Metal Scourge

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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Chapter 9

After Tayuya was healed Kara and Clark got both Lana and Tayuya back to the farm safely, now that the craziness related to Brainiac was dealt with they could get back to having a semi normal life.

Tayuya looked forward to spending some time with her new friend Bethany; she liked that girl even if Bethany was a little weird.

I'm a little weird myself, Tayuya thought with a grin as she lay on the sofa in the living room with an icepack on her head.

Her concussion had been healed but she still had a mild residual headache, hence the icepack.

Clark was going to want an explanation about her chakra armor sooner or later now that he knew about it; Tayuya was not looking forward to that.

After all, explaining that she had that technique and that it had saved her life three times now would also require that she mention the physiological stress that it put on her central nervous system-knowing how overprotective Clark was she could just picture how he'd take that.

"So that's it for Brainiac then," Tayuya surmised as she sat up a little "it'd have to be right?"

"Of course," Kara agreed "he's scrapped, he exploded into ashes."

"I guess so," Lana agreed quietly from where she was sitting in a lounge chair nearby "and I was completely useless the whole time."

"Lana?" Tayuya asked "are you okay?"

"I will be," Lana replied "it's just that this has been eating away at me for a while now, and today really brought it home for me-you, Clark and Kara all pulled your weight, but I couldn't, I was nothing but a burden. Because Clark had to see to me getting out safely he wasn't able to back you and Kara up."

"For my part I ended up getting embedded in a wall," Tayuya reminded the dark haired woman "Chloe would've probably been in a similar situation to you against Brainiac so don't beat yourself up over it Lana."

"You got smashed into that wall because of me," Lana replied in a shamed whisper "because Clark had to worry about me and wasn't able to be there for his cousin and his little sister you might have died and if you had your blood would be on my hands. I'm holding you all back, you, Clark and Kara, you'd be better off without me, even Chloe would've been able to do more than I could."

"Lana," Clark interjected "I know you feel that way but-."

"Don't Clark," Lana cut him off as she got up to leave the room "I know that you're trying to make me feel better but what I've just said is the truth-I am a burden."

Clark tried to think of something to say to that but found that he was unable to think of anything that might make Lana feel better he let out a sigh as he watched her exit the room.

"Well," Tayuya added trying to lighten up the mood "on the bright side at least we've seen the last of Brainiac."

"Are we sure about that?" Clark asked the other two people who were still in the room "he has come back before."

"He'd have to be gone," Tayuya insisted "you fucked him up with high voltage and chicken fried the piece of mechanical trash, he exploded into ashes you told me so yourself; even Brainiac couldn't survive that."

The remains of the Isis foundation

"Mr. Luthor, why are we here?" Gina asked as she and her boss Lex Luthor entered the shattered remains of what had been Lana Lang's Isis foundation.

"An organization founded by the girlfriend of the man I believe to be the Traveler is ravaged in a fight involving four unidentified super beings," Lex replied calmly "naturally I'm going to want to take a closer look at that."

"But Sir, are we sure that this is connected?" Gina asked, her brow furrowing in concern.

"What's the matter Gina?" Lex asked "don't you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you Sir," Gina replied "but this seems odd."

"And that's exactly why it needs to be checked out," Lex insisted "I'll take the main office you check the receptionists office for clues."

"Yes sir," Gina nodded as she hurried away to carry out his instructions.

Pausing for a moment Lex began quietly walking toward the main office of the ruined Isis foundation pushing aside the tape barring his way that proclaimed 'Police Line Do Not Cross' ad infinitem until he came to what was left of the central core of the foundation, ruined computers and shattered walls.

As he walked in something caught his eye, the wall at the back bore a dent shaped like a human body, next to that dent was a hole where something had punched through the wall and torn out the main power cable for the room as Lex walked over for a closer look he caught sight of a strange grey dust on the floor in front of it.

The grey dust was familiar; Lex had seen something like that before, he knelt down in front of it for a closer look instinctively reaching out he stopped himself just short of touching it, placing his hand on the floor just to the side of the strange dust.

Lex regarded the grey dust intently it looked almost like tiny metal filings.

He was about to stand up and leave when he saw the dust do something strange.

It began to liquefy.

Gina had been checking the receptionist's office for clues when she heard a sound coming from the direction Lex had gone.

Or more accurately a scream.

Breaking into a run she headed in that direction as fast as she could; entering the ruined main office of Isis at a run but all she saw was Lex standing back up after having kneeled on the floor in front of a human shaped dent in the wall.

He turned to face her, and for some reason her instincts were screaming that something was wrong.

Gina couldn't understand why, she knew she could trust Lex, she felt safe around him.

"Sir," Gina asked "Mr Luthor I heard a scream are you all right?"

Lex smiled but this wasn't his usual smile.

This smile gave Gina the creeps.

"Never better," Lex replied in a calm and emotionless voice that made Gina's skin crawl.

There will be more