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Chapter 13

Danny POV

Saturday night, 6:00.

I was finishing putting on my suit for prom. It was a sleek black suit with a white button-up. I was in the process of tying my black tie with little white dots all over it that made it look like stars. Dash gave it to me the day before. On my dresser sat a black tie with red and white diagonal stripes. It was our school colors and I thought Dash would live it as much as I did because he played football for those colors for four years.

There was a knock at my door and I turned to see my mom standing there. "Hey, Danny." She stood silent for a second, just smiling at me. Soon, she walked over and gave me a hug. I was a little taller than her, but not much. She pulled away and I could see the tears welling up. "You are so grown up, aren't you?"

"Mom, it's okay. It's only prom." I tried to reassure her.

"Prom is very important, Danny. And I bet Dash thinks it's more than just prom." I smiled. I was still very happy that she and Dad were so okay with Dash and me.

"You're right, Mom." Her eyes drifted to the tie folded on my dresser. She reached over and picked it up.

"Are you giving this to Dash to wear tonight?" I nodded and she smiled. 'I'm sure he'll love it. You seem to enjoy the one he gave you." My hand trailed to the tie I was wearing and I nodded. She glanced at the clock. "Well, we should probably get you over to Dash's house if you two and Sam and Tucker want to get to dinner."

Sam and Tucker decided to go to prom together, as friends of course. It was Sam's idea. She didn't want Dash and me to go to prom by ourselves so she suggested the double date. Dash and I were very grateful when they told us that they day after Dash asked me.

There were very few issues with Dash and I being together. Mostly, it was Paulina who gave us looks and said awful things to us, but we didn't mind. It was so nice to walk with Dash in the hallway and have him hold my hand. We no longer had to hide our relationship and it was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Kwan asked Starr to prom that day too. She hadn't talked to Paulina since her blow-up. She was surprisingly supportive of us, actually. She was a very nice girl; even Sam liked her, and Sam didn't like many people. I was pretty sure Dash invited them to come to dinner with us, but I had no conformation.

"Yeah, we should." I took the tie from her and we walked down the stairs to meet up with Dad. When he saw me, he reacted similar to how Mom did.

He put his hand on my shoulder. "I guess my son's truly his own man now." Honestly, I didn't know why my parents were acting this way, but I do remembered they had the same reaction on Jazz's senior prom. He pulled me into a hug, not a bear hug, but still firm. "Let's get you over to Dash's house.

We got in the car and started driving as their words sank in. I used to think prom was just a dance, but now... It's completely different. It's dawning on me that I will be spending this night with the most important person in my life. I guess it's not the life you live, it's the people you live it with. And prom is what it is because of that wonderful person everybody shares the night with.

That thought made me smile as we pulled up to Dash's house. Sam's car and Kwan's truck were already there. So Dash did invite Kwan. That also made me The three of us walked up to the door and I rang the doorbell. It wasn't long before the door was opened to reveal Mrs. Baxter.

"Oh, Danny, hello! We've been waiting for you." The three of us entered the house as she spoke. I didn't see the others, but I assumed that I would see them soon. "So these are your parents?"

I turned my attention back to her. "Yes. Maddie and Jack Fenton."

She shook each hand. "My name is Jennifer Baxter, Dash's mother, obviously." That made my parents smile. I was sure they would get along. "Danny, why don't you go down to the basement? The others are down there."

"Have fun Danny." Both my parents gave me a hug before I turned to leave. I knew Dash's house fairly well, so I had no trouble finding the basement. As soon as I opened the door, I heard five teenage voices all chatting about.

"Danny!" Sam alerted the rest of them to my presence. I smiled as my eyes trailed over everybody.

Sam was wearing a black dress. That was so like Sam. It had a V-neckline with wide straps. It flowed down her body to her ankles. Her hair was pulled back and her makeup was toned down. Starr had a blue halter dress that went down to her knees with pick-ups along the skirt. Both girls had corsages. Kwan and Tucker had similar black suits. My eyes soon drifted over to Dash.

Even though he, too, was wearing a black suit, he looked amazing to me. He lit up at the sight of me. I walked over to him and hugged him. The others went back to having their own conversation to give us some time. "Hey, Danny." When I pulled away, I noticed he had on a plain black tie. I frowned and Dash noticed. "What's wrong, Danny?"

