Jerry's house was cold and silent. It had only been about an hour since Charley and Peter put Jerry to rest. The commotion from the happening was bound to attract some attention. A certain man who had noticed the explosion of the Brewster house the night before (along with the rest of the neighborhood) also took notice to the smashed windows and kicked-in door of the neighbor's house.

This man was a bit of a lowlife bum who was always looking to make a quick buck. He wanted to inspect the Brewster's home for anything that might have survived the inferno. When he saw that their neighbors house looked as if it had been broken into, he welcomed himself inside. The office upstairs and one of the rooms next to it had all of the ostentatious, unique, antiques packed into wooden crates and cardboard boxes. The bum decided to collect as much as he could. It didn't take long for all of the items to end up stuffed in his small, filthy, living room just waiting to be auctioned off on ebay.

As the man browsed through these fascinating treasures, he came across what appeared to be a metal dragon necklace. It was silver with copper wings spread out at it's sides as if it was taking flight. There was writing underneath the right wing. It appeared to be in another language that the man did not recognize. He finally came to a conclusion that it wasn't going to be worth much. He would sell it for 50 bucks on ebay and some sucker would have to buy it. The man grumbled lightly and tossed the necklace to the side. He continued his search through the boxes.


Lilith browsed through page after page. Her face held a very bored expression while she searched mindlessly through the listings on ebay. Her lip had a natural pouty look to it and her brown locks dangled on the side, covering her round face from view. Lilith is a 16 year old, goth, horror lover, metal-head who has a strong interest in witchcraft and the supernatural. She lives in the outskirts of Los Angeles in good ol crappy Long Beach. She spends a lot of time online always looking for something to buy, collect, and add to her rituals. It didn't take long for her to stumble across a unique dragon necklace only for 50 bucks. Her head perked up as she observed the picture. There was something about it that practically beckoned to her. It was the strangest was almost as if she was /supposed/ to come across this thing. She had to admit, it was pretty cool. Automatically, her hand moved the mouse over to buy and with a swift tap of her finger she clicked.


Lilith impatiently bounced on her heels as she waited in front of her school. She had her ear buds in and was listening to "Nymphetamine Fix" by Cradle of Filth. Her mind wandered off as she concentrated on her music. The honk of a horn interrupted her day dreaming. She shifted her eyes across the parking lot where her mom was, sitting in the red ford focus, honking away to gain Lilith's attention. Lilith removed her ear buds and allowed a quick sigh to escape. She shambled over to the direction of the car, ignoring the stares of the other kids. Her mom popped the door open for her and Lilith slid right in.

Lilith's mother was a small lady in her late 40s who had a squared face, brown eyes, and reddish/brown hair that didn't go past her shoulders. Her mom pulled out of the parking lot and flashed Lilith a glance every once in a while.

"So, how was school, Margret?"

"Mom..." Lilith spoke in an irritated voice. She loathed her birth name with such a fiery passion. She could ask and beg to be called by her preferred name, but her mother still called her by that retched name.

Her mom rolled her eyes. "Excuse me, Lilith... Why can't I just have a normal daughter?"

Lilith ignored her and popped her ear buds back in for the rest of the ride home.


Lilith started for the stairs, but she had to relent due to her mom calling her form the kitchen. Lilith turned quick on her heel to face her mom. "What?"

"This came in the mail today. It's for you." Her mom handed her the small package.

"I hope it's not more of that monster stuff you like to collect on your shelves." She pursed her lips and walked off.

Lilith looked at the package. A grin appeared on her face and she cheerfully ran up stairs. It took less than a few seconds to rip open the package and dig out the necklace. She slipped it on over her head and examined it in the mirror by her bed. "Perfect." She thought. Her hazel eyes filled with satisfaction.


Lilith felt someone tapping her on her back and she turned around in her seat.

"Hey, are we still on for tonight?" Kate raised an eyebrow. Kate was Lilith's "best friend" though she could be a bit of a back stabber when she wanted to be. Kate had a very pallid face, blue eyes, and honey blonde hair. She really didn't seem like someone who would be best buds with Lilith. Appearance wise they looked like total opposites, but they had grown up together.

