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Any seventeen year old boy would love to be in my position.

To get the opportunity to be surrounded by seven gorgeous women who could make any man get on his knees and beg. Seven gorgeous women who were independent and tough yet still maintained to be feminine. Seven, gorgeous, talented women who had me hard as a rock without even having to be seen yet.

The Queens is what the men of La Push called them.

Men from across the country travel miles and miles just to see them. Women were insanely jealous and forbid their boyfriends and husbands from even thinking about stepping a foot inside The Coven: the bar in which The Queens performed.

Word spread across town that these girls were extraordinary and majestic beyond human imagination and it was all true.

"Girls!" Carlisle-smooth guy-called out when he led me to the backroom of the bar- their dressing room that was huge and dim lit with animal printed furniture and vanities that had light bulbs that spelled out the name of each girl. The scent is what really drove me crazy: the smell of wine, lotions and fruits. It was the ideal scent of a woman.

After years of hearing about them and fantasizing, I was finally before them, looking at them for the first time. They were everything that everyone said they were. Heaven on Earth.

"Girls, this is Jacob Black," Carlisle's smile was broad and genuine as he patted me on the back and showed me off to the twelve beautiful eyes that examined me. "He's your new bodyguard."

His words seemed to drown out as I took in each and every one of them.

The redhead was tiny in height but her curves made up for it. She looked my age and had a youthful quality about her that made me feel as if she was the weakest but her sly smile proved me wrong. She had these warm chocolate-not exactly brown eyes as did the equally tiny angel that leaned on her shoulder.

She had thick brunette hair that cascaded passed her black lace bra that held her pale breasts perfectly. She had matching boy shorts that hugged her waist and ass, making me wonder what how smooth she was underneath. She seemed shy and had a makeup free face that was focused on me just like the blonde beside her.

The blonde had a mean look to her. She was pale as well but her eyes were actually blue, almost violet. She reminded me of a Barbie with her model like body that had zero flaws. She was taller then the other two which intimidated me because she was looking me in the eye. I was usually attracted to shorter girls because I loved tossing their asses around but having this girl look me in the eye seemed like a challenge and I accepted. With a light bite of her bottom lip, I stared at her for a few more seconds before looking onto the fourth and final pale girl that was before me.

Her hair was actually much shorter then the other girls with a pixie cut that was snug against her pretty face. She had deep eyes that told a story of loss and hurt but they had a glint to them. She wasn't as voluptuous and curvy as the other girls but she was definitely thinner. She reminded me of a fairy, tiny and graceful looking. She was as tall as the redhead.

Then my eyes were met with twins who were identical in every way. Waist length jet black hair, subtle grey eyes, pert noses, full lips and everything down was just as beautiful. They were tall just like the blonde and they had an innocence about them that I immediately picked up on. The two of them were dressed in matching red hot pants and strapless bras that were shining with glitter. They looked me over a few more times before one whispered to the other and they giggled in unison.

"Wow, Carlisle," the blonde approached me, her heels clicking with every step and I didn't notice till now that her silk, thigh length robe was see-through. I stiffened when her manicured fingers ran across my cheek ever so gently and she picked up on my nervousness. She grinned. "He's cute."

I just about lost it when the other girls came just as close as she did, staring me down with great interest and wonder. They were making me shake in nervousness when their hands begin to feel against my face, chest and shoulders. They were way too friendly and I loved it. All the rumors were true about these girls making men weak.

"Um, aren't there supposed to be seven of you?" My voice had returned somehow.

The blonde rolled her eyes and smirked a little. "You'll meet her soon but you should get to know us first."

Carlisle smiled at them all proudly and went down the line.

"This my friend, is Nessie," he was referring to the redhead and as her name rolled off his tongue, she winked at me and played with the hem of my t-shirt.

"Hi," she says and I think I've fallen in love. My cheeks are burning when he moves onto the brunette beside her.

"This is Bella. Beauty isn't she?" he introduces and she gives me the once over before holding out her hand for me to shake it. I do so and the feel of her fingers make me want to cum on the spot. She notices I'm shy and smirks as if to taunt me. It works.

"And here we have Rosalie," Carlisle says as she makes herself known by leaning down to kiss my cheek. I hide my gasp but she still seems to notice and kisses me again.

"I can't get over how cute he is," she gushes as if I'm not even there and the other girls giggle at her. "We're going to have so much fun with him."

They seem to agree cus they nod their heads and continue to marvel at my body. Carlisle rolls his eyes and protests.