I pulled at the fabric. "Your tie." I pulled the tie I brought out of the pocket inside my suit. "I think you should wear this one." He took the tie from me and smiled.

"Sure, Danny." He took his tie off and replaced it with mine. "It's great. Oh, I have something for you. He turned around to the desk behind him and picked up a box. He held it and I smiled.

"You got me a boutonniere?"

"Well, I could have gotten you a corsage." I blushed at that and he chuckled. He opened the box and pinned it to my collar. Neither of us got the chance to say anything else because Dash's mom called down to us.

"Kids! It's time to get your pictures taken." She sounded excited but none of us were very happy. Still, we walked up the stairs to the entry room where Mrs. Baxter was standing with a camera. "Why don't you all line up on the staircase?"

We did as she suggested. Dash and I were at the top, Dash behind me. Kwan and Starr followed, Kwan behind Starr. Lastly, Sam and Tucker, Tucker behind Sam. Dash put his hands on my hips and it made me blush. His mom took many pictures of us before speaking again. "Now, I'll get pictures of each couple individually."

We humored her again. She took more pictures than necessary, but none of us said anything. When it was our turn, Dash wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I wasn't normally the most photogenic person in the world, but having Dash next to me was a great reassurance.

Once Mrs. Baxter was satisfied, Kwan spoke. "Why don't we get going? My mom made us reservations." We did as he said. Kwan and Starr got in Sam's car along with Tucker, leaving me with Dash in his car. We drove to the restaurant and were seated quickly. I noticed that there were other groups of people here for prom night.

Starr brought up our first topic of conversation. "So who do you all think will be prom king and queen?"

Tucker added first. "Well, Paulina was nominated for queen. Maybe she'll get voted."

"After how she reacted to Dash and Danny? No way," Sam said.

I decided to contribute. "Starr was nominated wasn't she?"

Kwan jumped up and the question. "Yeah, I'm sure you'll be prom queen, Starr."

She smiled at her date. "Thanks, Kwan, but I don't think so." I could be wrong, but I think she may have glanced at Sam. I think I was just being paranoid. "And I think I speak for everyone when I say Dash is going to be king."

Dash didn't seem to think so. "I don't think so. Who would vote for me after Monday?" I was hurt and pleased at the same time. Hurt because he felt like because no one would vote for him because he was dating me. Pleased because he would choose to be with me rather than be prom king.

"Dash, say what you will, but you have the best chance. Even more than me," Kwan said. He had also been nominated for prom king.

No one else said anything else on the subject as the waiter came up. We gave him our order and when he walked away, we started another conversation. Soon our food came out and we ate as we continued talking. When we had finished and paid we walked back out to our cars. the dance started at 8:00 and right now it was 7:50.

We drove slowly to the school as Dash spoke to me. "So, Danny, are you excited?"

I took a while to answer. There were so many things I wanted to say in response, but I couldn't pick one. I decided finally on a simple one. "As long as I'm spending the night with you, it doesn't matter where we are."

I know it sounded a little cliche, but Dash didn't seem to mind. He didn't say anything, just smiled. We drove the rest of the ride in a comfortable silence. there was no need to say any more.

We got there right around 8:05. Dash parked the car in the spot her normally did and when we got out, we met up with the others. I took a deep breath. I still felt like if we walked into the school, we'd be ambushed by our classmates and thrown into the gutters. Dash obviously sensed my discomfort and took my hand in his, interlocking our fingers.

It didn't take a single word from Dash for me to let go of all my worries and just let him watch over me. We made our way into the gym of our school, where the other students were already dancing and having the time of their lives. Kwan and Starr walked towards the center of the gym and Dash pulled on my hand to follow them.

Everyone there looked like they were having so much fun and it brought a smile to my face that this really was the night for happiness. Dash stopped walking and turned to face me. "Danny-"

But he was cut off by the D.J. "Welcome to Casper High Senior Prom everybody!" This was followed by a loud cheer from the students. "We're going to officially start the party right now! And what better way than with a slow song? So grab that special someone you came to prom with and have a good time for the next few minutes."

