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Me: Welcome back!

Kidou: You mean there is more?!

Sakuma: It isn't that bad *smiles shyly* I get to spend more time with Yuuto.

Kidou: *blushes and smiles too* Hehe, true... *leans over towards Sakuma*

Fudou: *jumps up between them and pushes them both away from each other quickly* Not right now you two! We've got a story to show!

Kidou: *blushes* He's awfully excited...

Sakuma: *blushes* It's not like we were going to rip each others clothes off or anything... *pout*

Kidou: O_O *falls backwards in shock* S-s-sakuma... *blushes deeply*

Fudou: O.O

Me: O_O Ahem... Anyway... He's excited because he's in this story...

Kidou: *sits up* He what? -.-

Fudou: *grins* Thats right.

Me: Let's just get into it... let the story commence!


"Yuuto." Kidou smiled. "My name is Yuuto."

Sakuma smiled and raised his hand to the back of Kidou's head. He gently tugged the boy's goggles off and gazed dreamily into the boys red eyes.

"And my name is Jirou." He smiled.

They just relaxed in each others arms for a while, in comfortable silence. Until Kidou whispered softly in the light blue (A/N his hair is actually cyan but I'm using light blue because it sounds better) haired boys ear.

"It's not quite fair you know... your seeing me without my goggles but... you still wear your eyepatch..." Kidou smiled gently.

Sakuma's hand automatically flew to his covered eye. Kidou took Sakuma's hands in his own.

"B-but..." Sakuma stammered. "I-it's..."

"I don't care Jirou..." The now goggle-less ex-captain of Teikoko said softly. "I don't care what you look like..."

After a long pause Sakuma eventually nodded slightly. Kidou smiled warmly and slowly removed his best friends, no... boyfriend's, eyepatch.

Sakuma had his eyes closed but after a reassuring kiss on the head by Kidou, he slowly opened them, his right eye took a while to adjust to the light but he soon was able to look at Kidou with both of his eyes.

He watched his true love observing his right eye. Sakuma quickly became self conscious and shut his eye again.

"Now why did you do that?" Kidou asked still smiling warmly and rubbing the boy's hand gently with his thumb.

"T-the... sclera..." He mumbled and looked away.

"It's black. So? You still look perfect to me." Kidou grinned and kissed Sakuma lightly again, stunning the boy.

Everyone previously he'd shown his eye to had all reacted badly. Some called him a mutant freak, others screamed. But Kidou just smiled like normal.

Sakuma smiled shyly again and threw his arms around his new boyfriend kissing him lovingly. Kidou was slightly surprised but returned the kiss all the same.

It lasted a few seconds and probably would've gone on longer if they hadn't have been interrupted.

An awkward cough was heard by both boys and the boy broke apart in surprise to see who had caught them.

"Well hello." A voice they both knew well said in that annoying tone of his.

"Fudou..." Sakuma breathed with a scowl, he looked quite scary without his eyepatch now. He didn't want to be interrupted.

Fudou was taken aback slightly when he saw the boy's black sclera but having seen it before, it didn't have quite the same effect.

"Sorry to interrupt your make out session but I came here to tell you all that we have a soccer practice today."

Sakuma was fuming silently while Kidou's brain was filled with questions.

"Isn't it raining? How are we supposed to practice in the storm? How do you know where I live? Who let you in here?" Kidou asked suspiciously.

"We're practicing in the lightning training center today, and the maid let me in."

Kidou noted that the boy hadn't answered his second question but decided he didn't really want to know.

"You have a maid?" Sakuma asked raising an eyebrow.

"We have seven." Kidou answered.

"And yet you chose Sakuma over the seven pretty girls already living in your house?" Fudou laughed.

Sakuma frowned slightly. Pretty? He thought, regretting asking about the maids.

"One is a man actually. He prefers to wear a maids outfit and be called a maid though." Kidou said matter-of-factly. "In fact he was the only one in the house today. Does this mean you think my cross-dressing maid is pretty Fudou?"

Sakuma burst out laughing. His mood lightening. Kidou was still in control no matter the situation.

Fudou blushed.

"No... I didn't actually pay too much attention to the maid... I was too busy busting in on you two gay boys practically ripping each others clothes off."

Sakuma's face turned a bright red and he flopped backwards and buried his face in one of Kidou's pillows embarrassed.

Kidou flushed red too but was determined to best Fudou.

"No need to be jealous Fudou just because you haven't come out of the closet yet." He retorted.

"Jealous of who? Sakuma? Please. Like I'd ever want to be your boyfriend." The mow-hawked boy rolled his eyes.

He smirked at the blue haired boy's muted grumble from the pillow.

"Anyway that was all I came for." Fudou continued with a grin. "Practice starts in an hour. Plenty of time for you two to finish what you started. But remember kids, use protection."

He laughed and quickly exited the room, just seconds before a well kicked soccer ball slammed into the wall where his head would have been, leaving a mark on the wall.

Kidou was blushing immensely and Sakuma was still hiding his face. The dread-locked boy got up and looked out the window to see a still grinning Fudou leaving up the driveway.

"He's crude that Fudou..." Kidou shook his head still blushing.

Sakuma wrapped his arms around Kidou from behind, startling the boy slightly and the bluenet smiled.

"Yuuto..." The blue haired boy smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too Jirou." Kidou smiled as he leaned in and kissed his boyfriend lightly on the nose.

"C'mon. Let's go get ready for soccer."


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