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The sun was at its time to start its slumber; slowly it touched the horizon. Its light grew dull giving the world an orange glow. The ground was still and the air was silent. Though the beautiful glow cast over, weary eyes saw dullness. Nothing was inviting for the eyes. They cast down to the ground where there laid two slots of uneven dirt. The eyes were fused with anger but something softened the look.

She fisted the two beautiful large stone in her hands. She felt the smooth, flawless texture. She let her sore fingers drop the rocks on the ground. Unsheathing her blade, she carefully touched the tip of her sword to the rock. Her hands were shaking; the ache was taking over her chest. She placed her bottom lip in between her teeth and bit down, causing the shaking to cease. She grabbed her sword at the end and slowly began carving the names of her deceased friends. She felt herself shaking as she finished one of the names. She bit down on her lip once more. Once she finished, she placed the stones at the end of the graves.

The stones at the head of the graves had their names engraved beautifully. The scarlet head stumbled to her knees at the foot of the graves. A sting surged through her and her body trembled. She gripped her chest in hopes to end the sting but it grew more intense. She was alone; she trembled more. No one was left in her world, no one she truly cared for- She stared in blankness at the two slots. Images rushed in her mind and her lips quivered. The distinctive smiles between the two.

"I could've prevented this," she whispered. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so..sorry," she repeated. Warmness streamed down her cheeks. She greedily wiped away the unwanted tears but to her misfortune, more replaced them. She fisted her hands and pounded on the ground; her knuckles reddened at the contact. "Forgive me.."

Pressure made its way to her shoulders and ended her soft sobs. Hands gripped her but the hands were different from one another. A rush swarmed around her and their presence was noted. Everything around her took a halt. Her breath was trapped in her throat and a warm chill traveled down her spine.

"What are you doing?" a sly voice asked.

"You've never been the one to cry," a hoarse voice added.

Edith's eyes widened at their voices. She quickly snapped her head over her shoulder. Her sights found a dirt road, buildings in ruins, but no living being. The ache drilled in her chest. The pressure on her shoulders vanished but warmness was left. The warm chill however travelled through her skin. Her eyebrows centered; she blamed herself. Something internally ignited in her; she was becoming hollow. The corners of her lips tugged down; the villainous creature behind the war was going to be taken down. He took away the precious friendship she had and her emotions were beginning to fade. She was alone-