Chapter 37


Running on very little sleep, with my mind full of a million things I needed to do, I may not have been thinking clearly when I text my best friend at seven o'clock in the morning to ask for help. I may have also said something about an emergency, which explains why there was a ruckus outside my door twenty minutes later.

I looked through the peephole, and I could see the back of a security guard who seemed to be struggling with someone. My body tensed, and I immediately reached for my phone to dial 911 until I heard a familiar voice screeching, "Let me through! She said it was an emergency! Bella could be lying dead on the other side of that door by the time you let me in! I'm her best friend, not some criminal, you idiot. Wait until Mr. Cullen hears about this! Your job is on the line here, Mister, along with my best friend's safety."

I hurried to open the door and put an end to the misunderstanding. Before I could speak, Alice launched herself at me with her arms wide open for a hug. It was a small mistake on her part because, to security, it looked more like an attack. She quickly found herself pinned against the wall with her hands behind her back.

"No, no, no! Let her go! She's my friend," I rushed to tell the guard she wasn't a threat. "God, I'm so sorry, Ali."

He let go of her and took a step back, issuing a short apology to Alice and letting me know the situation could be avoided in the future if I made my guests aware of the security measures and informed him of impending guests.

I felt horrible, apologized to both of them again, and admitted that the new security measures had slipped my mind. Alice's first concern, God bless her, was to make sure I was okay.

"Bella, are you sure you're okay?" she asked, eying the new guard suspiciously. "You said there was an emergency and that you needed help."

I smacked my hand against my head and nodded, telling her I was fine and inviting her in. I shut the door behind us and started to explain, "Alice, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I wasn't thinking when I sent that text. It wasn't that kind of emergency. I was just so excited, and I don't have much time to get everything together."

"Good grief, Bella! I almost killed myself rushing over here. I thought…"

I bit my lip and gave her a sheepish look, asking her to forgive me. She shook her head at the absurdity of it all and finally offered me that hug that had been so abruptly interrupted.

"I forgive you, as long as you're really okay. What's with the intense security anyway? That guy demanded to see my ID, searched through my purse, and all but stripped searched me for weapons before you came to the door," she fussed.

"Oh, I forgot I haven't talked to you in a few days. James delivered another threat, and Edward tightened up on security around all of us." I thought about it for a second and gave a little laugh, asking, "What were you planning to do when you got here anyway? You came by yourself…and without any weapons."

We both started laughing, and Alice admitted that she wasn't really thinking clearly. I filled her in on all the details about James' latest stunt, and she was in agreement with Edward's reaction.

"Okay…so what was your big emergency anyway?" she finally asked.

"I've got about twenty-four hours to be packed and ready to go the Bahamas for a four day romantic getaway. Edward surprised me with the news last night, and we're leaving at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. It's his Valentine's gift to me," I explained.

Alice squealed with delight for me and, within seconds, slipped into planning mode. Her mad skills were exactly what I needed at the moment. Even though Edward had told me not to worry about packing much because we could just buy whatever we needed when we got there, I still couldn't fight my compulsion to arrive prepared. Besides, I didn't want to waste any of our precious time with unnecessary shopping.

My other concern was to pack a few 'special' things for a night of romance as my own Valentine's gift to Edward. Last night, after the initial shock of his surprise wore off, I admitted that I hadn't gotten the chance to get him anything yet. He just chuckled and told me that the best gift I could give him was to 'say yes'. Accepting an awesome tropical vacation was hardly a present on my part, but Edward was a silly man sometimes.

Once my best friend and I were done, two large suitcases and a duffle bag were waiting anxiously by the door, ready for their trip to paradise. The only thing missing was something new and sexy that I planned to purchase on my one carefully orchestrated outing before we left.

"Okay, Alice. Sit tight and let me organize our small adventure for today. It will probably take a little while before we can go, so you might want to check the fridge to find something for lunch while we wait. It will be easier to eat here than plan an extra stop anyway," I said while dialing Peter's number.

Alice worked on preparing a couple sandwiches while I informed Peter of the two stops I needed to make. A quick trip to the spa was definitely needed for a full waxing, and a visit to my favorite lingerie store was required to complete my packing.

Within an hour, Peter was at my door to escort us to the car that was waiting to take us to our destinations. Full security measures had been laid out, and the two businesses had been made aware of our plans.

"Thanks for helping arrange this last minute stuff for me. It shouldn't take long. Then you'll have four whole days off without having to worry about watching my back all the time," I joked with Peter as we left the apartment.

"No problem, Bella. I enjoy my job. I'll probably even be bored while you're gone, but hopefully we can put an end to all this before you return. I'm sure you're anxious to get your freedom and your life back," he replied with a gentle smile.

We stopped at the spa first since an appointment time had been made by the security team. Peter followed us into the building that had already been cleared by the two guards at the door, also part of our extended security detail. He stuck to me like glue while I checked in at the front desk. Alice snickered behind me, enjoying the celebrity treatment forced upon us.

I followed the assistant to the back room and stopped Peter at the door with my hand on his chest to prevent him from continuing. "Umm…I'm pretty sure Edward doesn't want you to accompany me in this particular room," I commented, with a slight blush from embarrassment.

Adorably, Peter blushed back and answered, "I'll…uh…I'll wait just outside this door. Enjoy your…uh…well, I'll be right out here when you're done." With that, he stepped aside enough to let the salon employee enter the room and assumed his post at the door.

I was a little embarrassed as I undressed and slipped into the spa robe. Knowing Peter was just on the other side of the closed door, while I bared it all to have every hair stripped from my private areas, was a little weird for me. Freedom and privacy were kind of scarce these days, but the extra precautions were necessary for my safety and Edward's peace of mind.

Alice was waiting for me at the manicure station when I finished. We chatted about the different suggestions Edward had given me for vacation ideas while both getting a French manicure and pedicure. Peter kept watch from the entrance after declining Alice's teasing offer for him to join us.

At our next stop, Alice helped me find the perfect sexy wear while I tried to ignore the curious stares from the other customers. They were probably trying to figure out if I was someone famous because of the three bodyguards accompanying us.

