Chapter Thirteen.

Jane and Maura sit on the edge of the balcony together and watch the sunrise on the last day of their holiday.

"Wait here" Jane tells Maura getting up and runs to her packed bag, she digs inside to find the little box containing the ring she had planned to give Maura. She had meant to give it to her earlier but hadn't found the right moment.

Jane smiles to herself as she walks back to Maura and sits down beside her handing her the box.

"I'd planned on giving you this earlier and asking you but you beat me to it"

Maura slowly opens the box, she puts a hand over her heart and Jane watches as a tear falls down her cheek.

"Maura? Will you marry me?" Jane asks taking Maura's hand.

"I think you already know the answer. Yes, Jane. I'd love to marry you."

Jane wipes the tears from Maura's cheek. She leans in and gives her a sweet kiss.

"I love you Jane"

"I love you too Maura"

Two months later.

Plans for the wedding were in put into high gear as soon as Jane and Maura told Angela about the engagement. As always Angela had to be the planner for such celebrations, she took care of everything and made sure everything was perfect for the big day ahead that was set for one week exactly.

Maura's mother was set to arrive a few days before the wedding. Constance had already set up plans for Maura to get her hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding. Angela had also set up a similar appointment for Jane on the opposite side of town as not to spoil anything until the walking down the isle.

"Jane, would you mind if we went to pick my mother up from the airport on Wednesday?"

"Yeah, I'm sure we can manage that, if we can get away from my mother" Jane ends with a light groan.

"Honestly, I wasn't sure how my mother was going to take it at first but I could hear it in her voice that she is happy for us and I really think likes you" Maura smiles.

"Aww Maura, that's really beautiful" Jane embraces Maura and kisses her forehead.

"You two! Come here for a second, I need you to see how this looks" Angela calls out.

Maura takes Jane's hand and they wander into the dining room. Jane laughs when she sees that Angela has covered herself in craft supplies. Angela shakes off the supplies stuck to her and she grabs the project she was working on and hands it to both Jane and Maura.

"Angela, you really don't have to make our wedding placement cards, I'm certain the company will do that for us and there's only going to be a few of us anyway"

"It makes it more personal when they are handmade. It will be my pleasure and I'm having so much fun doing it" Angela lets out a small laugh.

Maura turns and looks at Jane then shrugs her shoulders, unsure what to say.

"It'll make her happy and keep her occupied for the next few days" Jane says quietly into Maura's ear.

"If it means a lot to you then of course you can make them" Maura walks over and takes Angela's hand smiling at her.

"What do you think of this lavender colour? It will match the flowers you picked out" Angela holds up some of the other cards she has already made.

"It's perfect. I love it. Thank you Angela" Maura says looking over the cards.

"You better treat her good, Jane. She's an amazing woman you know" Angela says firmly.

"I will Ma, I promise" Jane smiles.

The wedding would be small, there wouldn't be many people or be over indulged but with Angela in charge it was hard to keep it simple. Jane had only invited Angela, Frankie, Tommy, Frost and Korsack to come. She hadn't been in contact with her father for over a year and felt strange inviting someone she lost all respect for. Maura invited both her parents but unfortunately only Constance was able to make it. She was happy that Jane invited Frost and Korsack to the wedding. They were almost like family to her after all.

Five days until the wedding.

Angela led Jane into the wedding store to pick up and try on her new suit. The woman hands Jane the suit in a black suit bag and points her to the direction of the change rooms.

"Come on Jane, try it on. Let me see!" Angela enthuses.

Jane walks in and closes the door behind her. She zips open the bag and smiles. She never was the dress type of girl so it only made sense for her to wear a suit.

"What do you think?" Jane says as she walks out of the door holding up her arms and twirls around.

"Oh Jane – you look absolutely stunning. Maura is going to drop when she sees how gorgeous you look" Angela stands up and moves Jane around to look at her more closely.

"Eww gross, Ma. You're so soppy sometimes" Jane pulls a childish face and walks back into the change rooms to change back into her normal clothes.

An hour later Maura met up with Jane and Angela at a nice restaurant to talk over some last minute wedding plans.

Three days until the wedding.

Jane climbs sleepily into Maura's car early in the morning to set off to pick up Constance from the airport

"I'm sorry for dragging you out of bed this early babe but I wanted us both to meet my mother when she gets off the plane" Maura strokes Jane's cheek slowly.

"If you apologize one more time I'm getting out of the car" Jane jokes.

They drive along the highway listening to music and lightly talking.

"Oh Maura, Maura! Turn this up! Oh my god, I love this song!" Jane shouts.

"You know this song?" Maura turns up the volume.

"Wooooaaaahhhh! We're halfway theerrreee! Woooaaahhh! Liiving on a prayeerrr!" Jane belts.

"Calm down there Bon Jovi" Maura laughs.

