It's Wednesday today, which means it's Edward's interview day.

And I repay him, deliberately sending him the wrong text.

Since his interview is scheduled at three in the afternoon, I can mess with him.

We've been texting for the better part of the past half hour and my fingers are hurting.

I need anal!

I press send and wait. And wait... and wait.

Was that AC tucking around?

I snort in laughter.


Oh, shit! I meant a nap!

I'm laughing so hard that there are already tears spilling from my eyes.

After browsing the Internet for the funniest DYAC, I found that one. It worked miracles.

Are you sure, Jazz? I can give you anal. ;)

Waiting for you to give a mammal.

Now…THAT was AC.

I have to go in…and I'm dying here a little. Can't stop laughing, baby.

Good fuck!

Luck…you got it…

Fucking phone. I'll win the war one day. Just sit and watch.

Again...Many thanks to everyone who helped me with this little drabble (TexasBella, JA Mash, Lolo and TwiLighT7242).

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I hope you enjoyed my short first drabble. :)