It didn't take long to decide on a pink corset style top with black edging, garter straps, and silky, thigh high, matching stockings. My favorite part of the outfit was the uniquely designed thong that came with it. The material on the sides wrapped around to meet in the front where they were secured together by a small, heart shaped padlock. The only way to remove the panties after they were locked on was with the included key. I thought Edward would get a kick out of having the key to unlock my panties. It might have been a little corny, but I had an idea to make it work in our favor.

"I'm so jealous of you, Bella. You're going to have so much fun this weekend! I wish Jasper and I could go with you, but that wouldn't be very romantic. You guys have fun, and call me as soon as you get back," Alice said in parting when we got back to the apartment.

"I will. And thanks for helping me get everything together today," I replied as we hugged each other goodbye.

With a few hours to spare before Edward came home, I tidied up the house so it wasn't a mess when Maggie came to clean the next day. I packed Bethy's bag for her stay at Esme and Carlisle's while we were gone. It was easy to do since I now knew which items were the most important to Bethy, Blue Bunny included. I also packed some of the newest books we hadn't read yet. Lastly, I cooked some stir fry for dinner and was setting the table when Edward and Bethy walked in.

"Looks like somebody's in a hurry to leave town," Edward teased after he walked through the door, passing the waiting suitcases on his way to greet me.

"I'm definitely excited about the trip. And there's nothing wrong with being ready," I admitted.

Edward blazed his amazing smile at me and joked, "You do know we're only going to be gone for four days, right?" He tilted his head, referencing the amount of luggage I had packed for such a short trip.

"I'm ready and prepared. Everything we need is in there. No need for an extravagant shopping trip as soon as we land," I clarified.

"I'm just teasing, baby. I'm glad you're so excited…and prepared. Dinner smells great, by the way." He gave me a kiss and sat down to eat.

Bethy was already in her chair, watching us with a smile on her face. While we ate, she filled us in on her day at school. Apparently, she was tied with a boy named Jimmy for first place in the reading log. I promised her that we would add an extra book or two into reading time after we got back from our trip so she'd have a better chance at winning. She happily agreed that more books were better.

We all decided to go to bed early since we had to get such an early start the next day. Just as I was slipping into bed, I remembered that I meant to call my dad and let him know we would be out of town until after the weekend. I didn't want him to worry if he tried to call and we didn't answer.

"Don't worry. I already told Charlie about our plans," Edward said, after I voiced my concern. "I called him from work earlier, after I finalized our arrangements. He said to tell you to have a good time and call him when we get back."

"Thanks," I responded with a yawn, settling in next to Edward for a good night's sleep. I knew he talked to Dad enough to keep him updated on our security and wellbeing since the James mess had started, but I was still impressed that he remembered to take care of every detail before we left.

"Wake up, baby. It's time to go. Paradise awaits," Edward's gravely morning voice whispered in my ear. My eyes opened. In a flash, I was sitting up and shuffling out of the covers to get dressed. Edward chuckled at my enthusiasm and joined me in getting ready.

We pulled into the Cullen's driveway at six a.m. Carlisle opened the front door to greet us, and Esme took a sleepy Bethy from my arms while Edward carried her bags into the house.

"Here's the number of the resort in case you need to reach us," Edward said, handing a piece of paper to his dad. "We'll be back late Sunday evening. Bella packed a bunch of books for you to read with Bethy. Don't forget to write them down in her log book. Some kid named Jimmy is trying to beat her out of first place," he told Esme, causing all of us to chuckle a bit.

"We'll be fine here, honey. You two just go off and enjoy this time away. You both deserve a break from everything," Esme instructed.

"Thanks, Mom." Edward gave Esme a kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye to his daughter.

"Be good for Nana and PopPop. I'm gonna miss you, but we'll be back soon," he said to Bethy.

"I'll be good, Daddy. I'll miss you bunches and bunches too. Love you," she replied.

"Love you too, baby," he added, giving her a big squeeze and a kiss.

"You and Blue Bunny have fun while we're gone, Jellybean. Want us to bring you back anything special?" I asked.

Small crinkles in her forehead appeared as she tried to think of something good to ask for. "A bunch of seashells!" she decided.

I laughed and said, "A bunch of seashells it is! I'll pick out the best ones on the beach just for you. Be good. I love you."

"Love you too," she chirped, hugging me goodbye.

Edward and I were headed back to the car when her little voice rushed to stop us. "Wait! Izzybelwa" she yelled, running up to me and tugging on my sleeve to get me to bend down. "Please say yes," she whispered in my ear.

I was a little confused and started to ask her what she was talking about, but Edward interrupted us by picking her up and telling her we had to hurry to catch our plane. She gave him another hug and said, "Good luck, Daddy."

Carlisle and Esme each took one of her hands and led her back to the porch, where all three of them waved goodbye and told us to have fun on our trip.

During the five hour plane ride, Edward showed me a bunch of papers he had printed off about our trip. We spent most of the flight discussing different excursions that were available to sign up for.

Turns out, our destination was actually named Paradise Island, Bahamas. The pictures were beautiful, and the list of activities were a mile long. Swimming with the dolphins was actually one of the choices available.

"I can't believe they really have Swimming With the Dolphins listed here. That would be so cool, but I think I want to save that for the next time. I bet Bethy would love to do that!" I told Edward.

"I want you to pick whatever you want to do on this trip. We can do it this time and next time if you want to," he answered.

"No, we'll do it next time when we're all together. There's so many choices; I'm sure we can find a bunch of other things to do. Honestly, I'm just looking forward to relaxing on the beach and spending time alone with you," I assured him. "Although this glass bottom boat cruise looks pretty cool. It takes you to one of the smaller islands where there's a great spot for snorkeling. That could be fun."

"Okay. We'll sign up for that when we get there. Anything else you want to do?" Edward asked.

"I don't want to pack our time with activities. Most of what I want to do isn't on this list. I just want the simple things. We'll figure it out when we get there."

