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Chapter 1

Danny POV

The silence was almost unbearable The only thing that could be heard was the ticking of the clock. My hands were trembling and I could feel the sweat drops forming near my hairline and then slowly making their way down my forehead and getting caught in my brow.

My legs were shaking below me, my feet bouncing up and down causing a slight tremor in the rest of my body. I tried to shift around in my confines, but there wasn't much moving i could do. The metal bar prevented me from moving my legs for their much needed stretching.

Another thing that was prominent was the heat. It felt overwhelming. It radiated from all around me. I tried to ignore it as best I could. I lifted my hand ever so slowly, curling my fingers a little to regain the feeling in my hand. After the blood started flowing again, I wiped the sweat from my forehead which caused a little relief.

I set down the wooden rod I had in my right hand and lifted it to my face as well. WIth both hands, I rubbed my eyes, trying to get rid of the need to close them and get the ever needed sleep my body was crying out for. After stretching both my arms above my head, I extended them in front of me, setting them on the platform in front of my torso. I leaned forward hanging my head over the small platform, concentrating on what lay on it.

God, why is English so hard?

It didn't help to have Mr. Lancer glaring at me the whole time. I just needed to make it through this one test, and then I had freedom for the rest of the day. Glancing up at the clock, I realized that I still had half an hour before I could run out of the room without another word for Mr. Lancer.

I looked back to the paper in front of me, picking up my pencil and putting its tip to the white surface. I don't know about the 'difference in the narrator's voice depending on the time period' in To Kill a Mockingbird. And I couldn't give a damn about the symbolism in Lord of the Flies.

I sat in my confines for a while longer thinking that there was nothing I could do about my situation. I was going to fail this test. My grades weren't the best, but they weren't bad. Still, I didn't want another failing score in my record. I flung my head back and stared up at the ceiling, my arms dangling at my sides. I was ready to give up. I closed my eyes, trying to make myself believe that this test was almost over.

I sat still for a few moments before a wonderful smell filled my nostrils. I snapped my eyes open and tried to locate the source of the scent. I looked around before looking straight ahead and realizing that the source was coming from the form in front of me. The form in the red and white letterman's jacket. The very being that I have secretly admired for a while now.

Dash Baxter.

The simple-minded jock who bullied me whenever he got the chance. He sent me glares and insults. He shoved me in lockers, pushed me in the hall and hid my clothes after gym class.

And I still feel attracted to him and his brutish nature. Every night I dreamed of what it would be like with him. To feel his hands caressing my naked body, letting him do as he pleased. My dreams were the most exciting part of my day... until I woke up and realized I had ruined yet another set of perfectly good sheets. God, teenage hormones are the worst.

I realized I was gay the day I met him four years ago. I still haven't told anyone. I did have a short lived relationship with Sam, but dating her was like a reassurance that I really was gay. I loved Sam and all, but she was only ever going to be a friend to me. She seemed to understand that and didn't let our breakup affect our friendship at all, which I was thankful for.

I inhaled his scent again, letting it fill my lungs. If he knew how I felt about him, what would he do? Probably lay on the bullying even more. I'd never hear the end of his amusement. So, I kept quiet, not letting anyone in. And honestly, I was happy to keep my feelings to myself. I didn't have to deal with anyone else's opinion. I could just admire him and dream at night about him.

I redirected my attention back to the test in front of me and smiled. Maybe I did know a few things about To Kill a Mockingbird. That Atticus guy was pretty smart. I'll write something about that. Hey, this isn't so hard when you actually put some thought into it.

I worked my way through the test, actually creating meaningful answers. I had just finished the last question when Mr. Lancer spoke up.

"Alright, class. The testing period is over. Now hand in your tests and you can leave when the bell rings."

I stood up slowly, looking back over my answers and walking forward. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and I slamminginto something in front of me. I assumed it was a wall, but after shaking my head, I realized I had slammed right into Dash. I felt my face flush at being this close to him. Soon all the blood left my face and pooled in my lower abdomen.

That process stopped, though, as he turned around and I saw the look of rage on his face. "Watch it, Fenton."

"So-sorry, Dash," was all I could supply for an answer.

"Whatever," was the last thing he said before he turned around again and continued towards Lancer's desk.

I just stood there for a minute before Tucker appeared beside me. "God, what is Dash's problem?" I didn't answer. I just stared as Dash got farther and farther away. "Danny!"

"Wh- Oh. Yeah, sure, Tucker." I hadn't even hear his question.

"Danny, are you ok? Do we need to make an emergency trip to the Nasty Burger?"

I smiled. "Sure, bud. Maybe we could meet sam there later."

Before Tucker gave his response, Mr. Lancer spoke up again. "Daniel, Tucker, are you two just going to stand there dawdling or are you going to turn in your tests?"

Tucker answered, "Yeah, Mr. Lancer. Don't worry." He turned back to me. "I'm sure Sam would love to pay a visit to the Nasty Burger."

We walked up to Lancer's desk and put the test on the pile. The bell rang not too long after and the whole class filed out of the room. Tucker and I walked up to my locker and I opened it. "So what time should we meet up?"

