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Her heavy boots caused the wooded floor beneath her to creak as her steps became harsh. She stopped in her tracks and saw scattered pieces of glass across the floor. The window frames empty and destroyed.

"Abandoned," a deep horse voice came behind her. "Seems like the whole town is."

"Do you think everyone was killed?" another playful voice asked.

"Not everyone," the girl finally spoke; her voice sad. "Some had a chance to escape."

The two males behind her shifted uncomfortably at her words. She heard footsteps leave their spot; however she didn't react to them.

"Why are we here?" the horse voice spoke. "It's perfectly clear Des has already been here." Anger poured in his words.

"He's going back- round up more troops for the attack," she informed. "It's better to try and defeat him now when he has a few soldiers by his side." she paused. "We can't let him get near the kingdom."

Silence crept between them. Her transparent orange hued eyes took in all the destruction of the town. It was in ruins and dark gray fog concealed the town. The wind whistling was the only noise and sent her scarlet hair in a slight frenzy. The tan man behind her cleared his throat snapping her out of her daze.

"Edith," he said roughly. "We need to figure out how we're going to ambush Des." he scratched the back of his head, curious at her ominous silence.

Edith stared intensely at the ground. A few loose pebbles vibrated and detached themselves from the ground.

"Edith we sh-" his sentence was stopped short as she quietly hushed him, lifting her arm up to empahsis silence more.

As her tan partner was about to speak, he felt his rather muscular arm get yanked. "Get down," he heard her say in a hushed tone. They backed up against the destroyed window frames as dozens of soldiers stomped their way on the streets. Dust clouded up their vision but Edith still knew the insignia that resided on their armor. She watched them pass with pure malice in her eyes. Her muscular partner watched as her features became dark. He saw her eyes clog up with pure hatred and her body seemed tense.

"Des' troops," Edith spoke as the last of the soldiers passed them. Her jaw was clenched beyond pain but she didn't mind it. She noticed she was left one less partner. She looked at the tan man; his hands balled up into fists. "Leo," she began. The tone of her voice caused his eyebrows to narrow as a response. "Where's Avel?"

Leo's body unclenched at her question and he straightened up. He looked around for the smaller male named Avel. "Avel!" he called out. Silence was among them for a few seconds until a ruffling in the story above them caught their attention.

"Yeah?" the not as low voice spoke. Both Leo and Edith exhaled their worries as his voice crept from upstairs.

Leo got a running start and aimed up the broken stairs. Edith lagged behind him going at a rather slower speed. A low laugh echoed in her ears causing her to halt in horror. She stayed paralyzed as the realization of whose the devilish laugh belong to.

She watched as Leo galloped towards the stairs. She tried stopping him, calling out to him and Avel. Her throat rejected her words. She inched herself closer and closer to the staircase trying to break free from the paralysis. Leo stopped in midstride and turned to see horror struck in Edith's face. Her lips parted slightly and quivered.

That's when it hit her, the reason why she started the hunt. She couldn't allow the war to escalate further. She witnessed the beginning of the war and the aftermath of destruction. Eight years into the war and Des had the upper hand. Two kingdoms were under his control, one was in complete ruin, and two were left standing. Her hands balled up.

A static sound rang in Leo and Edith's ears and caused them to stay still. Not a second passed and an agonizing scream pierced the room. Leo and Edith darted hurriedly up the flight of stairs. Their eyes fell upon their partner suspended in air and a tangle of wires constricting his body. His face was painted in pain as electricity coursed, unwantingly, through his body. The devilish laugh roared behind Avel.

"Edith," Des spoke in pure amusement. Edith felt disgusting by the sound of her own name coming out of his lips. "How nice it is to see you." a grin stretched across his pale face.

Another scream escaped Avel's throat as the electric shocks grew more intense.

"Let him go Des!" Leo demanded sternly.

A growl emanated from Edith's throat. She quickly unsheathed her mildly large blade. She lunged herself at the menus and found sparks as his long sword blocked her attack. She looked wide eyed at the man, astonished that he matched her speed, even with one hand occupied. Perhaps fear consumed her.

She took her eyes off him and followed the long arm that held Avel suspended in air. The wires constricted tighter around his thin toned body. Bruises housed his exposed flesh. His pain no longer released in screams, they only came out as mild whimpers. The electricity that emanated from the wires of the device caused his body to jerk involuntarly. A wave of guilt electrified Edith as she saw her companion's body go limp with every shock; his eyelids drooped.

