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Kidou Yuuto was in his room having a relaxing day. If he'd had it his way he would be outside kicking a soccer ball around, but it was pouring down with rain. His father had forbidden him to go practice, because the news forecast predicted that the weather would only get worse. A thunder storm was said to be on the way.

Of course Kidou did not care, but he didn't object to his fathers decision. He had bowed respectfully and returned to his room. He had been lying on his bed reading through a soccer magazine when he heard a knock on the door.

I wonder who that could be. Kidou thought.

Not wishing to disturb his father he put his magazine down and went to answer the door. What he found was a familiar blue haired boy, standing on his door mat and dripping wet. It was his best friend Sakuma.

"H-h-hey Ki-d-dou." Sakuma stammered, shivering from the cold.

"S-sakuma?" Kidou said in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"I-i-i..." Sakuma started to say, but he sneezed before he could finish.

Kidou's got over his surprise and instead started to worry about his friends health.

What does he think he's doing walking around in the rain... Kidou shook his head.

"Come inside Sakuma you must be frozen." He said with a slight frown of concern for his best friend.

"T-thank y-you." The blue haired boy replied, stepping in the doorway.

Kidou lead Sakuma through the entrance hall to a cupboard where he retrieved a towel and wrapped it around his friends shoulders.

"Better?" He asked his friend, still concerned.

"Yes, thank you." Sakuma smiled a bit as he started to dry up.

"C'mon, we can talk in my room."

Sakuma had been to Kidou's house many times before and had no trouble locating his ex-captains room.

Kidou sat on his couch, while Sakuma sat on the edge of his friends bed.

Now that his friend was out of harm Kidou frowned.

"You baka, what do you think you were doing out in that rain?" Kidou said giving the bluenet a look.

"I was just going for a walk..." Sakuma avoided Kidou's eyes.

Kidou, being Kidou, didn't buy it for a second.

"In this weather?" Kidou raised an eyebrow, sitting up on the couch to give his friend a look.

"Okay, that was a lie..." Sakuma admitted.

"So what were you doing?" Kidou persisted.

"I..." He sighed, and continued in a quiet voice. "I came to see you..."

Kidou was momentarily taken by surprise, although he realized he should have already guessed that, seeing as Sakuma had turned up at his front door. Kidou stood up and went to sit by his best friend.

"Me?" He asked. "What for?"

"I wanted to talk to you about something..." The bluenet answered softly.

Normally Kidou would have said that that had been fairly obvious, but he could tell his best friend was troubled by something.

"Sure, Sakuma. What is it?" Kidou said with a slight frown.

"I-..." He started unsurely. He paused and took a breath before continuing. "There is somebody that I really like..."

Kidou, for the third time that day looked surprised. Why would Sakuma come to talk to him about this? He usually had no problems with his private life.

"He is a really close friend..." Sakuma avoided Kidou's eyes.

Wait... what? a he? This explains a lot. Kidou thought to himself.

"I don't know if he likes me back..." Sakuma continued after a deep breath. "...and I'm afraid that if I tell him it will ruin our friendship."

Ah. Kidou thought. So that's what has been troubling him for a while now.

"Well..." Kidou started unsurely. He wasn't usually the type to give relationship advice. "I guess you won't ever know if he likes you until you tell him."

Sakuma gives a little nod, before there is a long silence again.

"So who is it anyway?" Kidou asked his best friend curiously.

Sakuma started to blush, and looked away from his ex-captain again.

"N-nobody..." He mumbled.

"Okay, you don't want to tell me. That's okay." Kidou shrugged.

Then there was another heavy silence.

"K-kidou?" Sakuma stammered from beside him.

Kidou turned to his best friend, to find he was finally looking at him. Then, out of nowhere Sakuma flung his arms around his ex-captains neck and kissed him solidly on the mouth. Kidou's eyes might've flown out of their sockets had he not been wearing his goggles. Sakuma pulled away with his face the exact same colour as Hiroto's hair.

"S-sakuma?" Kidou stammered in shock.

"K-kidou! I'm sorry!... I-..." Sakuma started but was cut off when he found his best friends lips back on his.

Sakuma relaxed finally into the kiss, he had been so busy trying to keep his feelings in check that he hadn't noticed that his best friend felt the same way about him. Kidou was just better at hiding it than Sakuma. They both pulled away after some time.

"Yuuto." Kidou smiled. "My name is Yuuto."


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