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Thalia POV

I always knew that I was different from others, but I didn't guess that I would be soooooo different that I would need to be protected from monsters that were hungry for my blood., So I was sent here at Camp Half-Blood where we were taught to fight monsters and defend ourselves , I really didn't need any training, I already had my weapons – my shield Aegis and my sword thunder, plus I had fought half my life with ancient monsters . I tried to pursue Chiron, who was the activities director at CHB, but he wouldn't listen, he told that my scent was very strong and now that I knew I was a demigod it would be stronger. I told him I had taken bath and borrowed a Gucci perfume from the Aphrodite cabin to remove the scent but he still didn't listen .So I was stuck here at CHB

It wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be, actually it was kind of cool. I had made friends with juniper greengrass who was a nymph and Diana graystul, daughter of Aphrodite.

Diane was pretty awesome for a daughter of Aphrodite ,she didn't care how she looked ( unless there was some very, very cute boy around) and was a good fighter too(not better than me, of course ). Juniper was like any other nymph ,she loved nature ,had elfish features and was very sweet .

My first day was going on normally , I was listening my favorite band green day ,when I bumped in to a stupid couple making out, the girl had blonde hair and grey eyes typical cheerleader type. The boy had windblown black hair and sea green eyes, I guessed that it was the famous Percy Jackson, slayer of medusa, retriever of the golden fleece and camp leader.

After the fight

"Gods! Is this the camp leader? "I asked Diane

"he's normally nice and "

"yeah ,shouting and being mean to new campers is very nice isn't it

"Anyway, today's capture the flag ,I think you will be in the red team with us"

"Which team will that percy fellow be in ? "I asked I seriously didn't want to be in his team

"He's the captain of the blue team "

"Good " I said I would like to show him that I could defeat him in a duel


"What the f"

"Not you again"he said

"Why can't you watch where you're going?"

"It's my fault everytime isn't it?" he cried

"Yes" I retorted

Come ,let's go Nico,nico?

He was staring at Diane and she was staring at him, I stood up and pulled her in the other direction, Percy did the same with Nico.

Why where you staring at him?

He's just soooo cute and handsome and

Great, now my best friend likes my worst enemy's best friend ,what worse could happen? I was about to find out

I went to find juniper, since Diane had got all love sick and became very irritating,her every sentence started beginning with nico

I went in the woods and guess what I saw? My worst nightmare .Why do all the gods choose to mess with my life?

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