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On the fifth of December Rosalyn held her baby son for the first time. Her daughter was laying in a hospital bassinet next to the bed. She wanted to hold both of them, but she was afraid to. There would be enough time to hold the baby girl later but for now Rosalyn let her sleep.

The half demon baby boy looked around the room with dark blue eyes; his sister's was an exact match. They didn't get them from their mother nor father but the trait was from Rosalyn's side of the family. Her mother had blue eyes; the trait skips a generation which left Rosalyn to take her father's eyes. Rosalyn wished they could be here now but they both died in her early teens.

Rosalyn scolded herself for acting so emotional but the 'new mother' part of her didn't care. Tears fell freely from her eyes. The baby made cooing noises at his mother and waved his small pudgy arms in the air. (1)

There was a quiet knock on the door and Ari walked in with Marlene behind him.

"Oh Rosalyn are you okay?" Marlene asked. She looked worried but happiness showed in her eyes when she saw the blue blankets in Rosalyn's arms. "He's beautiful Rose! Congrats! They both have the same colored hair as Stanley."

"So, they're identical twins then?" Ari asked.

"That's what the doctor said," Rosalyn smiled. "But of course I knew that already. A mother can sense things like that, you know."

They did have the same golden hair with natural orange highlights as Stanley. Rosalyn felt a pang of sadness as she remembered Stan. The evil king kept his promise. Rosalyn hasn't seen or heard about him since the party, seven months ago. Ari said he sometimes stayed at the house, but he would soon leave again to who-knows-where. Rosalyn sighed, she accepted months ago that Stan wouldn't be coming back and she knew that she could raise her children on her own (A little help from friends wouldn't hurt, though. Considering it was two against one.) Stan's absence wouldn't affect her life as much, over time, as it would their children's.

Not saying that Rosalyn didn't miss Stanley. No, she still sheds a few tears at night whenever she woke up and remembered that he wasn't next to her. Rosalyn hoped that after a while the uncomfortable feeling in her chest would go away.

"What are their names?" Ari asked while standing over her daughter's bassinet.

Marlene asked if she could hold her and Rosalyn nodded. After watching the red head hold the baby, Rosalyn decided that would Marlene look perfect as a mother, but hopefully she won't have children anytime soon. The ex-princess was still very young. True, Rosalyn was barely twenty-five years old herself but as a hero, she has already a lot of the world.

For a while now Rosalyn thought about asking Ari and Marlene to be the twin's godparents. The two weren't married but nobody ever said they had to be, in order to qualify as godparents. But that decision can wait a little while.

"I think I'll name my boy, Quinn," Rosalyn said.

Marlene sighed in relief. "Thank god you didn't name him Stanley! We do not need another one!"

Rosalyn rolled her eyes. "No, I wasn't planning on continuing the chain with Stanley the fifteenth. Plus I think this little guy is going to be much sweeter than Stan."

"Yeah right, he is Stan's son after all," Marlene snorted. "Although, he is also your son. So that should balance the scales. What about your girl?"

Rosalyn thought about it for a moment. When she was pregnant, Rosalyn thought she was having two boys. She wasn't expecting a boy and a girl. Rosalyn thought of several different girl names but none of them seemed to fit. Then a name came to her.

"Gwen," Rosalyn said. "It's short but beautiful."

"Quinn and Gwen," Ari said. "I like it. They sound like they go together."

"She's an absolute angel," Marlene said while looking down at the infant she was holding.

"Ha!" Rosalyn scoffed. "More like a devil. She's barely three hours old and she's already causing trouble! She threw up on one nurse and nearly yanked out another nurse's earring."

Rosalyn had to pretend to be annoyed because she loved the baby girl too much, to be serious.

"Oh no," Marlene paled. "I'm holding the female version of Stan."

Rosalyn laughed and told Marlene she could bring the others in here now. Linda nearly died in happiness when she got to hold Quinn and even Epros took a turn holding one of the babies.

Rosalyn watched her friends act like idiots just to try to get the twins to laugh, but she didn't laugh. She was too lost in her thoughts.

Did Stanley even know that Rosalyn had the babies? If so, would he have shown up? Something about the way that Stan acted, when Rosalyn assumed that he would ditch, made it impossible to get it off her mind. He looked pissed, obviously, but he also looked hurt. She felt bad because she believed it was her fault he left.