Our plane landed in the Grand Bahamas. A car and driver were waiting to transport us across the causeway to Paradise Island where our resort was located. After forty-five minutes of enjoying the scenic view during the ride, Edward and I were checking in at the front desk of the most glamorous hotel I had ever seen.

The lady behind the desk had Edward sign a few papers. Then she handed us a stack of brochures featuring all the amenities of the resort, a map of the island, and a key ring with two keys on it.

"The larger key is to the boat, and the other one is for the house. If you have any questions or need any assistance at all, please, don't hesitate to ask. One of our many staff members would be happy to help you," the lady said.

Edward thanked her and asked to sign us up for the glass bottom boat cruise for the next day. Once our reservation had been confirmed, Edward slipped the duffle bag strap over his shoulder and grabbed the handle of one of the suitcases.

"Grab the other suitcase and follow me. We'll get settled in first and then explore some of the resort," he said, leading the way to the front exit.

"Where are we going? Isn't this our hotel?" I asked.

Edward paused and explained, "This is our resort, but I arranged for us to stay in a beach house on one of their private islands. It's just a short boat ride away. We can travel back and forth easily, and we get the best of both worlds. Our own private island and all the amenities offered here. If you'd rather stay in the hotel, we can still get a room here instead."

It took me a minute to process what he said. When I did, I still wasn't sure how to respond. The hotel was beautiful, but a private island with Edward…

"This private island sounds perfect. Let's check it out first, okay?" I finally answered.

A hotel staff member pulled up in front of the hotel and loaded our bags into the fancy golf cart he was driving. Edward gave him the dock number for the boat that was assigned to us, and the driver took us straight to it. He helped us place our luggage on the boat and sped off after issuing an "Enjoy the island, mon!"

"You ready?" Edward asked, holding out a hand to help me into the boat.

"You sure you know how to drive this thing? We're not going to get lost, are we?" I questioned in return.

He laughed and promised me that we would make it to our island with no trouble at all. There were a few bodies of land visible in the distance. Edward pointed to the first one and said, "See that small island right there? That one's ours for the next few days."

We sped across the clear blue water with ease, reaching our private piece of paradise in just a few minutes. The sand was like white powder. Palm trees adorned the edges of the island. Not far from the shore was a small clearing where an intimate little beach house was nestled. It was built on stilts, lifting it off the ground a bit. The front walls were made of glass, and the balcony type porch wrapped around three sides. Off to one side, between two palm trees, a hammock swayed in the gentle breeze.

Edward reached for a suitcase and halted, asking, "Do you want to check it out first, before we decide to stay?"

"It's already amazing! Bring the suitcases!" I yelled, running ahead to look in the windows of the house. I heard him laughing behind me while he dragged our bags up the stairs.

"If you would have waited a second, you could have taken the keys and let yourself in," he laughed, seeing me cupping the glass with my hands to peek inside.

Edward pulled the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. When I stepped inside I almost cried at how amazing it was. The cathedral ceilings had several skylights between heavy wooden beams. The open floor design boasted an impressive kitchen and bar in the middle, surrounded by a seated dining area on one side and a huge lounge area on the other.

I followed the short hallway to the back of the house where I found an extravagant bathroom sandwiched between two elegant bedrooms. Both bedrooms had sliding glass doors leading to the balcony. The beds were huge, draped in sheer bedding with a mound of fluffy pillows at the head.

"Does everything meet your approval?" Edward teased, setting our suitcases in front of the bed.

"Everything is beyond incredible. Thank you. I might not want to go home though," I answered.

"The kitchen should already be stocked. I'll go make some lunch if you want to start unpacking," Edward offered.

I agreed and joined him at the bar to eat when I was done. After we were finished, we both changed into more tropical apparel and ventured outside to explore our island. As soon as my feet hit the sand, my brain signaled the official start of my vacation.

Edward and I walked barefoot along the water's edge, hand in hand, letting the warm water lap at our feet. You could see the main island and some of the larger buildings in the distance, but it looked tiny from where we were. Other than that, it felt like we were on a deserted island. The house was the only disturbance to the island's natural state.

We walked for about half an hour before we turned around to head back in the other direction, enjoying the serenity of the island. It was warm, but not too hot. There was a constant breeze blowing. It was the perfect escape from the madness that surrounded us in New York City.

We decided to head back to the resort to look around and have dinner out so neither one of us had to cook. There were a lot of vacationers at the resort, but it was so spread out that it didn't seem overly crowded. There were people lounging on the beach and swimming in the ocean. The biggest crowd was near the pool where there was music playing and a floating bar people could swim up to and get their drinks.

The bottom floor of the hotel was like a shopping mall filled with stores. We browsed through some of the shops on our way to the huge casino that connected two of the resort's hotels. Edward was surprised that I had never been to a casino before. He decided that I had to at least try my hand at gambling while we were there.

I followed him to a roulette wheel that looked pretty easy to play. I picked a number or a color, and Edward placed the bet for me. I had no idea what the rules were, but it wasn't as much fun as it looked. We also lost about twenty dollars before we walked away.

The blackjack tables were full, but I didn't want to get that involved in a game anyway, even though it was the one thing I did know how to play. Instead, I asked Edward if we could play the slot machines. There were a ton of them, all colorful with blinking lights and different themes. You could play with dollars or coins, but I preferred to drop in a quarter at a time and hop around to different machines often. It was fun, and Edward had fun watching me. In the end, I came out with about ten dollars in winnings.

"So, Miss High Roller, what are you going to spend all that money on?" Edward teased as we left the casino.

I smiled and answered, "Well, I was going to buy my boyfriend a drink at the bar, but he seems to be missing. Do you know where he went, Mr. Smartass?"

Edward laughed and pulled me into his side for a hug. "He said he'll meet you at the bar, and he loves you."

We found our way to an outdoor bar where a band was putting on a concert on the beach. We enjoyed our drinks and took in some of the show before walking further down the shoreline. Upon reaching a small hill of dry sand, we decided to sit and watch the sun set.

"Maybe you could move the Cullen Corporation to the Bahamas and we could live down here forever," I thought out loud.

"I don't think the area is zoned for that kind of business, but we can come back whenever we want," he answered, nuzzling my neck and peppering it with kisses that sent shivers over my body. "Cold?"