Maura turns to look at Jane when she finishes the song. In this moment she was admiring the untamed rock star that appeared next to her in the car. She wished she could just watch this sight forever. This gorgeous sexy human being was going to be all hers in just a few days.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jane smiles.

"I was just thinking how sexy you looked while belting that whole song out"

They arrive shortly before Constance's plane lands. It doesn't take long for her to come through the gates and find them.

"Maura darling. It's absolutely wonderful to see you. You look wonderful, Jane. I hope you've been keeping my lovely daughter busy" Constance kisses both of them on the cheeks as she stands before them.

"I'm glad you were able to come down here for the wedding Constance. It means a lot to Maura and I" Jane grabs Constance's luggage and takes it to the car.

"How was your flight?" Maura asks when they're in the car.

"Long but I slept most of the way so I can't complain" Constance replies.

The day before the wedding.

Constance takes Maura to pick up her dress in the morning after getting a call late the previous night to say that it was finally in after it was meant to be delivered weeks ago.

The woman apologized profusely to Maura and offered her a discount for the hold up.

"I understand. I'm glad that it came in before the wedding tomorrow or it would have been hard finding a last minute replacement" Maura smiles warmly at the woman.

"Congratulations. I hope you two have a wonderful long loving marriage. Before you leave, would you like to try it on to make sure it's perfect?" The woman smiles back.

Maura undresses and steps into the dress. Constance walks over and zips up the back of the dress for her.

"You look absolutely amazing, like a true angel my darling" Constance holds her hand over her heart. So proud that her daughter had found the perfect person to marry.

The rest of the day was very busy getting everything arranged in time for the next day. Angela and Constance took this time to get to know each other better and what better way other than their daughters getting married.

"They seem to be getting on like a house on fire" Jane says to Maura as they stand together across the room watching their mothers smile and laugh with each other.

"I really love seeing her have a good time, Jane. I've never seen her like this. She didn't spend much time with me in the past and this wedding has brought us closer together" Maura leans her head on Jane's shoulder.

"I'm going to miss seeing you tonight but your mother informs me that she's taking you out and we're not to see each other until the wedding. Frankie and Tommy want to throw me a kind of a mini celebration" Jane mentions.

"My mother believes that it brings good luck. You go and have a great night with your family and I'll see you tomorrow." Maura kisses Jane for the last time as fiancé's.

"Janey, it's getting late and I'm sure Constance wants to whisk Maura away and give her a lovely night. See you tomorrow Maura, have a fun time tonight!" Angela waves.

The day of the wedding.

Everything had gone so fast that it was 5pm before anyone knew it. The afternoon brought forward perfect weather and there was not a cloud in the sky. The guests started arriving soon after the final preparations begun and made their way onto the grass where all the chairs were set up looking out onto the ocean. The minister arrived shortly before the guests and was already setting up.

Constance peeked out the window to see that it was finally time for Maura to walk outside. "Maura darling, it's time. Are you ready?" Constance squeezes Maura's hand. "I think so" Maura takes in a deep breath and looks at herself one last time in the mirror. Her hair was pinned away from her face in delicate golden curls. The makeup simple but beautiful, a light lavender eye shadow to match the flowers set out and thick eyelashes to perfectly frame her eyes. She takes one last deep breath and makes her way to the door and outside toward the isle she'd so anxiously awaited to walk down.

Jane turns around at the moment that she hears soft murmurs behind her. A smile breaks out onto her face and her heart skips a beat as soon as she see's Maura. She looks absolutely perfect. The white dress sitting flawlessly against her body, hugging each curve to perfection. She holds out a hand for Maura to take when she gets close.

Maura looks at Jane and dimples form deeply in her cheeks as she smiles. This was it. This was finally the moment she dreamt about. All those lonely sad nights after the breakup she thought about this, how it might have never happened but it finally was. This was real. Jane Rizzoli in a sexy black tuxedo standing in front of me about to take my hand in marriage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today" the minister starts.

Jane and Maura take each other's hands and look deep into each other's eyes waiting for the minister to continue.

"Do you Maura Dorthea Isles take Jane Clementine Rizzoli to be your wife, through sickness and in health from this day forward?"

"I do"

The minister smiles before turning to Jane.

"Do you Jane Clementine Rizzoli take Maura Dorthea Isles to be your wife, through sickness and in health from this day forward?"

"I do"

Everyone stands up and claps. Jane and Maura smile at each other then look to the minister.

"You may kiss your bride" he says to both of them.

Jane and Jane both smile at each other for a moment. They both lean in and kiss deeply. In that moment nothing else matters.

Authors Note : I'm so sad for this fic to be over. I really loved writing this one so much. I hope you'll all stick around cause I have another idea in mind which will be completely unrelated to this one so keep checking back. I'm really thankful for each of you that have followed this story and have supported it through all the chapters. I appreciate you all!