Well, actually it was. It was completely her fault that Stan left.

Could you have blamed her for thinking that Stan would leave? He didn't usually care about anyone other than himself. Although, there was times when he showed some fondness towards her and Ari. Stan did treat Ari like crap but he taught the boy almost everything he knows, and fought for Ari when the boy couldn't do it himself. Isn't that what a father does?

Of course Rosalyn realized a long time ago that she made a terrible mistake.

Rosalyn finally got a five month Gwen to sleep. It took no time at all to get Quinn to sleep. He was a lot calmer than his sister. Gwen, on the other hand, was turning Rosalyn's hair gray.

That girl was a handful when she wanted to be. Rosalyn always got fuss from Gwen when it was bedtime. Perhaps she got that from Stanley; she definitely has her father's attitude problem. God, she hoped that neither of the twins are going to start chucking energy balls at people anytime soon. She knew that someday they would develop some of their father's power.

Kisling was the one to tell her that, of course, but that was the least of her problems right now. For the past few months, Gwen would crawl off when Rosalyn wasn't looking. At first she didn't think anything about it, until she found Gwen in Rosalyn's bedroom, laughing her head off at something. There wasn't anything remotely funny in the room to make the toddler laugh, but she would burst out in tears when Rosalyn would pick her up and take her out of the room.

It was strange but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

One time, Ari came over to watch Quinn and Gwen for a few hours because Rosalyn had to go solve this feud going on between the circus and the town of Rashelo. When she got back, Ari wanted to tell her something but he just shook his head and left. (2)

Rosalyn shook her head at the memory and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She was about to turn in for the night when she felt a sudden evil presence around her. Her first instinct was to go see if her childen were alright but the presence was coming from the living room. Rosalyn grabbed her rapier from her room and slowly made her way down the hall.

Someone was in her home and whoever it was would pay dearly for it! She was just outside the living room opening when she jumped into the room with her sword raised.

When she saw who it was, Rosalyn dropped her sword in shock.


The Evil King was sitting on the couch with his feet up on the table (he knew it annoyed her to no end) while reading one of her romance novels, which sadly, she read now. He gave her a quick glance like he was never gone.

"You know, I'll never understand why woman, and James, buy this crap," He said casually. "And why do they always have such cheesy titles? Come on Rosalyn. I thought you were more interesting than that."

The hero just stood there trying to say something but nothing would come out. How dare he come into her home in the middle of the night like this! She hasn't seen him in over a year and he thinks he can just waltz right back in here?

"What are you doing here?" That was all she could think of saying.

"Well that's a fine hello," Stan snorted before getting up and walking over to her. "Don't I get a hug or something? Funny, I thought women were affectionate."

Rosalyn backed up and put her hands on her hips.

"You've got to be kidding me right? Stanley, you left and didn't come back for a very long time!"

"Amazing powers of observation, Rose," He rolled his eyes. "And don't act so mad. A year and a half is not that long."

"That's not the point! What about the nine whole months when I was pregnant and needed your help?"

"With what? What help could I have possibly been? I would have made your mood swings worse and insulted your weight. Plus I have no desire to witness the miracle of childbirth."

"You could have just been there for me," Rosalyn sighed.

Stan went silent for a moment.

"Don't you have the fawn and carrot top for that?"

Rosalyn laid her hands and head against the evil king's chest. She immediately felt at peace once she inhaled his familiar scent. Stan's arms instinctively curled around her waist.

"There's a difference between having your friends there for you and having the person you love," She whispered.

"L-love?" Rosalyn smiled, picturing the look of shock on his face.

"More than anyone Stanley."


"It was you making Gwen laugh, wasn't it?" She asked suddenly.

"She would have started crying if I didn't do something! I didn't want to face her cow of a mother yet."

Rosalyn ignored the comment and looked up at him. "What were you doing?"

"Reciting works of Shakespeare," He said sarcastically. "What the hell do you think I was doing? I can change into a shadow!"

"Shadow puppets? Of what?"

"Of you when you're angry or eating. It really depended on my mood that day," Stan said giving her a cocky smile.

He pulled away from the hero and sat back down on the couch.

"So are you staying?" She asked quietly.

The evil king nodded and Rosalyn smiled before joining him on the couch and curling up against him.

"I love you," Rosalyn whispered.

"I know," He mumbled back dryly but pulled her closer.


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