"No," I answered, along with a growl from my tummy. "But I am getting a little hungry. Are you ready to go eat?"

"Come on. Let's go feed that monster in your tummy," he answered, taking my hand and leading me back to the busy section of the resort.

We found a nice restaurant with outdoor seating and ordered a big surf and turf meal before we headed back to the boat and our little paradise.

As soon as we docked the boat, Edward took off his shirt and asked, "Do you want to go for a swim?"

"Yeah, that sounds nice," I replied, watching as he unzipped his cargo shorts. "Should we go get our suits on?"

"There's no one else here, baby. I don't think suits are required," he said, standing before me in his boxer briefs.

He took a step closer to me, grabbing the hem of my shirt and lifting it up and over my head. He tossed my shirt on the sand and moved on to my shorts. I held onto his shoulders as I stepped out of them. Before I knew what he was doing, I felt him pop the snap on my bra which left me topless.

My jaw dropped open and I announced, "Well, if I'm going totally nude…" I slipped my fingers under his waistband and slowly started lowering his underwear while he simultaneously did the same with mine. Once we were both naked, he picked me up and carried me out into the water.

After he was waist deep, he gently let me down in front of him. The water was incredibly warm, and the moonlight glistened across the surface of it. Edward brushed the tops of my arms with his fingers before tilting my chin up to look in my eyes. He was so damn gorgeous, and the way he looked at me made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. The only three words I could think of left my mouth in a whisper.

"I love you."

His answering kiss said more than those three words. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt his erection rubbing against my center. I moaned into his mouth and shifted my position. His hands cupped my ass as he slid into me, our bodies moving against each other with the steady rocking of the ocean. My arms wrapped around his neck while he sucked and kissed on mine. Within minutes, I fell apart in his arms. His movements sped up, and the deep growl coming from his chest alerted me that he was coming too.

We made our way into the house to shower before getting into bed and making love one more time for a perfect ending to our first day in paradise.

"Wake up, baby. It's almost time for the sun to rise, and breakfast is waiting for you on the balcony," Edward spoke, softly brushing the hair away from my face.

I got out of bed, wrapping the sheet around my naked body, and followed him out onto the balcony. There were two plates of eggs, bacon, and croissants on the outdoor table. Two glasses of orange juice and a small bowl of grapes were also waiting for us to enjoy. Edward took a seat across from me, still shirtless, but wearing a pair of cotton lounge pants.

"This looks delicious. I can't believe you got up so early to do all this for me."

"Of course I did. You said you wanted to watch the sun rise while eating breakfast on the balcony," he stated, obviously telling me that whatever I wanted, I would get.

"You're so good to me," I smiled and tucked into the eggs.

Breakfast was delicious. The sunrise was beautiful. And my man was unbelievably wonderful.

We got dressed in our swim suits, tossed some clothes on over them, and got an early morning start for our cruise.

There were several other couples on the cruise. One of the couples was on their honeymoon, and another pair was celebrating their anniversary. We had a good time chatting with them while we observed sea life beneath the glass bottom of the boat. It was amazing how clear the water was. You could see all the way to the bottom of the sandy ocean floor.

When we reached our snorkeling spot, Edward and I ventured away from the other couples to explore together. We saw so many different fish with brilliant colors. There was a coral reef with starfish and seahorses hanging around it. The baby seahorses were my favorite. I wanted to take a bunch home with me to show Bethy.

On our ride back to shore, the cruise director pointed out several different islands and houses that belonged to famous actors. We also passed closely by an island where they harvested conch shells. There was a huge mountain of them near the shore. I laughed and made the remark, "Bethy wanted seashells. Wonder what she would think if we brought her back all of those?"

"She'd probably love it. We'd have seashells decorating every surface in the house," he laughed along with me.

When we got back to the resort, we decided to spend the rest of the day on the public beach. We took a walk along the shore, collecting more seashells for Bethy, and had a nice lunch at the snack bar by the pool before settling into a couple of lounge chairs on the beach.

I pulled the camera out of my bag and took a bunch of pictures of the resort, palm trees, the ocean, and Edward. He looked so good that I got a little carried away with my photography.

I took a couple pictures of his sand covered feet, his long legs, his impressive v that disappeared under the waistband of his swim trunks, his sun kissed chest, the muscles in arms, his beautiful face, and his crazy tousled hair with bronze highlights that were heightened from the sun. I giggled at the memory of Edward taking such pictures of me on his bed at Christmas when I wore the same red ties that were currently tucked into the inside pocket of my suitcase.

Edward endured a few more snaps from my camera before lifting his sunglasses and giving me one final shot of his piercing green eyes. With a crooked smirk on his face, he stole my camera and pointed it at me.

"You've got enough pictures of me. It's my turn now," he declared with a click of the camera.

I allowed him to take his turn while I smiled and posed for the pictures. We finally put the camera away when a waitress came by to take our drink order. Yes, in paradise, an attendant brings you drinks on the beach.

We leaned back in our chairs, sipping on our drinks and looking out over the ocean. I caught sight of a well-oiled sunbather wetting her legs in the water in front of us. I almost choked on my drink when I noticed how attractive and topless she was.

I glanced at Edward to see if he noticed her too, but I couldn't tell what his eyes were focused on behind the dark tint of his sunglasses. I thought I saw the corner of his lip twitch, trying to disguise a smile, so I slapped his arm to get his attention.

He turned his head to me in shock, innocently asking, "What was that for?"

I tipped my head towards the half naked girl, and he laughed.

"I'm a man, Bella. There are boobs out in the open. What do you expect me to do?" he brilliantly responded.

I don't know why, but a wave of jealousy rippled through me, and I straddled his lap to block the view. I reach around with one hand to unsnap my bikini top and said, "If my man wants to see boobies…"

"Whoa!" he almost shouted, cupping my top to my breasts before I could expose myself. "Baby, your boobies are the only ones I want to see. Trust me on that. But I also want to be the only one that sees them."