"Down, kitty," he's speaking to Rosalie. "You know the rules."

She shrugs him off, her eyes never leaving mine. Rules?

"Jacob, this is Alice," he continues and Alice simply stares at me before I make the first move and say hello. She responds with a nod and her eyes dart back towards my chest.

"You'll have to excuse her, she's a bit quiet," Rosalie says on her behalf and Carlisle introduces the twins.

"This is Rachel," his hand hovers over the head of the one on his left. "And this is Rebecca," he gestured towards the right one and they seem amused by my expression.

"Before you ask, yes we are twins but we're not related," Rebecca says and they all join in a laugh at the possible inside joke. I had much to catch up on.

Carlisle peeks his head out the entrance of the dressing room and looks down the hall near the bar area. He then glances at his watch and nods.

"Okay girls. Showtime is in an hour so start getting ready. And when she comes out, please introduce her to Jacob. Make him feel welcome, okay?"

They all nod and promise before the six angels rush to give him a big kiss. I'm amazed at how close they are to their employer. And who was this she everyone kept talking about?

"I told you, Carlisle. We'll take care of him," Rosalie's tone makes me wanna put my dick right in her mouth and just drill it. But that's not what I'm being payed to do.

He shoots her a warning look before turning to me and sighing. "Tonight just sit back and watch the show. It's only your first day."

Well that's a relief. My nerves settled when the girls skipped passed me and back around the corner they appeared from just minutes ago. I made it a goal to get around that corner at least once.

He wishes them a good luck and exits, leaving me by myself in a room full of vanities.

Or so I thought.

They were suddenly back around that corner, surrounding me with adoring and examining eyes. I feel my body being pulled down into a chair and without hesitation, I sit and the one named Nessie is suddenly on my lap. I prayed my boner would stay down.

"So Jacob Black," she sing-songs and Rosalie comes behind her to stare at me.

"Where'r you from?" they ask and await my answer.

"Los Angeles," I respond and they snicker.

"City boy," Bella smirks at me again and comes down to my face. "What brings you to La Push?"

I can't really come up with a less complicated answer because it was a really long story and the view of Bella's cleavage peeping out of her bra was distracting me from even speaking.

"Well, um...I wanted to see if the legend about The Queens was true," I reply slyly and she seems impressed. Rosalie's fingers were snaking through my hair as if to familiarize herself with me.

"And what legend might that be?" she asks me and they seem truly interested in my answer.

I think before I speak. "That you are the most gorgeous group of girls any bastard could even lay their eyes on."

"Aw," the twins chime in and one of them kisses my cheek. "Now aren't you sweet?" Rebecca chirps and makes her way to the vanity with her name on it.

They all do the same and begin putting on makeup which was shocking because they were already so beautiful. They make chatter among themselves and I take a good look at them all.

So these were the girls that nearly all of the men in La Push would die for? These were the girls who I ran away from home to see? These were the girls that Carlisle was paying me one hundred something dollars an hour to protect? I though the pay was a bit high but now I see why. These chicks were precious. And who was...she?

Why did Carlisle trust me to take care of them when we only met a few hours ago? What were the rules that he had mentioned earlier? How long had these girls been working here? Were any of them married? Kids?

Was I to call them performers or strippers? I guess I'd have to see the show to find out.

And what did Rosalie mean by 'have fun with me?' What happens behind closed doors and when the bar is closed?

"Who are you?" the voice snaps me out of my daydream and I'm immediately met with not a queen, but a goddess. The other girls all stop their chatter and tried their hardest to hide their laughter. My skin starts to burn of embarrassment and a deep down desire in me wants to throw her on the ground and use her to my advantages.

This girl-no, woman- is obviously annoyed with me but I'm too taken back by her beauty to even care why.

"Um, ugh...um...er, you're um..." I'm stammering and she rolls those show stopping hazel eyes.

"You're at my vanity," she points to the mirror behind me and on reaction, I turn and sure enough, there was makeup, jewelry, and accessories all over. My eyes shoot up and the lights read 'Leah.'

I turned back to her and she was standing over me, arms crossed over her chest.

"I'm sorry." I apologize and she blinks as if I haven't spoken.

So instead of sitting there and looking like a jackass, I bounced up with confidence but am immediately red in the face when I realize all the blood has rushed to my crotch.

The room is filled with the adorable laughter of six amused girls and the hazel eyed one is still staring at me, annoyed.