"For what?" We heard Sam say as she approached us.

"Oh, Danny and I were going to go to the Nasty Burger later. Wann come?"

"Oh yeah! I'm in. But I'm busy until five. We can meet up there after I'm done."

I was intrigued. "What are you doing for two hours?"

She groaned, clearly not happy about what she was busy with. "My parents. Is there any more I need to say?"

"No need." I replied saving her from the agony that plagued her thoughts. "Just give me a call when you two decide to get together and I'll be there." I placed my hand over my pocket to where my phone was to add effect and realized it wasn't there. I started to do a mini pat-down of my waist and all my jean pockets. Obviously Sam and Tucker noticed.

"What up, Danny?" Tucker asked concerned.

I stopped my search immediately realizing where it was. I flung my head back and let out a frustrated sigh. "I left my phone in the locker room after gym."

"Wow, Danny. Forgetful, much?" Sam teased with a smile.

"Oh, ha ha, Sam. Well, I ought to go get it. I'll see you guys later." I gave a small wave to them before walking in the direction of the locker rooms.

I made my way through the swarm of teenagers, no doubt excited about the upcoming weekend. The incessant buzz of their conversations made their way to my ears and I did my best to ignore it.

I soon found my way to the locker room door without getting mauled by the pack in the halls. I opened the door and Made my way to my locker and just my luck...

Dash and Kwan were standing there getting ready for football practice. I hung my head and tried to go unnoticed as I made my way closer to them to get into my locker. To my dismay, Kwan and his observant self had to notice my presence.

"Hey, Danny, what are you up to?"

"Probably getting his tutu out of his locker for ballet practice." Dash added in his usual tormenting voice.

I sighed and turned to face him. "Actually, Dash, I just forgot my cell phone in my locker and was coming back to get it."

"Oh, look at little Fenton. He can't remember where he put his phone. It's no surprise really, He'd lose his brain if it wasn't in his head."

"You're one to talk." I countered.

His smile fell immediately and he stormed up to me making me back up into the lockers. "Are you calling me stupid, Fenton?"

I didn't let the fear or lust appear on my face. When that scent filled my nostrils again, I wanted to smash my face against his chest and soak up the smell, but I resisted. Instead, I jsut stayed silent.

"Well?" He was getting more angry and looked as if he was ready to beat me senseless.

"Come on Dash. Let it go. We gotta get to practice.

Dash glanced at Kwan before looking back to me and narrowing his eyes. "You got lucky this time. Don't expect the same next time." He backed off and walked away with Kwan out the door. Once the door closed behind them, I exhaled the breath I had been holding.

I sank to the floor and hang my head in my hands. Why do I get this way when I'm around Dash? He does nothing but torment me and yet every time I go crawling back for more of his bullying. Maybe I just liked when he gave me , that was probably it.

I gave a heavy sigh and stood up slowly. I turned to open my locker and grabbed my phone that had been waiting for me there. I picked it up and put it in my pocket and shut the locker again, fastening the lock around the handle. I turned to leave when I noticed an open locker door.

I turned my head to it and noticed that Dash had forgotten to close his locker. I smiled slightly and shook my head softly. He truly was an idiot. With another sigh, I decided to be the better person and lock his locker for him before some larcon wandered upon it.

I approached the small door and picked up the lock, but just before I had the door closed I noticed a red and white jacket sitting in the small space. The same jacket that had been giving off the sweet smell earlier in English. I looked around the locker room making sure no one was around before I reached in and put my hand on the fabric.

It was softer than I had expected it to be. No wonder Dash wore it all the time. If I had a jacket this soft, I'd probably where it to school everyday too. And if it had the same smell, I'd probably never take it off. I picked up the jacket, weighing it in my hands. I could almost feel Dash inside it but alas, he wasn't actually in it.

After one last glance around my shoulders, I tentatively raised the fabric to my face and inhaled as deeply as I could. After my lungs were filled, I let my head fall back as I exhaled with a moan of pleasure. Dear God, that smell was delicious! I could never get enough of it. I took another smell and felt blood rush to my groin.

I still had my face buried in the fabric, but felt my knees go weak and I sat down on the floor before I collapsed. brought my knees to my chest, only making me more aware of the growing need under the denim of my jeans. I lowered the wonderful smelling fabric from just enough to let my eyes assess the situation.

My lower abdomen was starting to really hurt. If I didn't take care of this immediately, even the soothing scent of Dash's letterman's jacket couldn't ease the pain that would start up soon. Normally, I would only pleasure myself with thoughts of Dash while I was in my own bedroom with plenty of privacy. But, obviously, these were not normal circumstances. I had to care of this right now. And to be honest, the thought of getting caught was really... erotic.

I lowered one hand from the fabric and pressed gently on the bulge near my abdomen. I gasped at the touch as pleasure shot through my body. I pressed the fabric closer to my face and covered my face again, blocking out the whole world from this moment right now. I inhaled again and pressed harder. A greater amount of pleasure surged through me and I fisted the material in my hand. I begin breathing in and out steadily, savor the scent as my hand trailed up my jeans to the brass button and undid it allowing my hand betterr access.

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