I grabbed the dangling ends of my top and refastened it. Edward moved his hands to my hips, and I crossed my arms over my chest while challenging him with my 'I'm waiting for an explanation' glare.

"I honestly didn't even see that girl until you pointed her out. My eyes weren't even open until you hit me," he defended, leaning in to kiss the pout off my lips. "Besides, that girl has nothing on my beautiful, sexy, unnecessarily jealous girlfriend. You look so fucking hot in this bikini; it's taking every bit of my willpower not to ravish you on this beach in front of everyone."

Half-naked girl on the beach forgotten, I gave into his kisses. A minute into our short make out session, Edward murmured, "Let's go back to our own private beach, baby."

I nodded and climbed off his lap, taking his hand to walk back to the boat. As soon as we landed on our island, Edward jumped off the boat and spread a blanket across the sand. He sat down and reached out for me with a brilliant smile on his face.

"Come here and show me some boobies now," he requested.

I took off my top and tossed it on the ground before leaping on top of him. We rolled around on the blanket, giggling and playing with each other. Neither one of us removed any more clothing, but we spent the rest of the afternoon kissing, touching, and giving each other pleasure. It was actually much more intimate than just taking our clothes off and having sex.

After enjoying each other on the beach, we decided to take a shower and go back to the main island for dinner. The best restaurant in the Bahamas happened to be part of our resort, and Edward had promised we would eat there before our trip was over. Luckily, I had packed a formal outfit for both of us, thanks to Alice's advice. So, we both dressed up for a fancy dinner date. Underneath my black dress, I had my new lingerie in place for later.

As we were walking out the door, I handed Edward the small key and said, "I wanted to give you the key to my heart. You'll need it for later." He gave me a puzzled look, but slipped the key into the pocket of his dress pants and walked me out to the boat.

Dinner was amazing. Instead of listing any appetizers on the menu, they brought small samples of delicious offerings to the table, one at a time. With every plate that arrived, the presentation was mouthwatering and left you anticipating the next delicacy.

Edward ordered a bottle of wine and drank several glasses during the meal. I carefully sipped on just one, aware that my current state of locked panties wouldn't be helpful if I had to use the bathroom.

A few times during diner, I caught Edward tumbling the key between his fingers, looking at it like he was trying to figure out what it went to. To his credit, he never asked any questions before slipping it back into his pocket. I smiled to myself, thinking about my plans for the night.

The main course was a light pasta topped with a seafood medley that melted in your mouth. For desert, the waiter rolled a cart of their finest pastries to the table for us to choose. I chose some type of chocolate mousse while Edward picked a raspberry topped lemon tart. We shared the delicious treats by feeding each other a bite or two from our desert plates.

There was a party going on at the beach when we left. Edward informed me that there were going to be fireworks that night and the next. He said we would be able to see them from our beach, but gave me the choice of staying to watch from the resort side. It sounded nice, but what I really wanted was to make some fireworks of our own, so I told him we could catch the display tomorrow night.

When we got back to the beach house, I lit some candles and put some music on. I opened the doors to the balcony to let the breeze flow in before tugging on Edwards tie to pull him in for a kiss. I felt his hands roaming down my back and across my ass as I worked on unbuckling his belt. His hands reached for the hem of my dress, and I grabbed both his wrists to stop him.

I shook my head and said, "You first."

I let go of his hands and watched them slowly move to unbutton his shirt. After the last button was undone, he shrugged off his shirt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall down his legs while he toed off his shoes and stepped out of them. I was in such a trance watching him undress that I almost forgot what I was doing.

He waited until I met his eyes, gave me that signature smirk, and proceeded to take off his boxers. Finally regaining my senses, I took over the task.

"Let me do that," I spoke, barely above a whisper. I dropped to my knees, slowly lowering his briefs while kissing his muscular thighs. He lifted a foot, one at a time, so I could remove them completely. I placed a kiss on the top of each foot and started massaging my way back up his legs. I looked up into his eyes. They were dark and needy with lust as I placed soft kisses to his hardened shaft.

"Bella…" he groaned, burying his hands in my hair as my tongue came out to taste him. He moaned again and told me I had too many clothes on. I massaged his balls with one hand while the other one wrapped around his cock and started stroking.

"Tonight, I want it to be all about you. You've given me so much; it's my turn to give you pleasure," I insisted.

"I want you so bad right now," he responded, tightening his grip on my hair to tilt my head back as he leaned down to kiss me.

I held onto his biceps for leverage and stood up, deepening the kiss before pulling away. "Do you trust me?" I asked, turning to retrieve the silk scarves from the drawer I had placed them in.

"Of course," he answered, waiting for me to return.

"Good," I smiled. "Because I don't trust you to keep your hands to yourself while I try to focus on you." I held up the silk scarves for him to see and asked, "Can I?"

He smiled widely and said, "My body is here for your pleasure. Do whatever you want with it."

"Good answer," I purred, coaxing him to lay down on the bed. He let me tie his hands together and attach them to a wooden spindle on the headboard. I pulled on the tie, testing that it was secure before sitting back and enjoying the view.

"Hmm…maybe…I think I should secure your legs too. Tying you up is more fun that I thought it would be. You look so hot right now. I can't wait to lick all over you."

I grabbed two more lengths of silk and tied a foot to each leg at the bottom of the bed. "Perfect," I announced, walking to the head of the bed to give him a kiss.

"Baby, take your clothes off so I can see you too," Edward requested.

I stood up and unzipped my dress, slowly peeling it down to reveal the lingerie I was wearing underneath. Edward's eyes opened wider and he sucked in a sharp breath.

"Fuck, Bella! You've been hiding that under your clothes all night?" he growled.

"You like it?" I asked, turning around so he could see the backside as I swayed my hips to walk over to the stereo.

"Holy shit! She's trying to kill me," I heard him mumble from the bed before I switched to a CD I had packed. It was a mix of club music that was easy to dance to.

"Baby, I promise everything I do tonight is for you. Just relax and enjoy it," I said, making my way to the side of the bed so he had a full view of me. "I love you," I added, leaning over to capture his lips in a kiss. I ran my fingers down his arms and across his chest, loving the feel of his muscles tightening as he struggled to touch me back.

