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Rookie officer Timothy Drake was thankful for the thunderstorm raging outside the walls of the abandoned church, if only for the brief flashes of light it offered. He and his training officer, Dick Grayson, had followed the infamous Red Hood inside. They had tracked the man's wet footsteps half way up the isle of crack wooden pews until the simply vanished.

Grayson was determined to find and capture the vigilante known only known by his code name. He decided they should split up- to cover more ground while waiting backup to arrive- and Tim had promptly gotten himself quite lost. The church the Hood had taken refuge in was ridiculously huge and had one to many broken statues of only God knew what. They may have been beautiful works of art at one point, but now they were horrible monsters bent on giving him a heart attack.

One would think that he'd have gotten used to their ugly mugs but they just kept on getting worse and worse the further he ventured into the church's inner workings. A flash of lightning found him to be face to face with what must have been an angel though it's face had been bashed in. Tim sighed softly and willed his moment of fear away. He felt a pull on his belt then he turned around and small cry left his lips before he could stop it.

The Red Hood was much to close for any form of comfort pointing his own Gotham police issue gun between his eyes. This was it. This was the day he was going to die. All because Dick had decided to split up, even knowing how dangerous this man was.

"Lose the belt."

Tim hesitated for a split second, thinking to call out for help, then took off his belt after the gun was cocked. He dropped it on the floor and held up his hands in surrender. Tim hoped his fear didn't show on his face and took a few deep breaths to steady himself. His breath hitched when the Red Hood reached around Tim for his second pair of cuffs. He had forgotten about those.

The vigilante, or criminal mastermind as Tim thought was more appropriate, jerked him around and cuffed his hands together behind his back. "You're going to tell those rent-a-cops outside to stand down and then you and I are going for a ride. Got it?" he punctuated his last words by shoving Tim's loaded gun in his face again.

"Yes, I understand."

Dick had just about enough of this fruitless searching and was ready to give up. He should find his rookie and call off the hunt. The Red Hood had led them on a wild goose chase and it was pointless to call everyone away from the city for no reason, wasn't it? "Hey, rook. Let's call it a night, huh?" Dick held his walkie close to his mouth and waited a moment for the usual response. When he got static, he frowned and strode back to the heart of the church where they had split up in the first place. "Drake, come in. Are you there? Come in. Rookie!"

Dick felt a coldness in the pit of his stomach. After every pause, he was met with only silence where his rookie usually replied immediately. He never should have split up. What kind of stupid idea was that? Now his rookie was missing, hopefully not dead, and the Red Hood was still at large. Gordon was not going to like this at all. Even though it was obviously the rouge vigilante's fault...

Tim cursed Grayson silently and willed him to just turn around! Just once! It was standard procedure to secure an area before moving on. Why was he just walking away? Dread made his chest tight and he found it was hard to breathe. He tried to jerk away from the criminal mastermind in an attempt to make a little bit of noise before Grayson left the room.

The Red Hood held him steady though and Dick never looked back. Not even once.

"Drake? As in Timothy Drake son of Jack and Janet Drake of Drake Incorporated?" Tim's dread grew into despair. "Isn't that just peachy..."

Any retort or denial that Tim wanted to make would have been muffled beneath the leather gloved hand over his mouth. Grayson had surprised them both and the Hood has used Tim for a shield should they be seen and hid them away in the shadows.

Now they followed the officer to the doors of the church, moving slowly to give him time to reach his fellows on the road. They waited a few precious moments then Tim flinched back into the Red Hood, startled by the sudden gunfire right beside his head. He looked into the street as officers dropped like flys one after another until the clip was empty. He looked for Dick in the remaining officers and sagged a little when he found him unharmed. The gun, his gun, was then tossed aside and a knife was pulled from a holster at the Hood's thigh. The flat of the blade was pressed against Tim's throat.

"Red Hood! We have you surrounded! Release the officer and put down your weapons!"

Even Tim had to roll his eyes at that. His situation was hopeless as far as their demands went. The vigilante removed his hand from Tim's mouth and grabbed his arm in a vice like grip. He moved them forward, down the stone steps of the church, and whispered his own demands in Tim's ear. The knife's edge pressed against him in warning.

"Stand down and let us leave unhindered in a squad car..." Tim's voice was remarkable calm and he was proud of himself for not showing his fear" ...and inform my parents to expect a ransom."