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It was a day that Will hated.
The anniversary of Jem becoming a silent brother.
So he did what he always did. Went to the Silent City.

As soon as he saw Brother Zacariah, his day became better.


Tessa stared at the gateway, looping her fingers through Will's, a soft smile in her face.
"Are you ready?"
Tessa smiled, "I'm ready."

And the exited the church as husband and wife.


Will stared at the small asian boy.
"Are you sure you can handle it?" Will questioned.
"Of course I can."

Will hurled the ball; it hit Jem straight in the face.


"So how did I get here?" Baby James asked.
"Stalk." Tessa smiled.
"No." Will muttered, "The thing that lurks behind my zipper."

...Spilled Ink...

Tessa placed the quill down beside her.
Jem ducked his head in, "What are you writing?"
At that moment, Tessa's hand knocked the ink, and it splattered over the desk.
"Oh!" Jem exclaimed, "Sorry..."
"It's fine," She smiled.
"So what are you writing? And why are you writing it in gold ink?" He questioned.
"I'm just writing some short stories." Tessa placed the papers neatly to the side.
"And whats it called, my love?" He smiled.

Tessa giggled. "Short Words In Gold Ink."