The music started thumping and I rocked my hips to the rhythm of the beat, running my hands down my body and watching Edward pull tighter against the restraints. I put on a full blown erotic dance, sometimes using the bedpost as a stripper pole. By the end of my act, I had unhooked the garters and peeled away my stockings. I removed my top and started climbing up the end of the bed in only the thong bottoms.

During all my seductive moves, Edward's eyes stayed locked on mine. They were blazing with an emotion I had never seen before. They were, no doubt, filled with desire, but there was also a trace of…maybe nervousness. But it didn't make sense for him to be nervous. I could see the love in his eyes and an awing admiration for me. He looked happy, content, and completely vulnerable at the same time. It was such a strange mix of emotions. I almost started to untie him so I could make sure he was okay, until he nearly growled, "I fucking need you, Isabella!"

I ran my hands up Edward's legs, licking and kissing certain spots. I arranged myself in a kneeling position between his opened thighs and took all of him in my mouth, moaning and slurping hungrily until he ordered me to stop.

"Your mouth feels so fucking good, but I really need to be inside you when I come," he pleaded for my mercy.

I crawled further up his body, letting my nipples drag across his skin until they were touching his lips. His tongue shot out to swipe across the sensitive tip, causing me to moan and lower more of my breast to his face. He sucked hard on each nipple, biting and teasing to drive me crazy.

I slid lower again, removing my nipple from his mouth and replacing it with my tongue. He kissed me with an urgent passion. My fingers tugged roughly at his hair while I grinded my aching center against his chest, fighting for friction.

"Take them off," he growled into my mouth, reminding me that I wasn't done teasing him yet.

"You do it," I breathed back, taking my bottom lip between my teeth and eying his tied hands. "Maybe with your teeth?" I suggested, bringing my crotch closer to his face with the heart shaped lock level with his eyes.

"Oh, wait! That won't work either," I teased.

"Get the key out of my pants, Bella!" he growled louder, causing me to giggle.

"You're not wearing any pants, Edward," I continued to tease. "But I can still take care of you…"

I squirmed my way back down his body until I was sitting on top of his rock hard cock. I rubbed my satin covered center up and down his length, watching as drops of clear liquid beaded up on the head. Before I could increase the rhythm of my rocking, I heard a loud crack and looked up just in time to see splinters of wood flying from the broken bed spindle Edward had freed himself from.

"You're in so much trouble now, little girl," he threatened, sitting up and wrapping his arms around me as he bit my neck almost painfully. I squealed and playfully tried to escape. By the time I realized he had freed both his legs, I was flipped onto my back and pinned underneath him.

"Don't move while I get that fucking key," he ordered, reaching over to the floor to fish the key out of his pants.

"It's not nice to tease me, baby. As sexy as that act was, I couldn't wait any longer," he said, popping the lock open with his key. He bit the inside of my left thigh and ripped the opened thong from underneath me. I was already so worked up that his animalistic behavior had me ready to beg him for release.

"Look how wet you are, Isabella. How could you tease me so hard when you need it just as bad?" he asked, pinning my arms to my side while he hovered over my exposed sex.

Our eyes locked with each other's, challenging and begging each other at once. I knew I would break first. Edward was just too damn sexy and demanding.

"Please, Edward. I need you," I pleaded.

"What do you need from me, Bella?" he asked, reversing the roles and teasing my clit with his thumb.

"I need you inside me…now," I clarified, hoping he wouldn't be as relentless as I had been.

"Be more specific, Bella. Beg me for exactly what you need," he demanded.

"I need to feel you inside me. I need you to fuck me hard and deep. Please fuck me, Edward. Make me come around your cock. Make me scream your name. I want you so bad…please," I begged without shame. Those must have been the magic words because he slammed into me hard, burying himself deep inside before beginning a series of powerful thrusts.

"Oh, Edward! So good, baby…you're so fucking good!" I shouted, matching his movements as he pumped in and out.

"You're so hot and wet, Bella. I'll never get enough of you," he replied, lifting my leg to drive even deeper.

I screamed in ecstasy, probably alerting the main island that my man was a master in bed. "Don't stop. Don't…ever…ever… stop. You feel so good," I moaned, feeling my insides tightening around him. He emitted an almost roar and increased his speed, driving me into a frenzied orgasmic state. I could feel him pulsing in spurts inside me, but he barely decreased his rhythm.

"Can you turn over for me, baby?" he asked.

Barely conscious, I rolled over as his still hard cock slipped out of me for a second. He positioned me on all fours, and entered me from behind. I felt the heat of his skin as he leaned across my back, kissing my shoulder. His right arm wrapped around my waist, assisting me to rock back and forth against him. The arm that was holding him up, moved to cover my left hand, interlocking our fingers as he whispered sweet words in my ear.

"You have no idea how beautiful and desirable you are to me. You're everything I could have dreamed of. You're perfect," he breathed against the back of my neck. His movements changed to a slow and steady rocking as he continued to speak. "When I'm with you like this…my entire life makes sense. When I feel your soft skin brush against mine…when your sweet voice pierces my soul…or I drown in the depths of your eyes…I know I've found my heaven."

No one in the history of the world, could have cemented themselves in someone's heart that way Edward did in mine with those words. I collapsed on the bed with the weight of Edward's body following my fall. He rocked his hips against me a couple more times before spilling into me again. He buried his face in my neck, breathing heavy as he asked if I was okay.

He lifted his weight off me and shifted to his side. I turned on my side to face him, tracing his face with my fingers. Before I answered with words, I delivered as much love as I could through a series of kisses.

"I've never been happier in my life. I could try to tell you how much I love you, but words just aren't enough," I told him.

"I feel the same way," he replied, tenderly kissing me back.

"Sometimes I feel like I can't breath until we're together. It's like my heart doesn't even beat until I see your face. And when you look at me like you are right now…I never want to know a day when I can't look into those beautiful eyes and tell you how much you mean to me," I admitted.

"Bella…" he whispered, closing his eyes and planting a kiss to my forehead before leaning back and cuddling me to his chest.