In a swift movement, she sheathed her blade and whipped out her guns, aiming her shot to Des' device. With a trembling thud, Avel's body laid motionless. She shoot rapid bullets at Des, which ultimately he blocked effortlessly with his sword. After a few gunfires, the battle stayed still; each one reading the others movements.

"Edith," Leo whispered. He saw that there was no acknowledgment as she remained breathless. Her fists white as her fingers were tightly wrapped on each of the triggers. She was trembling, but her features showed no sign of fear; it was anger. "Get to Avel. I'll hold him off as long as I can." his words startled Edith but before she could question, Leo lunged himself towards Des, his oversized sword in hand.

Edith watched as Leo blocked Des' attacks but it was out numbered by how many times he got slashed. There was a trembling whimper coming from the broken body that laid a few yards away from her. She trotted over to her fallen companion. His face had paled and his eyes laid on her but didn't take in what the were looking at.

"Avel, Avel," Edith called out frantically. Her voice sounded like distant mumbles to Avel's ears. Her desperate movements seemed slow. "Stay with me!"

Avel struggled to fight his eyelids request to close. Looking passed his silver bangs, he could see she looked troubled. Her hands explored his bruised flesh; he winced at the contact. As she shuffled through her clothes retrieving the diamond, a cold hand ceased her actions. Edith shifted her eyes to the silver head's face; a weak smile rested on his lips.

"Defeat Des." the playful tone in his voice mixed with a sense of seriousness. His smile began subsiding; his hand loosing its grip on her arm until finally dropping, leaving its warmth where he held her. Edith's eyes possessed a watery texture; in a failed attempt to hold them back, tears streamed down her cheeks.

She bid him a last promise and as the anger pulsed through her, she returned back to the battle, once more firing rapid bullets at Des. Leo retreated back and stood slumping next to Edith. His chest rose and dropped at an accelerating speed trying to catch up to normal breathing. Leo looked at Edith's features, fury tainted her eyes with a hint of depression. It was like he had seen the recent events inside her mind; he let out a pained scream and charge at the smirking enemy in front of them.

Effortlessly, Des blocked his attack. Leo delivered more and more blows, aimlessly but were sadly blocked by the nemesis' sword. Edith, as an assist, began shooting rapidly. They were failing miserably; Des held the mimicking smile.

Without warning, Des' movements became unreadable. In a blur, he immobilized Leo, leaving him forgotten, bleeding on the ground. Edith began scanning her eyes around, searching for the disappeared Des.

She caught sight of a sword's reflection but before she could act, blood began to spill out of the wound that formed across her chest and stomach. Her knees gave out underneath her and her cheek collided with the ground.

"You failed to keep yourself and those useless partners of yours alive," Des seethed. Edith twitched at the sound of his words. Des vanished, leaving only the illusion he was still there.

Edith caught sight of Leo's motionless body. She slowly dragged herself to him, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She grabbed his arm and with the little energy she had left shook his body.

"Leo," she struggled. "Leo get up." There was no response, only air filled her ears. She felt the coldness of his skin. "Leo.." her voice cracked at the realization. "Wake up.."

The diamond that hung by a thin chain around her neck began slowly stitching up her gash. She herself quickly vanished and reappeared on a roof top. Passed her bangs, her blurry vision made out the back of Des.

"You think you can defeat me?" Des teased.

Edith lunged at him, her mildly large blade unsheathed. Once more, he blocked it. Her failed movements caused her gash to reopen, spilling blood on the concrete. A devilish grin drew on Des' lips sending chills down Edith's spine.

He impaled his sword into her stomach; as a result, a pained scream escaped her lips. He drew his sword back; blood stained its blade. She once more fell to the floor beneath her.

Edith, the little she could make out, saw Des' legs retreat. She had failed. All the vulnerable spots she had been able to find of him, were impossible to hit them directly.

A little mute, she heard struggle and blades crossing. Her eyes could not distinguish anything. After a few seconds, everything was silent but footsteps approaching her broke the stillness. The legs came into her blurred vision.

'Get up,' she mentally told herself. Her body refused her request and her eyelids started drooping upon her orange hued eyes. 'Get up,' she demanded as the legs were less than a yard away. 'Get..up..' and with the last mental request, she fell into a deep pit of black.