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Chapter 1

I sat up in my bed sweating, after that night in the forest; my dreams were crowded with an evil sorceress out for my blood. It was illogical though and effecting my sleep. Although I already knew the answers in class it wouldn't look good if I fell asleep. I still had a couple of hours before I was due to get up for school so I closed my eyes and sleep came quickly. Or not I was dwarfed in darkness this had happened once before. I soon realised I was being pulled into a spirit dream. Adrian of all people should know I hate magic. I turned up in a garden with a small fountain in the middle and a gazebo with red and orange flowers climbing up the sides. Thankfully I was wearing a green tank top and jeans far too casual for my liking but that wasn't important.

"Adrian Ivashkov get out here now I want to go back to sleep"

I was surprised when an older woman with long auburn hair appeared around the corner of the gazebo, which I recognized as Sonya Karp who specialized in spirit and helped with research before leaving for her wedding at court. I had grown quite a fondness to her. No. They are evil creatures of the night Sydney you don't like them.

"Hello Sydney dear, and before you say anything yes this is a spirit dream I know you hate magic but listen, I would like you to be one of my bridesmaids" she said calmly

"Thank you Sonya" was all I could say because to be honest I was petrified.

"That's ok dear. Oh and one more thing I know you won't want to hear this but I've noticed Adrian is happier around you I think he likes you. Both your auras light up around each other"

What she has been checking my aura?

"I don't know what you are talking about" I said politely and matter-of-factly.

She smiled cunningly "I think you do dear"

And with that empty remark the "dream" or nightmare vanished and I went back to a dreamless sleep.

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