Dash gave me a smile and followed the D.J's instructions. He let go of my hand and wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me close. Had it been any other person, I probably would have been hesitant to let them hold me like this, but Dash... I felt like I could do anything as long as Dash was with me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" came on. Other couples around us did the same thing and didn't even glance at us. It was like we were just another couple. With a smile on my face, I laid my head on Dash's chest and danced to the music.

"Alright, everybody, it's the time we've all been waiting for!" The loudest cheer of the night exploded through the room. "That's right! It's time to announce Prom King and Queen!" The D.J. held an envelope and silence fell over all the students. After all the dancing, Kwan, Starr, Sam and Tucker ended up around us. Sam was standing next to me.

The D.J opened the envelope and slowly pulled out the card. "And your prom king is..." I was nervous. Maybe ever since I heard that Dash was nominated, I wanted so much for him to be king. I squeezed his hand a little with anxiety. Still, it didn't matter to me whether he won or not. I was just glad to be with him.

"Dash Baxter!" Cheers erupted from the crowd. Dash gave me a disbelieving look, but I can't say I was surprised. Maybe a little because of what happened on Monday, but still, people didn't seem to like him any less because of it. "Come on up Dash!"

The students parted like the Red Sea creating room for Dash to make his way to the stage. He let go of my hand very hesitantly, but I encouraged him to go. With my reassurance, he walked confidently to the stage to accept his crown and sash. More cheers erupted, the loudest coming from me.

"And now for Prom Queen..." He opened another envelope and pulled the card out. Sam leaned over to me and whispered. "Why do girls pine over this one award. It's just prom queen. I mean what's the point in-"

"Samantha Manson!"

"What!" Sam was the most surprised person in the room, and to be honest I was just as surprised as she was. And even more surprising, loud cheers, louder than the ones Dash got, rose up in the room. She looked around, not sure what to do and I pushed her towards the stage.

She had a confused look on her face as she walked, but still, she accepted her crown just like Dahs had. "Give it up for your Prom King and Queen." I cheered for them along with everyone else. Dash and Sam stood closer to let the D.J take pictures of them, and I felt a twinge of jealousy. Luckily, it faded quickly when they parted and the D.J spoke again.

"Now let's get their dates up here for the next song." Tucker and I exchanged looks and I could feel people looking at us. "Don't be shy you two. Come on up." We both walked slowly to the stage. I awaited the tomatoes to be thrown, but they never came. I felt better when Dash wrapped his arms around me.

Obviously he noticed my discomfort because he said, "Hey, Danny, just look at me. Nothing else matters right now, just you and me." A huge weight lifted off my shoulders as he said that. I nodded as the next song, "I've Had The Time of My Life" started.

When it ended, the D.J gave us one last congratulations before we left the stage. The noise started up as a faced paced song came up. The four of us met up with Kwan and Starr. Starr looked so excited and finally burst out and hugged Sam. "This is so great!"

"Wait." Sam pulled away from her. "Do you know something about this. She had a wide smile on her face.

"Well, I might have had something to do with it."

"Are you kidding, Starr, it was your idea." He turned to us. "After Dash and Danny came out on Monday, Starr came up with the idea of putting Sam as a write-in on the prom queen ballot because everyone was so accepting of your relationship. We couldn't exactly put Danny on for prom queen, so we went around and told everyone that if they supported you and Dash, to write in Sam for prom queen because she is Danny's best friend."

I was amazed. Kwan and Starr did this... for us? I was so happy. I opened my mouth to speak, but Dash beat me to it. "That's so thoughtful you guys. Thank you." He grabbed my hand. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to steal my boyfriend away for a while."

There were no objections. I did wonder why Dash was taking me away, but I didn't say anything. We weaved through students and eventually we found ourselves outside. There was no one else around and Dash picked me up, kissing me.

"Dash, what's gotten into you?" I was very surprised, and even if he was my boyfriend, that didn't change the fact that I had to question him sometimes.

He put me down and brushed back my hair. I could see his eyes were glazed over with tears of joy. He held the back of my head and said, "This night is just so... perfect. And it's thanks to you."

We stayed like that for a while, my heart beat speeding up. I felt myself smile wider than ever had. I had to agree with him. Never had I been so happy than when I was with Dash. He was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and sometimes I felt like I was just dreaming. He pulled me close to him. I accepted his embrace and closed my eyes, filling my lungs with that scent that I loved. Vanilla and Honeysuckle.

