We were finally here. Our new home as our moms each called it. Me and my sister Sonia had moved here a week ago along with our friends Jade Love and her sister Brianna and Yasmin Hinley and her sister Meghan along with our moms for as they say a new start. But we already know what the real reason is. It's because of our secret and people are after us because of it. Oh, and in case you're wondering our secret it's the fact that we are the daughters of some of the worlds best spies and we are spies ourselves. Yeah you read that right, we're spies and there are people after us because of our moms and the fact that our school is a school for spies and my mom is the headmistress and all so yeah. But this isn't new to me, I mean, well, I'm kinda used to running and going from place to place. Me and my friends to. But I really don't mind, every time we go somewhere we make that many more friends so I guess running does have it's benefits. But even in our line of work, even when we would occasionally be attacked by assassins ordered to kidnap us or if they had to, take us out, we would always make it out alive with some bruises and scars. Just another reminder that we are moving targets along with some of the people we know most of them are spies like us who blend in with everyone else. It is very important after all.

So here I was the girls had just helped me finish unpacking and making my room the way I wanted. The walls were a beautiful shade of pink. With a mini fridge, a flat screen and and my laptop. A desk with everything I would need for school when it started and my bed had a hot pink comforter with pink heart shaped pillows, with small and cute, but still respectable stuffed animals on it. My room also had a revolving closet and a full body mirror. The ceiling had sparkling stars on it so that if the lights turn of they look like actual stars, it's rally cool. I hung a few of my award on the wall. There were ones for art, singing, dancing , writing(the girls and I write books about our adventures, but not so much in detail that people would actually believe it, I mean it is real stuff going, but we make it just right to where no one actually believes it unless you have level five clearance or higher. That would be the only way you could know.) And speaking of our school we are going to, for an education on how to be a spy is the Gunningham Academy. And there just happens to be one here in Midgar. How convenient , huh? Well that would be a yes and a no. You see the cover my school has is that we are a school for genius, little prissy princesses, and we are totally cool with that.

And like so many people who drive by, take one look at our gorgeous mansion, manicured grass lawn and ivy colored walls and assume like most people that we are nothing but snob and nothing more than girls whom expect their mommies and daddies to pay for everything and by us whatever we want. Well in Sonia's and I's case our mom and aunt Abby. Everyone I know knew what happened to mine and Jade's dad, that one day they were attacked by assassins and that they never came home. We don't even know why they had went out that night, only that it had to do with trying to take down the organization that has been after us our whole lives. We may never know more than those two facts but those facts are what keep us going and what drive us to find the truth. But aside from that the main fact is that some people are too quick to judge. And sometimes it goes that way: We meet someone and they judge us, then when they get to know us they don't think so poorly of us any more. Now I think we will have one of the toughest missions yet…..having to fit in at Midgar High School.