They had ditched the squad after three blocks and switched to the Red Hood's motorcycle, hidden in an alley way. It, unlike the squad car, could not be tracked by the police waiting to rescue their rookie. The cuffs were temporarily removed for the duration of their crazy trip throughout Gotham's twisted streets. Tim held on to the Red Hood tightly, considering his driving skills left much to be desired, and he feared for both of their lives.

Eventually, after what seems like hours of riding, the vigilante finally cut the engine in front of a run down, abanoned hotel. From the stench in the air, they were too close to Gotham's harbor for Tim's comfort. His freedom and any hopes of quietly slipping away while the Red Hood stashed his bike away were quickly dashed when the vigilante grabbed his arm in an iron grip and dragged him into the gritty hotel's back door.

The inside of the hotel smelled only slightly better than smoggy air outside. Tim lagged behind the Red Hood as he was forced through the kitchen, down the hall, around the reception desk, up the stairs, down another hall, up more stairs, and into a surprisingly well kept attic room. Actually, it looked as though it had been fixed up and lived in for quite some time.

The Red Hood gestured to a plain couch as he let go of Tim. Once again Tim's freedom was limited to however comfortably he could sit on the couch with his left wrist cuffed to an old radiator. At least, the couch was comfortable. From the looks of the room, and the high end equipment in it, Tim assumed that the vigilante didn't actually need the money he was holding Tim for.

Tim loosened his standard navy blue tie and decided he felt somewhat brave. "Why are you doing this..?"

The Red Hood shook his head and moved around the room, turning out lights. He made a circle around the room and stopped at the door. "That's none of your business, officer." Then opened the door and stepped out on to the landing.

"Wait! You can't just leave me here!" There was an almost desperate note to his voice and he leaned forward on the couch as if he were going to stand up.

The vigilante looked back at the officer but there was no way of knowing his expression under the red hood. "Actually, I think I can." With that, he shut the door, noisily made his way down the stairs, and left Tim in darkness.

When Jason came back the next morning, he wore a black domino instead of the red hood, and he had brought a bag of made to order breakfast from McDonald's. He didn't really feel like cooking for the little shit taking up his time, but that was his fault wasn't it? He should have just dumped him with the fucking squad car when he had the chance.

It was nice to see an old, familiar face for a change though.

Jason eased the door open slowly and peered inside to see how his little hostage was doing. He cracked a smile and marveled at how Tim had attempted to sleep comfortably on the couch when he couldn't reach his left arm far enough.

"Grayson, go home. You've been here all night."

Dick rubbed his hands over his tired face then focused his eyes on Commissioner Gordon. He was right like always. Dick should have gone home hours ago instead of sitting at his desk going over his notes and everyone else's notes, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to figure out where that outlaw vigilante had taken his rookie.

Ah, poor Tim. He didn't deserve this.

"Yeah, you're right..." Dick leaned back in his chair and took in the mess on his desk and the chaos of the police department. He picked stood and picked up his coat from the back of his chair. There was nothing more he could do here right now.

Gordon clapped a hand on his shoulder. "I'll call you if anything comes up."

Dick nodded and shrugged on his jacket. He knew that Gordon knew there was more to Tim and his relationship than they let on in public. Besides that, Tim was part of this police department. Gordon wouldn't let anything happen to their rookie if he could help it.\

Jason set the McDonald's bag on the coffee table and kicked the couch cushion. "Rise and shine, rookie. If I can't sleep in then neither can you."

Tim jumped and looked around for the source of his sleeps disturbance. He seemed a little disappointed to see the Red Hood standing over him. But, the vigilante wasn't wearing his red hood. He stared up at his face with wide eyes as if he were trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together.

"Jason..?" A puzzle like the Red Hood's secret identity. Shit. He should have kept the hood. Why did he think that Tim wouldn't remember him or recognize his voice? A domino shouldn't fool a guy he's slept with for two years.

Jason scowled down on Tim. "What did you say?"

"Jason. Jason Todd." Tim looked up at him like he was seeing a ghost then his expression morph into controlled anger. "I know your voice. What you think I wouldn't recognize you after five years just because I can't see your cheek bones? What is going on?"