I let my fingers lightly grazed across his midsection, causing him to shiver and tighten his hold on me. We held each other in comfortable silence as we drifted to sleep.


I woke up with the salty ocean breeze blowing warmly across my bare chest. The sun was already starting to shine through the open balcony doors, letting me know that it was later than I had planned on starting the day.

It was our last full day in the Bahamas, and I wanted to make sure Bella enjoyed everything she wanted to do in the time we had left. I remembered that our plans for the day only consisted of relaxing on our private island since we had already spent plenty of time at the resort. So, I decided to let her sleep until she woke up on her own. Sleeping was part of relaxing, right?

I was also enjoying watching her slumber peacefully by my side. She was lying on her stomach, with her head turned towards me and one hand resting on my hip. The white sheet loosely covering the bottom half of her form accentuated the coloring of her lightly tanned skin. She looked so serene, breathing softly with her hair splayed out across the pillow in gentle waves. She slept like an angel taking a break before resuming her protective watch over everyone around her.

My mind drifted to the night before and the way she moved her beautiful body, trying to tantalize me while she held me captive on the bed. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw the sexy outfit she was wearing. Her moves were seductive, and her body always amazed me, but it was her eyes that owned me. Every time I looked into those deep brown pools of emotion, I could see my entire future in them. It was a future that I never thought was possible before I met her, but the only future I wanted now that I had. She gave so much of herself that it made me want to be the type of man that could fulfill her every want and need in return.

With every second that I spent with her, it became harder and harder not to blurt out the one question I knew I was going to ask on this trip. After going over a thousand possible scenarios of the perfect proposal in my head, I decided to wait until the end of our vacation to propose. I was so nervous that I figured it would be better to concentrate on giving her the perfect vacation first. If I could make that dream come true for her, then I would ask her for forever.

I knew I shouldn't be nervous. I had every confidence in her love for me, but marriage wasn't something we had discussed before…other than a small mention of having more kids someday. What if her 'someday' was further in the future than my 'someday'? I would wait for as long as I had to, but I was determined to let her know that my life wouldn't be complete until she shared it as my wife.

I closed my eyes and melted into the image of hers from last night. Bella was so full of love and goodness, she almost had a glowing halo around her. She really was an angel. Well, she was an angel until she turned into the devil.

Her relentless teasing had been a huge turn on, until I absolutely couldn't take it anymore. She had a lock on her panties! A lock to which I held the key in my pocket all night. The way I saw it, the expense of a broken bed was well worth putting an end to my 'hard' predicament.

Thinking about how wet and ready she was for me when that lock finally came off, had me at full staff again. Instinctively, my hand drifted past my stomach to deliver a few relieving strokes. I wasn't planning on bringing myself to completion with Bella sleeping next to me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her tiny hand covering mine.

"Still haven't gotten enough, stud?" her raspy morning voice teased.

"I was just thinking about last night and got a little 'excited'," I embarrassingly admitted.

"Mmm…last night you broke the bed to get to me. I knew you couldn't let me take care of you without touching me back," she giggled.

"Bella, if teasing me to the point of insanity is what you call taking care of me, then you're right. I couldn't take it."

"Okay. I'll admit it was a little bit cruel, but I was having fun. Let me take care of you now," she said, pushing my hand out of the way so she could stroke me on her own. "I promise…no teasing."

She worked me with her hand for a minute, watching me to see if I was going to stop her. No, baby. You're on your own for this one.

I folded my hands behind my head while propping myself up enough to watch her. She gave me an adorable little smile, happy that I was letting her have control.

She leaned over and started placing soft, wet kisses on my stomach while her hand continued to make the circuit up my length, around the head, and back down. Her kisses moved lower. The contact of her lips to my skin left a slow burning fire in it's wake, the placement of each kiss deliberate and a promise of something more.

I let out an involuntary moan when her warm lips reached the head of my cock, her tongue slipping out to taste me. Her tongue drew a wet line down the side and back up, swirling around the tip like she was trying to enjoy a cone of ice cream before it melted in the hot sun.

Watching her as she paid special attention to pleasing me, the muscles in my stomach tightened as I fought the urge to thrust myself into her mouth. Obeying her promise of no teasing, she sucked me in and started fucking me with her mouth. Loving the way it felt when my dick hit the back of her throat, I let out another moan. When those gorgeous brown eyes looked up to meet mine, I nearly lost consciousness as my orgasm exploded. Those eyes do me in every time.

"I love watching your face when you come," she commented, resting her head on my stomach while she watched me coming down from my high. I chuckled and let my body fully relax into the mattress, not having the strength to comment back.

We skipped breakfast since it was so late when we finally climbed out of bed. We took a quick shower together and dressed in our swim suits to go to the beach. There was no particular itinerary for the day. We swam for a while, until both our tummies were growling for food. After we ate a couple sandwiches, we took a short nap together in the hammock outside.

The rest of the day was spent lying in the sun, swimming, collecting more seashells, and writing cute messages to each other in the wet sand before the tide washed them away.

For our final evening on the island, I grilled some chicken on the BBQ pit, and Bella steamed some vegetables and rice to go with it. After we ate, Bella suggested chilling out on the couch and watching a movie since we were both a little drained from a full day of sun.

From the small stack of movies available, I expected Bella to pick out some kind of love story. Which, of course, she didn't do. Instead, my girl got excited to watch Talladega Nights. The movie was pretty funny, but it was even funnier watching Bella laugh at all the stupid parts. Is it weird that she even quoted half the movie from memory? No wonder Emmett thought she was so cool. He could probably quote the other half of the lines back to her.

By the time the movie was over, it was close to dark outside. I asked Bella to go for a walk on the beach with me so we could watch the fireworks when they started. She happily agreed, admitting that she had forgotten all about the planned fireworks.

I held her hand as we walked a little way down the shore to find the perfect spot. I hoped that I wasn't squeezing her hand too tight, or that my palms weren't grossly sweaty. "Bethy would not approve of that," I thought to myself, remembering my daughter's reason for not wanting a boyfriend.