"Danny... I love you."

My eyes shot open. Three simple words... I expected so many feelings to rush through me like happiness or surprise, but what did rush through me was a memory. A memory that reminded me of why I didn't let anybody in and why I expected the worst. A few weeks after Sam and I broke up...


I went to a two week astronomy camp summer camp after Sam and I broke up. She was very comfortable with the break up and even sent me texts daily to assure me that we were okay. After that break up, I spent so long trying to figure out my feelings. Was I gay, was I straight? I didn't know anymore.

I was lying on my bed that first night of camp and my thoughts drifted to Dash. He was just so perfect to me. I couldn't find one flaw. Even when he was bullying me, I was so happy just to be getting attention from him. So many memories of him passed through my mind and I smiled when I finally confirmed the inevitable. I was gay, and that was all.

Later that day, I met my roommate, a very great person. He became one of my greatest friends at the camp. Cody Barrett. I spent basically all my free time with him. Day by day passed and he and I grew closer. Eventually, it was the last night of camp and I found myself in our room, both of us sitting on his bed.

We talked about various things and then a weird silence fell over us. I glanced over at him and before I knew it, he had grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss. I was shocked. I thought Cody was just my friend, but I guess he didn't think that way. I didn't make a move to push him away and I guess he thought that was an invitation to further the intimacy.

He pushed me down on his bed and he pulled away looking me in the eye. I wasn't against this. Maybe he could be someone I could open up to. He put his hand on my face and muttered with a smile, "I love you."

A knot formed in my stomach. I told myself that it was just surprise, but underneath all the denial, I was very scared. Cody pushed up my shirt and started placing kisses on the skin. He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. I let him kiss me again, telling myself that I wanted this. He pulled away and smiled.

"Will you give me this one night, Danny?" I knew what he meant, and I was scared, but I trusted him. I nodded slowly and he smiled, pressing a hand to the front of my jeans. I arched my back when what I assumed was pleasure shot through my body.

He slid down my body and undid my jeans. I grabbed his shoulders. "Cody..."

"Please Danny. After today, I don't think I'll ever see you again." He had a very genuine look on his face and I released my grip on his shoulder. He continued undoing my jeans and once he had all fabric down, he took my member in his mouth.

From what I had heard, this should've felt amazing. But what overwhelmed me was... shame... and guilt. This wasn't right. I just wanted it to stop and soon it did. I soon released into Cody's mouth and he sat up, wiping with mouth. I just looked at him as he leaned back over me.

I wanted to feel pleasure. I wanted to let him do these things to me and I wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn't. My stomach clenched even tighter, my gut telling me to run away. Time seemed to still until I felt a pressure against my back side. Before I could do anything, he had a finger inside me. That's when one name ran through my head. Dash...

I pushed him away and jumped up, pulling my pants back on. I dashed out of the room, down the hall to the bathroom before Cody could follow. Realization rushed over me as the tears ran down my face. I was just going to be a one night stand for him. I didn't want to be used by him or anyone.

Was that all people saw me as? Just a tool to be used once and then thrown away? No one was ever going to love me. No one. And to avoid getting hurt, i had to put up the ultimate barrier. I had to shut everyone else out and not ever give them the chance to hurt me...

*End flashback*

I thought Dash's words over again. Why didn't I feel the same way as I did when Cody said it? Rather I felt rejuvenated. So many thoughts ran through my head and I realized something.

Dash was the one exception.

When I was with him, nothing else mattered. Everything that could hurt me disappeared as long as I was in his arms. He made me feel things no one else made me feel. I smiled and embraced him back. In that moment I finally admitted that he was the one. He was the one I could trust indefinitely, that would always be there for me.

Dash changed my life. For once in my life, it felt like my life had purpose. It was because of him that my longing to give up faded. He would be the one to share every amazing moment of my life with me.

He was the one that I would spent the rest of my life with, if he would allow me to.

Every insecurity I had before now melted away and all that was left... was love. I was in love with Dash Baxter. The one person I thought would never love me back was no holding me, telling me he loved me.

Me, Danny Fenton. Little Danny Fenton who never mattered before. In one moment, three words gave me hope, a new direction in life...

"I love you, Dash."