love Thing

-It's getting late. We better go to the boiler room -Kodiak said- Well, see you later.
Kodi and Din walked home. Kodi scolded him.

-Why you said that to my sister?
-Sorry, it slipped from my mouth.
-Well, it was not so bad, you like her?
-Not really.
-Come on, it's clear as water, you like her.
-You like her! You like her! Kodi repeated to bother him.
-Stop! Stop! Stop It Now!. Kodi, of course, didn't do it.
-You like Dusty and I don't say nothing!. Kodi stopped.
-She is with Ralph. There's no way that...
-You...like...her! Din did what Kodi did before.
-Well, I'm sorry! I will not say anything to Sab if you do not say anything to Dusty.
-It's a deal.

They arrived at the room, apparently empty. Dinae made a move with his ears and walked some steps back.

-Din, where are you goi... Suddenly, a flour rain fell on Kodi.
-Happy Birthday to you!... Kirby, Dusty and Ralph started to sing while Din laughed.
-Oh guys! Kodi said bothered.
-He he! Happy three boy! Yelled Kirby.
-Yes! Happy Birthday Kod! Said Ralph happily.
-Happy Birthday Kodi! Dusty said and then nuzzled the white-turned Kodiak. Kodiak was surprised, Ralph too, but he wasn't amused with that. Ray and Reggie, the other dogs on the team, congratulated Kodi.

-We take a walk? What do you say? Dinae asked to his teammates. Everyone liked the idea. The seven dogs taken a walk by the moonlight. Then they reached a forest. Dinae felt someone was observing him. Indeed, a wolf pack was hiding in the bushes.

-Guys! We better get outta here! Kirby said worried.
-Yes Cap! Move it! Replied Reggie.
-It's too late for you, doggies! A wolf said threatening them.
-No! Run! Kodi ordered his team.

Another six wolves harassed the team.

-You're finished!

-Gosh, it's the end for us? Dinae thought. No boy! Isn't your end! Run for your freakin' live!
They ran, but they were getting lost and Oh no! Another wolf appeared in the shadows.
-Oh no! The seven dogs cried
-Raima! Get out! He or she yelled.
-These ones are ours. Half-breed!
The other wolf's face appeared in the light. She was gray and white with yellow and blue eyes.

-Al...Aleu? Kodi asked
-You know her? Dinae asked confused.
-She's my sister!
-Kodiak, you and your friends stand behind me

-Let them go!
-Don't even touch them Raima!
-They're fresh meat, Aleu, let them live is a luxury that no one can give these days, you know!
-Eat me if necessary. But don't mess with my brother.
-Well, if you want, get her!
-No! Kodi yelled and gave a swipe to Raima.
-Aww so cute! The brothers will die together!
-Calm, calm, here I am! -Dinae said- Take me! I'll go with you!
-What the...?
- I was a hunter dog! I can help them track their prey!
-Well, boy, you're inside.
-Well, I'm leaving. Kodi, guys, see you later!
-What are you doing?
-Saving your lives.

And so Dinae went with the strange pack, to save the Life of his friends, he doesn't know what to wait for, but whatever it was, it was worth it if he had achieved that purpose.