Title: Devoted Protector

Author: Grayswandir

Disclaimer: Escaflowne is owned by Bandai/Sunrise.

Devoted Protector

by Merle

I am your closest friend.
I am your most devoted fan.
I am your annoying baby sister.
And it hurts to watch you suffer.

These people would call you a comrade,
a brother-in-arms,
but we both know the truth.
All they see is a demon in a human's skin.

You even fell in love.
She said she did as well.
But her negative outlook and swaying devotion leave me in doubt.

I know why you push everyone away.
Too much has been taken from you, too fast.
Just one second of surrender and anyone can take you down.
Shoving them down is your only recourse.

I promise, to my dying breath, that my devotion shall not falter.
I will never fail you.
I will forever remain your most constant companion.

I shall ever be your best friend.
And you shall always be mine, Lord Van.

I promise to protect you.
I will keep you safe.

I will never betray you.

~ Owari ~