"The past few days here with you have definitely felt like paradise. Thank you," Bella stated, stretching on her tiptoes to give me a kiss. I smiled and pointed to the sky as the first sign of fireworks appeared.

Bella gasped and drew my arms around her as she leaned her back against my chest to watch the display. "They're beautiful," she whispered in awe. "I love watching the different colors explode in the night sky."

Bella watched the fireworks, and I watched Bella. Their beauty was nothing compared to hers. After a few nervous minutes, I decided it was time. I loosened my hold on her and moved to her side, taking her hand in mine and turning her towards me. I took a deep breath and got down on one knee. A look of shock crossed her face, and her eyes glistened with wetness.

"Isabella Marie Swan, since the moment I met you, you turned my world upside down in the best possible way. I never knew I could love someone so completely, and feel so much love in return. There's nothing in this universe that could make me happier than having you as my wife. Will you marry me?"

In less than a second, all my fears disappeared when she answered, "Yes! Yes! Oh, my god! A million times…yes!"

She dropped to her knees to join me as I opened the lid to the little black box that held her ring. The tears started flowing down her cheeks, and her hand was shaking when I slid the ring onto her finger.

"Thank you for saying yes," I added before capturing her lips in a kiss. Her arms clutched tightly around me as she kissed me back. In the distance, the sky lit up with a multitude of colors and shapes for the grand finale.

"I can't believe…when did you…how…I can't believe this is real," she sputtered, wiping her tears on the back of her hand. "I love you so much! I can't wait to be your wife."

"I was so nervous. I was afraid you might say no. Or that you might think it was too soon," I confessed.

"Oh, Edward. I've known for a while that I was destined to spend the rest of my life with you. Whether you knew it or not, you were already stuck with me," she declared, brandishing that adorable smile I loved so much.

After spending a few moments declaring our feelings for each other, we made love right there on the beach. When we got back in the house, I filled the large Jacuzzi tub with warm water and poured two glasses of wine. Bella brought the bowl of strawberries and creamy fruit dip and joined me in the tub to celebrate our engagement.

On our last day of vacation, we rented a pair of jet skis from the resort and chased each other around the ocean for a while. We had lunch by the pool, and we revisited the shops so Bella could buy some souvenirs before we left.

She picked out a necklace for Bethy, with a seahorse charm on it, and bought a few of the tropical wrap dresses that were so popular on the island. One for herself, and one for Alice, Rose, and Mom. I picked out t-shirts and shot glasses for myself and the guys. Our shopping was completed when Bella found a purse made out of a real coconut. I laughed when she made the comment that she would probably never use it, but said, "How often do you have the chance to buy a purse made out of an actual coconut?" I couldn't really argue with that logic, so I paid the fifteen dollars and kissed her on the cheek when I slipped the braided cord over her neck. She smiled like a little kid with a lollypop.

We piled our bought treasures into the boat and made one last trip across to our island. We showered, packed, and said a sad goodbye to paradise before we left.

Bella slept with her head in my lap for half the plane ride home. I was too busy recounting our trip in my head to fall asleep. I was unconsciously toying with the ring on Bella's finger when she looked up at me with sleepy eyes and said, "You like that, don't you?" She stretched out her arm and wiggled her finger, admiring the ring for herself.

"It looks good on your finger," I commented.

She smiled and answered, "It feels good on my finger too."

"Are you ready to share the news with everyone when we get back?" I asked.

She sat up and looked at me with excitement in her eyes, asking, "Does everyone know you were planning this?"

I snorted and said, "Are you crazy? I was too worried you'd turn me down to tell anybody. The only people who knew were Bethy and your dad."

"You told my dad?" she asked, surprise evident in her voice.

"Well, yeah. I had to get his blessing before I asked his daughter to marry me," I replied, lifting her hand and placing a kiss over her ring. "And I needed my daughter's help to pick out this lovely ring."

"Please say yes," she mumbled under her breath. "That's why Bethy has been acting so strange lately."

I laughed and admitted, "I was sure she was going to spoil the secret seconds before we made a clean break in the driveway. She fought so hard to keep it in all week. I can't promise you that she hasn't spilled the beans to Mom and Dad by now though. The whole clan might be waiting to assault us when we walk through the door."

That's exactly what happened too. We arrived at my parents house around seven o'clock. Emmett and Rosalie were still there, along with Alice and Jasper who had apparently shown up for Sunday dinner as well. Everyone was relaxing in the sitting room when we entered.

Mom was the first one to notice us, nonchalantly trying to catch a glimpse of Bella's left hand. I knew the moment she saw it because her eyes welled up with tears and she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"Mom…" I started to speak. She quickly wiped her eyes and waved off my attention, not wanting to spoil our big announcement with her uncontrollable emotions.

Before I could say anything else, Bethy came running across the room and hurled herself into my arms, whispering not so quietly, "Did she say yes, Daddy?"

Every eye in the room was now focused on my answer to her question. "Yes, sweetie! She said yes," I said loud enough for everyone to hear. Breaking into a proud smile, I took Bella's left hand to show off the ring and announced, "I asked Bella to marry me last night, and she said yes!"

Unable to hold off any longer, Mom launched herself at us with hugs, tears, and congratulations. The rest of the group followed suit. Alice was crying almost as much as my mom when she squealed and crushed Bella in a hug. She gave me a hug too, adding, "You better take care of my girl. Love her and never let go."

"Congratulations, man," Jasper followed with a slap on the back.

Rose gushed at how beautiful Bella's ring was, and Emmett gave me a brotherly hug, adding, "I knew you were smart enough not to let this one get away. I love you, brother. Congratulations."

Dad kept his emotions in check better than Mom, but I could still see his eyes glisten when hugged me and said, "I'm so happy for you, son. I know you two will make each other happy for the rest of your lives."

Bethy rounded out the well wishes, causing everyone to laugh when she cheered, "Yay! Now we really do get to keep her forever!"

"Forever," Bella promised, giving me a wink and kissing Bethy on the forehead.

I was so happy; I wanted to cheer like Bethy and shout it out to the world. The woman I love agreed to be my wife and promised me forever!