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I used two prompts. Enjoy! I'll update every couple hours...two chapters. I think. It's a short one.

Jasper's text messages are in Bold. Edward's are in Bold and Italic.

I'm a nervous wreck as I wait outside the CEO's office.

It's my first interview ever, and I think I'm going to be sick because there are at least a dozen other candidates waiting to be questioned.

I pull out my phone to send a text.

Babe, I'm dying here…

I press send, realizing too late that it's not the best way to wake up my boyfriend right now.

Surprisingly, he sends me a prompt reply

What? Are you hurt?

I'm nervous as fuck! I should have listened to you and worn the ducking tie!

Not the tie with the ducks! *snorts*

I check my previous text and cringe. Way too fucking early to mess with me, Autocorrect.

I hope this thing!

I press send and glare at what I just wrote.


You're too funny, Jazz.

FUCK off, Edwin!

"Oh, for fuck's sake," I mutter under my breath.

Edward. I meant, Edward. Sorry, babe! Forgive me?

I know he praises his name. And starting a Monday being called names isn't the best thing.

I wait anxiously for his reply, growing more nervous by each passing minute.

He hates me. He's going to break up with me.

Fuck you, iPhone! Fuck you to the deepest pits of Hell!

Jeez, love… Way to insult me. *smirk*

So am I forgiven?

I'm momentarily distracted when the CEO's door opens, and a short, black-haired girl rushes out of there in tears.

I gulp thickly and close my eyes. I can do this.

Hoping oyu enjoyed this...stay tuned.