R.I.P Donald Sobol. I'm going to miss you. ;.;

Idaville had a secret.

Nobody there had ever gotten away with a crime. This was probably more due to the town's reputation than to its actual police force. It was easy to catch a criminal in the exceptionally nice seaside town, but the criminals tended to talk to much. All the officers would have to do would be to catch one contradiction, and the wrongdoer would break down and confess. It was sort of awkward, really.

This had begun many years ago, with a little kid named Leroy Brown. He had the incredibly long nickname of Encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is a set of books with facts about everything. Encyclopedia knew basic facts on all sorts of topics. When faced with a mystery, Encyclopedia began his deductions with the first trivial clue that told him something was wrong- like if someone said the word "back" even when they had never been to a certain place before. These "solutions" would never stand up in court, but the criminals confessed before Encyclopedia could bring out the actual evidence. It got frustrating to be interrupted so often- getting confessions with such ease made him sound like a snobby egghead- but he accepted it.

In fact, he was even able to use it to his advantage a couple of times. Oh, alright, a lot of times. Usually when he was going against Bugs Meany, leader of the Tigers. The Tigers were a gang of boys with a talent for michief. They should have called theselves the Chicken Pox. You hated them when they were around, but once they were gone, you missed having them as an excuse.

In one case, Bugs had framed Encyclopedia's friend. The friend had allegedly stolen Bugs' knife and put it in his left pants pocket. Only, the friend had had his left arm in a sling. Encyclopedia had said it was impossible to get something in your left pocket using your right arm. If you're crossing over your left-arm-in-a-cast, then yes, it's true. Encyclopedia didn't mention that it's easy to do it if you put your right arm behind you. But Bugs took his word for granted and confessed. Encyclopedia then learned that with Bugs he didn't need evidence; the Tiger was such a coward that he would fall for any superficially logical bluff.

(and that, my dear friends, is why the solutions don't matter!)