AN: A three-part Stan/Rosalyn story for those few Okage fans out there.


I went through my story and made some corrections. Also I might've added an extra line or two, but the biggest change I made is at the end.

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Ari's POV

They were fighting again.

Though that was nothing new for the Evil King and the Hero to be fighting. The only thing that seemed to change about the fights were the topics, and even then, those two have fought about everything under the sun by now.

If I had to take a wild guess, I would have to say that Stan was being too cruel and Rosalyn was being too bitchy. Typical couple stuff with a sort of playful malicious twist only they could create.

It wasn't much of a surprise - to anybody really - when the two announced that they were in a relationship. Awhile back during one of our annual reunion parties, Linda, the former Teen idol evil king, finally worked up the courage to ask what everybody was dying to ask all night and surprisingly, Rosalyn confirmed without so much as a hint of hesitation. I knew about the two's relationship long time before that though. I walked in on them in a compromising position once; both on the ground with Rosalyn straddling Stan's lap.

Nearly as red as a tomato, Rosalyn hastily explained that nothing "funny" was going on. She had been following Stan around my house, demanding that he change her shadow back to normal, as usually, when she accidentally tripped over the rug my mother kept in the dining room.

As gravity took advantage of the hero's lapse in balance, she reached out for the first thing she could think of to try and break her fall, which just so happened to be the Evil King. Unfortunately, since Stan wasn't expecting the sudden weight to pull on the labels of his blazer, they both fell to the ground.

Of course that was true - Rosalyn wasn't one for lying to people, especially me - but that event did somehow get the two to start realizing that maybe they didn't hate each other as much as they originally thought.

So it started out as a simple fling, nothing more.

They would play the part of mortal enemies during the day, but at night...well, I really rather not think about that. The point was, Stan and Rosalyn didn't mean for it to develop into anything more than just meaningless affair, but eventually it did.

They weren't married just in case you were wondering. Personally, I think it's better that way and they obviously seem to think so too.

I mean, really? An Evil King and Great Hero married? or even in a relationship? It was almost too taboo to even think about. Too bad for Stan and Rosalyn though; our world was filled with hypocrites. When word got out that Rosalyn and Stan had a "cozy relationship", it was the public's favorite subject to gossip about. Seriously, it went on non-stop for months. I couldn't walk three feet down the roads of Tenel without overhearing all the exaggerated, sinful details of the great hero's affair with her mortal enemy.

I suppose I couldn't really blame them for talking. It just didn't make sense to other people, nor should it really. Enemies generally weren't suppose to sleep together after all.

But to our strange little group of deviants however, Stan and Rosalyn in a relationship actually made sense in its own weird way. You know what they say; opposites attract, and those two were definitely opposites.

Although, in my opinion, they were the same just as much as they were different. They were both the most stubborn, hot-tempered, and argumentative people I have ever met in my entire life, but they were also the most determined, strongest, and bravest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

I would never admit that out loud though, especially not to Stan. His ego was big enough already.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic.

The fighting never stopped and neither did the insults. Stan still made fun of Rosalyn's weight and Rosalyn still called Stan a fake evil king. Although, now that they know each other more personally, the insults sometimes became a little too colorful for my liking. For example, Rosalyn would suggest things about a certain part of the male anatomy about Stan. Fortunately for me, neither of them have said anything that has truly scar me for life.

Well, not yet at least.

If anything, the fights have gotten worst. Sometimes they would result in Stan leaving a very upset Rosalyn, a few times in tears even, but towards the end of the day, the Evil King somehow managed to make things right. And when Stan actually did do something nice, it served as a reminder to Rosalyn - and me - that he was actually capable of caring about someone other than himself.

It was a mystery of what brought them together. It was an even bigger mystery of what keeps them in the relationship. (There once was a bet going around our strange company to see how long the two would last, but after awhile everybody pretty much forgot about it.)

Since I had to deal with the two since day one, I had a few theories.

My first theory was that they simply couldn't be without each other for long. The Evil King and Hero have broken up more times than I've had birthdays, but the break ups would never last very long. During those times Stan would be moodier than usual and Rosalyn would just walk around as if in a trance, and those results were just from being broken up little over a week. They couldn't live with each other and they couldn't live without each other.

The other theory I have as to why they stay together was probably because of their son and daughter.

AN: I hope you guys like the changes I've made, especially the change where I gave Rosalyn and Stan a pair of twins. Chapter one and two won't be changed much but I will probably have to completely re-due chapter three since the twins make their first appearances in that one.