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This was one such witfit. I was listening to music at one day, and the song "Finally Found" by Honeyz, and these two popped in my head right off the bat. I've been working on it off and on ever since, hoping that I could someday finish it. And I know I've been very inconsistent as of late with my updates since the summer started, but unfortunately, the summertime is not conducive to my writing at all with all the real life issues that crop up over the summer each year.

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I am reposting the original witfit here so if anyone is interested in where it began, you don't have to go searching through all my witfits to try and find it. This Edward was one of my favorites that I wrote in one of these, and I hope you enjoy the story. It will be short, and the next part after the Bella pov that I will be posting tonight as well should be posted on Tuesday, as I will be away for the remainder of the weekend. I also hope that with summer coming to an end and school starting up again soon that I will be getting back to work on my other WIPs as well. Thank you all for your patience once again.

Original WitFit Prompt: Phrase Catch: Repeat the following phrase to yourself five times, open a blank document and begin: "One fell swoop."

"Edward, I really think we should just be friends," Heidi, my girlfriend of six months, told me outside the cafeteria at lunch.

My heart flew up into my throat as I adjusted my glasses. "What? Why?"

"I really just think we should see other people. We're just too different," she replied in an overly sugary sweet tone, with her hand resting on my chest. "You're just not my type."

"Sure. Right. And you couldn't have figured this out six months ago?" I retorted bitterly to disguise the hurt she'd just caused me.

"Sorry," she said, her eyes glazing over with the fakest alligator tears I'd ever seen. "Maybe you could ask Bella out. Everyone knows that she and Jasper are just so wrong for each other, and you two would be so cute. Don't tell me you've never thought about it."

"She's my oldest and closest friend, Heidi," I countered, though slightly forced.

Face it, Cullen. What guy, in his right mind and not gay, has a girl like Bella for one of his best friends, and doesn't have at least one dirty little fantasy about her once puberty and hormones hit? Perfect ass, breasts you just want to cup and squeeze through those tight little shirts she wears. Lips you've spent way too much time daydreaming about around…

"Please," Heidi scoffed, interrupting my train of thought and rolling her eyes. "Everyone sees it, even your best buddy, Jasper."

"Why do you keep going on about Jasper? What, do you want him or something?" I snapped back at her, attempting to veer my mind off Bella.

"Maybe if he were available and interested," she hinted, nudging my arm slightly.

I gaped at her in complete astonishment for a moment and then turned to head to class.


"I'm quite disappointed in you, Cullen," Mr. Banner said as he set my lab report on the table in front of me, with a circled, red 'F' on the cover.

Ever since he'd switched my lab partner from Bella to Eric Yorkie at the beginning of last term, I'd had to work twice as hard to even keep a 'C' average in a class that had always been an easy 'A' for me. Whenever he'd actually shown up for class, he never pulled his weight, expecting his 'brainiac lab partner' to do all the work.

However, this was the first 'F' I'd ever gotten in my entire life.

Exiting the classroom after the bell, I ran to the bathroom to empty the contents of my stomach.


"Are you okay, Edward?" Bella asked worriedly as I stepped out, running her hand over my forehead.

"Yeah. You know, just not feeling too well," I replied with a non-committal shrug.

"Hey, Cullen!" I heard an angry voice yell down the hall and looked up to see my best friend, Jasper, storming toward me. "I thought we were friends, man."

"Of course, we are. Wha—" His fist connecting with my jaw cut me off, hurdling me to the floor.

"Jas, what the hell are you doing?" Bella exclaimed as she crouched beside me, shaking her head and looking up at him.

"You want him? Fucking have him. I'm done competing," he seethed and turned on his heel to storm away.

"You okay?" she asked quickly and when I nodded, she stood to follow him. "Jasper, stop!"


Walking up the driveway toward my house after school with a split lip and a sore jaw, I was startled to find my father's car parked there. He wasn't due home until after six, so for him to be home at that hour worried me.

"Dad?" I called out as I came through the front door, dropping my bag by the coat rack.

"In here, son," I heard his voice echoing out of the living room, and when I stepped into the entryway, the scene before me broke me.

My father was in his chair with his hands tented in front of him, his head hung slightly. On the other side of the coffee table, my mother sat on the couch with tears streaming down her face and her lip quivering.

"What's happened?" I asked cautiously.

"Edward, please sit down," my father replied, looking up to me with red-rimmed eyes.

