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Ch.2 Pain

"So... Where's the girl?" Dante asked. He looks around trying to find their client. Lady gestures them to the library. She then proceeds to look around trying to find a certain book. "Wow this is really cliche," Dante thought. They look around. The Library being larger than normal one, could have many hiding spots. For a second Dante thought he saw something. A flash of green and red behind the bookshelves. The books being green and red did not help. The flash was the last thing he saw before he was knocked out.


The minute he woke up, Dante tried to grab Blue Rose instead he finds a note. In order to get out of this hell hole please dispose of all demons :) - Cloud. P.S. Your weapons are on the table above you. Dante looked up, as there seems to be a rectangle growing bigger by the second. He then realizes that THAT is the table. Rolling out of the way, he then sees his weapons Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, and Blue Rose. He gears up with Rebellion on his back, Ebony and Ivory in their holsters, and Blue Rose in his hand. Finally getting a good look around the place he was held in, finding that there is no visible ceiling and one door. White seems to be a theme here as the table, walls, even the note was written in white. Pushing the door wondering how his friends are doing, he is attacked by 7 Hell Prides, one of the demons formed by the sin Pride. They were a cloak similar to the Grim reaper and carry a scythe. Dante quickly reacting, dropping Blue Rose in favor for Ebony and Ivory. Quickly shooting them, he backs up a bit. Holstering the pistols, he grabs Rebellion and stabs the Hell Pride grabs the handle of the scythe and pulls it out. Grunting in pain, he throws the scythe at the rest of the demons. Quickly they all turn to dust. Resting a bit, waiting for his wounds to heal. A note appears in front of him. You do NOT get to rest. - Cloud. Appearing behind him he sees a rough estimate of 20 or 30 Hell Wraths, demons made from the sin Wrath. They carry a huge bomb that blows up when the enemy comes near them. Dante runs forward trying to find an exit. Looking behind to see if there are any that followed him. He feels his body temp drop as he is impaled by a sword.

Cloud POV

I look into the screen watching Dante. Watching him fell the pain and fear. I have don't have any hate towards him. It is just so much fun to be torturing someone. I walk over to the other screens to see how the ladies are doing. They seem to be struggling against Cerberus even with each others help. I giggle with glee as one of them loses an arm and nearly her head. Her name I think is Trish. Lady is doing fairly well. The last one Tyler, is now unconscious. The next few months will be fun.

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