are you or are you not?




Okay, she said, but he only believes half of that.

Ayane-chan doesn't underestimate him. That would be out-of-character for her. She is the best judge of character he has ever known—better than he himself is, and he must say so, Miura Kento is a friggin' great judge of character—and he knows that she knows that he isn't just that artificial, always-smiling boy who most people believe him to be.

So, Ayane-chan doesn't underestimate him. She wouldn't think him stupid, wouldn't laugh it off because she thinks he is silly.

(She never has, he knows, because her mouth can say it as many times as she wants—her eyes can never lie.)


He likes her.

He likes her so, so much.

It surprises him, that burst of almost-aching affection every time he sees her, every time he catches her watching him, every time she smiles that gorgeous, sad smile of her.

Loving, for him, is the easiest emotion in the world. Loving is warming other hearts, is making others happy—and as a welcomed side effect, is warming his own, making himself happy. So, it is not surprising that he loves with a casual ease, that he embraces each new person that enters his life—it's too short to be picky, and every human being in the world is worthy of love.

What he feels for Ayane-chan, though, is something entirely different.

He wants to see her happy. He wants to be the one to make her happy.


(It's so different for what he felt for Sadako-chan, entirely different, because that sweet, stupid, lovely girl? She deserves so much more than what other people treat her like, she deserves so much love, and he saw that, still sees that. And at first, he thought he maybe could be the one to give that to her—but seeing her face whenever she thinks about Kazehaya, he knows better, now, just like Ayane-chan said from the beginning.
Now, he's only her shishou, her love guru, maybe? Her friend, definitely. And if he has to be subtle about it, sure, he can be that, but if he has to be bold and loud for dumb-and-not-so-refreshing-anymore Kazehaya to get the message through, he can do that too. Everything for the ones he cherishes.)


Does she believe him, Kento wonders. Does she really believe what he said, does she truly trust him?

Will she go out with him like she went out with Motoki? Like it is a chance she doesn't believe in? Like it is doomed from the beginning because she doesn't dare to hope?

He doesn't know. He wouldn't presume to know what she thinks in that pretty head of hers.

But, he thinks as he slowly lets go of her, does it really matter?

(No, it doesn't, not when his feelings for her won't change and when he just wants this, needs this: a try, with her.

Just this and they will see how far his belief will carry them, right?)

notes: My second Ayane/Kento drabble, yay :) I just love the two of them. I love that they both love so willingly, so easily, and, still, have such diverting views on themselves and love.
This, by the way, takes directly place after the latest chapter (CH 70) (cue dreamy squeals), and is heavily inspired by the few last chapters.

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