The sight caused my breath to catch in my throat, as the only time I'd ever seen my father cry was when my grandma died when I was five years old. My dad had been a pillar of strength throughout my entire life, and it terrified me to see him so obviously shattered.

"No, I want to know what's going on here," I stated adamantly, my eyes shifting back and forth between my parents.

They shared a brief glance and my dad looked down first, visibly swallowing hard. "Your mother's leaving me, Edward."

My widened gaze flew to her instantly, and she refused to meet my eyes.

"And she's taking you with her."

"What? No!" I exclaimed, shaking my head violently. "What the fuck, Mom?"

"Son, don't use that language with your mother," my dad said in an attempt to be stern, but his voice was weak.

"It's what needs to be done, Edward," my mother replied tearfully.

"That's horseshit!" I bellowed, both my parents' eyes moving up to me at my continued use of profanity. I'd always been a good kid, always respectful and doing what I was told, just as they'd raised me. But this was a blow out of nowhere. "How about both of us staying here with Dad, where we belong?"

My father looked at my mother and shook his head as he stood. "You tell him. I can't."

It was only then that I saw the tumbler of straight scotch in his hand, as he stood and walked to the window, draining it and then setting it back down on the table to fill it again. Yet another sign that this couldn't be good at all; my father rarely drank, and never in the middle of the day.

"Edward, we're moving to California. With your uncle, Marcus," my mother started, and my brow furrowed, returning my gaze to my father and his head was lowered again. "I didn't mean for this to happen, honey. But it did."

My eyes widened more as I turned back to her, shaking my head in disbelief. "Just the television, right? All those nights, while Dad was out busting his ass, you were here screwing his brother?"

Her eyes lowered to the floor with no response.

"Edward, don't. It's not all her fault," my dad said, shaking his head as he looked over at me.

"The hell it's not!" I yelled back, whipping my glasses off my face and hurling them at the fireplace.

"Edward, what happened to your lip?" he asked with a furrowed brow.

"Well, it's nice to know one of my parents fucking notices," I snarled at my mother and then walked up to him, shaking my head. "Dad, I'm seventeen. I want to stay. This is my home, my friends are here, my family is here. I can get a job and…"

"Son, I don't want you to go. But I'm not home enough to be a good enough parent for you," my dad replied sadly, and I could see the hurt and regret written in his eyes.

A growl built in my chest and I turned my glare to my mother, feeling my nostrils flaring. "I hate you! You've ruined everything."


Sitting on my roof outside my window, I sipped the beer I had taken from the fridge while my parents were 'discussing arrangements', uncaring of the chill in the air around me.

"I've heard that shit's really bad for you," a soft voice carried over to me, and I looked over to see Bella standing on the roof at the top of a ladder she'd obviously just placed there.

"Who fucking cares," I mumbled, tipping the beer back again and choking it down.

She lowered down beside me, wrapping her arm around my shoulders. "I'm really sorry about Jas earlier."

"That wasn't even the tip of the iceberg of my day, Bella," I replied, shaking my head and then looking over to her. "I'm moving."

Her face fell suddenly and her skin blanched, her breath shuddering. "You're what?"

"Yeah. The golden couple, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, are getting a divorce. And my mother is moving us to California to live with her sugar daddy. Good old Uncle Marcus," I sneered, looking down to the shingles between my legs.

Her arm moved from around me and wrapped around her own legs, and I glanced over to her to find her lip trembling and tears welling in her eyes.

"What is it?" I asked, suddenly worried about her shift in demeanor. I knew she'd be upset, but not this upset. I wasn't gone yet.

"Nothing," she replied, and then looked over at me. "I just don't know what I'm gonna do without you."

"You'll be fine. You're a strong girl and I'll still call and all…"

"I'm pregnant," she interrupted me and my eyes shot over to her again. "Jas broke up with me, and I'm pregnant. And I'm scared to death. And now, I'm going to be alone, too."

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my chest, gently stroking her hair as she cried against me.

In one fell swoop, that day completely turned my life upside down. I'd lost my girlfriend, my best friend, my already struggling GPA, my family… and now the girl of my dreams was going to be left here alone, pregnant with my best friend's baby.

"I know it's completely selfish of me right now, with everything that's going on with you. But I can't lose you, too," she cried, wrapping her arms around my waist tightly.

Pressing my lips against her hair, I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath, hugging her more securely. "I'll find away, Bella. I won't leave you."