Metal Scourge

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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Chapter 1

Smallville; the Kent farm.

It was early morning in Smallville, the sun had only been up a couple of hours, inside the Kent farmhouse the newest addition to the family Tayuya Kent was busily getting ready for her first day of school at Smallville high now that her identity papers were ready and she had learnt enough of this world's history, customs and writing system to fit in.

Outside another member of the family, Kara Kent was taking care of the morning farm chores having volunteered to do so this morning.

A quick tug with kryptonian strength easily snapped the string holding together the bale of hay she was feeding to Lana's horses she then evenly distributed the bale between the three of them.

As she did this however Kara was unaware that she was being watched, from the branches of a nearby tree what looked like a hawk was eyeing her intently, still unaware of this Kara reached into a nearby bucket and pulled out an enamelled metal jug containing sugar cubes for the horses.

As Kara gave the first of the horses, a yearling foal his treat the 'hawk' took off and flew directly toward the barn flying into the large bay meant for storing large farm machinery such as tractors.

As Kara finished giving the first horse his treat her ears caught the sound of Shelby barking at something in the barn, she looked up, the smile fading from her face as she turned her gaze in the direction the barking was coming from.

As Kara began walking toward the sound she saw a flock of pigeons take off from the barn in a mad panic, apparently startled by something inside.

Seeing this Kara made a beeline directly toward the barn, intent on finding out what was going on.

Placing the jug on an old oil drum standing by the door Kara opened that door and walked inside, looking and listening cautiously as she did, the barking was getting louder.

Tracing the sound to its source Kara wound her way through the machinery and work benches until she caught sight of Shelby barking at something on the other side of some dust covered windows, she saw a shadow move across them.

Kara shifted her gaze to the doorway beside the windows in question as footsteps began approaching from that direction, out of the darkness she heard a voice speak.

"Quiet morning."

Tayuya was busily finishing her breakfast of Wheaties and waffles before her first day at Smallville High; the last thing she wanted was to be late.

As soon as that was done she hurried through brushing her teeth and her hair, washing her face and grabbing her lunch out of the refrigerator, just as she was heading out the door she heard barking coming from the barn.

That's weird; Tayuya thought uneasily it's not like Shelby to bark like that, something's wrong.

Kara seemed to have noticed as well Tayuya observed as she spotted her adoptive cousin heading in the direction the barking was coming from and walking into the barn.

Tayuya headed in that direction as well.

As she walked in the door that Kara had left open in her haste she left her lunch and her school bag beside the door, as she did Tayuya was on full alert something was definitely off here, before she could trace the barking to its source however it stopped.

Okay no problem, Tayuya thought as she reached out with her shinobi senses, trying to feel out the chakra of the intruder in the barn, but as she did her mouth dropped open in surprise when she realized she couldn't sense any chakra signatures besides those of Kara and the dog.

What? Tayuya thought in shock; Impossible, some sneaky fucker is in here I know they are.

Time to take a different approach she decided.

Locking in on Kara's chakra Tayuya began quickly tracing her cousin to her current location.

One thing about kryptonian chakra, it was remarkably easy to sense mostly because the average kryptonian had so much of it, it took Tayuya less than a minute to track down where Kara was.

As she got closer to her cousin Tayuya could hear her speaking with somebody, a man from the sound of his voice, but she couldn't make out what was being said at first.

When Tayuya caught sight of Kara and the man she was talking to the tomboyish redhead saw that it was someone she didn't recognize and he had somehow just appeared in the barn without warning.

He looked ordinary enough, but Tayuya's shinobi senses told her that he was anything but, he gave her the creeps but that wasn't the worst part.

It wasn't what Tayuya could sense from this man that bothered her-.

-It was what she couldn't sense from him.

"What if I told you that there was a way to go back?" the strangely creepy man was asking Kara "to save everyone you loved?"

"I'd say you weren't the first kryptonian to use those memories against me," Kara replied distrusting, apparently she had also picked up on the bad vibes this guy was giving off despite not being able to sense chakra, and apparently she was also rattled by what he had been saying to her "and it won't work."

"Especially since you're not really kryptonian," Tayuya interjected as she stepped into view "in fact I don't think you're even alive not that I'd trust a creepy fucker like you if you were."

Kara's head turned in Tayuya's direction so fast that if she were human Tayuya was sure her adoptive cousin would have given herself whiplash, a look of shock was plastered across her face.

"What?" Kara asked in astonishment.

"I'm serious Kara," Tayuya told her cousin, her voice betraying just how unsettling she found this situation to be "this creepy son of a bitch doesn't have any chakra."


"Impossible?" Tayuya asked "but he doesn't have any, I'm telling you he's like something out of evil dead."

"What is chakra?" the creepy man asked in confusion.

"Nothing you need to know about," Kara retorted in a tone that was clearly telling this man to get the hell off the Kent farm "just what the sheol are you anyway?"

The creepy man smirked in a very unsettling way, looking each of the girls in the eye and making both of their skins crawl in the process.

Tayuya found herself reminded of Orochimaru when he looked at her like that, it was a reminder she could have done without.

In fact she could have gone her whole life without it, knowing one person that creepy per lifetime was quite enough thank you.

Finally he spoke.

"I am the Brain Interactive Construct," he told them.