Lilith nodded. "Ya. Are we watching Halloween or Nightmare On elm Street tonight?"

"Neither." Kate grinned menacingly. "I've got something else planned. Oh, and Blair is coming too."

Lilith looked two seats behind Kate and noticed Blair. The pretty little redhead nodded and smiled at Lilith. "Ya, okay, that's fine. Just head over to my place after school."

"Sure thing." Kate winked then leaned back in her chair, pretending to listen to the rest of the lesson.


"Okay so what is it that you have planned tonight?" Lilith asked as she plopped on to her bed.

Kate dug into her bag and pulled out a Ouija Board. She placed it on the wood floor and sat crossed legged in front of it. "I've always wanted to try this thing out."

"No way!" Lilith said, jumping off her bed. She sat next to Kate and observed the board. "I fricken love you right now!"

Blair's face went paler then usual. "Um, I don't think that's a good idea guys..."

"Come one it will be fun." Kate assured her.

"We should be careful with this though. You never know what you may be inviting in." Lilith turned to Kate.

Kate turned off the lamp next to her so there was only one small light in the corner of the room. "We'll be fine. Now let's do this." The girls put their hands in positions. "I'll ask the first question." Kate cleared her throat. "Are there any spirits here?" The girls waited patiently. Nothing was happening. Blair's eyes switched back and forth. "Guess it doesn't work." Suddenly the planchette began to slowly slide up to yes. Blair's eyes widened and she held her breath.

"BOO!" Kate screamed. She started laughing at Blair's startled expression.

"Not cool.." Blair whispered in a shy voice.

"That really wasn't." Lilith shot a glare at Kate.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry let's do this for real."

Blair was hesitant at first, but she rejoined the girls.

"What is your name?" Lilith asked? Nothing.

"See? Ghost aren't real." Blair said in a relived tone. "It's just a stupid game."

"Kate..." Lilith's eyes widened as their hands started to move. "Is that you?"

"No, I swear!"

All of the girls let go of the planchette in panic. It continues to move by it's self. They sit there in shock as they watch it land on the letter "J". The bulb in the little lamp in the corner burst and all the girls scream. Books start flying of the shelves and the main light begins to flicker. As the other girls panic and cry out for help, Lilith stays frozen. Something was restraining her. Some kind of force was holding her down. The dragon necklace around her neck slid up higher and higher. It grew tighter around her neck causing her to choke. A shriek of pain escaped Lilith's lips. Blood tricked down her neck and then everything came to a sudden halt. It was quiet and dark. Kate pulled out a flashlight and turned it on.

"Holy Crap! You're Bleeding, Lil!"

"Wha-What?" Lilith moved her hand to her neck and felt a warm sticky substance ooze between her fingers. Blair went into the hall to turn on the light, while Kate escorted Lilith to the bathroom.

Later that evening the girls went home. Kate helped clean off what appeared to be bite marks on Lilith's neck. Lilith figured she must have just scratched herself out of panic, but to be honest she really couldn't explain what had just happened in their. She didn't bother with bandaging, for the wound wasn't that deep and stopped bleeding after a few minutes. Both girls helped Lilith clean up the mess in her bedroom before her parents came home and saw. Kate took the Ouija board back home with her only to throw it in the trash. The three girls had, in fact, decided to /never/ speak of this incident again.

Lilith showered, put on her favorite pajama shorts and a tank, and braided her hair. To scared to go back into her room she decided to sleep on the couch in the living room for the night. She left that necklace in her bedroom with the door shut tight. Lilith buried her face into the couch pillow and waited for sleep to overcome her.

Later that night, Lilith had the strangest dream. There was this force with her on the couch. It touched her, explored her body, hovered over her neck wound, and engulfed her in a sheet of cold air. She could not see anyone or anything with her. She just felt it. She knew it was there. Unable to move, it continued to touch her and oddly enough, she liked it.