Chapter 8

Paint Catastrophe


Unfortunately the jerks were in our Art class, but at least our teacher is nice, her name is Mrs. Stella. She is really cool, she even puts music on and let us choose our spots so we all got to sit together. But Sephiroth and his annoying friends were at the next table by us but at least they aren't at our table I guess. "Alright class your first assignment is to paint an environment setting. It can be anywhere as long as it's an environment with different kinds of nature. Alright begin." and with that we started to get different colors. I knew right off the back that Yasmin was going to be the best. She's the peace maker, great friend, and nature girl of the group. She loves animals and nature so it would be no surprise if she got the best grade in class. We were all great artists, and we would all get good grades on this, but Yasmin would ace this class no problem. Being a nature lover was like her biggest talent, it's her thing. Just like how Jade is the music lover of the group, Tifa is the hitter, Cloe was the artistic one and I was the make up, best friends boy expert of the group. Whenever they needed advice on boys they came to me and not some magazine like most girls to find false info. Plus whenever they needed a shopping spree or a good outfit for something, whether it was of their own free will or it was forced by me. Even if it was forced, it was all out of friendship.

Anyway we started, and to be honest we were really getting into the assignment it was really relaxing actually. Then Mrs. Stella came over to our table. "Very good all of you and Yasmin that is absolutely beautiful!" I knew it. I gave her a thumbs up. Then I continued on my painting, it was an ocean scene with clear blue waters the sandy shore and the sun shining and glistening in the water, with a few palm tree's, it was nice, it was peaceful, it was…one of our beach/ safe houses. It was in Rio, Brazil. We had four other ones just in case something happened, and it had before. I thought it was good and so did the others, so I knew I would get a good grade. Then we saw them come over even though we hated it.

"Hey there nice painting." said Sephiroth to Tifa, as he nudged Cloud away rudely. "Thanks, but I need to keep working so don't talk to me. Ok?" she said not looking at him, continuing with her work. Then Seifer came to talk to me. "Just great." I mumbled as he came over. "Hey beautiful, I like your taste in scenery." "Thanks now leave." I said, and I didn't care if I sounded rude. Then Morgan went to talk to Jade. "Your sense in the environment is awesome cutie." he said to her with a stupid smirk on his face. Geez these guys make me sick.


Watching these guys trying to shamelessly flirt with my girls made me sick. These guys need to be taught a lesson. But I know that if I try something I might get us all in trouble so I just continued with my painting. I looked over at Cloud, Zack and Nick and they looked like they were about to snap if they flirted with the girls one more time. Then another teacher walked in. he had black hair, blue eyes, and was the same height as Mrs. Stella. When she saw him she stood up quickly and walked towards him. "Hello, what brings you here Mr. Noctis?" so that was his name, he is supposed to be our algebra teacher for fourth period. I shot girls looks that said, 'there is definitely something between them.' "Actually I need your help with something in the teachers lounge, Mrs. Stella." she nodded and said she would be back in fifteen minutes. Then she left.

Then Sephiroth noticed the look on the guys' faces, and did something so unbelievable… he clapped his hands. Then he and his friends took three paint tubes and squeezed them each all over the boys on their clothes, hair and faces. Then there were boos from the guys and cheers from the girls and from both sided gasps and oohs. Tifa and the rest of us had our mouths hanging open. Then they all shot them death glares. C;oud then snapped his fingers and he, Zack, Nick, Leon and Barret got paint tubes. "No you guys wait!" Tifa tried, but it didn't work. Then they all squeezed their tubes and did the same thing to them but mostly on Sephiroth. Then there were cheers and gasps for them. Then Reno ran to the art closet got two bottles of paint and shouted, "PAINT FIGHT!" and then it started.


Paint went everywhere at that moment. Everyone grabbed something. Paint, glues water with paing and glue in it and threw it somewhere at someone or something. It was total chaos. There was paint everywhere, the girls and I ducked under the table, but not before we splattered paint on Sephiroth and his friends. We watched everything happen. Cloud took on Sephiroth, Zack took Morgan, and Nick took Seifer. The guy were pretty much winning and if it hadn't been for the fact that the earth simply cannot stop spinning we all would have sworn it had. After about five minutes of a massive paint fight, Mrs. Stella came back in looking flustered and trying to tidy herself. Her lips were a light purple hue. I guess whatever happened, required lip work. Then she saw what was going on after a minute. She stood in shock for another minute, and yelled.

"STUDENTS! JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" everyone stopped then we came out from under the table. It looked like a giant paint bomb went of in there, really. Every inch of the room and everything in it, including the other students was covered from bottom to top in paint. "I want to know who started this, NOW!" then Sephiroth spoke. "It was completely Cloud and his friends, Ma'am. We weren't about to let that happen. "That's not true!" shouted Tifa as she and the rest of us got out from under the table. "Yeah, it's not true." said Yuffie. "Alright since you girls are the only one without a paint make over, I want you to tell me what happened and you only." she said eyeing the boys. Then Tifa spoke up.

"Well, first Sephiroth and his friends came over, bothering us, then he clapped and Seifer and Morgan took tubes of paint and squeezed them on Cloud, Nick and Zack, and then the whole paint thing started. So to make a long story short, it's all Sephiroth, Seifer and Morgans fault." Sephiroth's mouth was hanging open, guess he wasn't expecting that. Then Mrs. Stella spoke up. "I see, alright then, Sephiroth, Seifer and Morgan, you three are going to be suspended for three weeks for starting this." they looked like they wanted to protest but Mrs. Stella shot them glares that said not to even try fighting back. "And further more, when you get back you will have three hours detention for five weeks, and you are going to clean this entire room and the materials." they looked like they were going to faint from shock. "Alright everyone, go to the bathrooms and get cleaned up then come back and get ready to leave, we will try this assignment again tomorrow, but for now your homework is to define the art vocab words." then before they left Sephiroth and co. glared at the guys and left.

"Alright I don't know about you guys, but that was still pretty cool." said Tifa looking at Cloud. "Thanks." they smiled at each other and then turned back to us quickly. "Well, you guys better go get cleaned up." I said, then they left. "Wow that was insane, I think we are going to have fun here, now we just have four more periods and the next is lunch. And we all have the same lunch that's next, lunch A. so we can sit with each other." said Aerith. "Yeah." we all agreed. Then the bell rang for lunch and we went to meet up with the guys and get a good table outside. ' really think that we'll have some fun here' I thought to myself. Yeah, I'm really starting to like this school.