Kai was walking the streets of the town. His mind was full of images of a special girl who came back from training. That special girl is now in her home doing God knows what with God knows who.

He's heart was throbbing in his chest. It never stopped since he saw her.


Kai walked in Card Capital with Miwa. He looked around.

There's not many people here. – He thought.

He was right.

The manager was behind the counter, Aichi was talking with Kamui and Emi, Izaki and Lose-umi were talking about Grade 3's.

- Nee, is Sis back yet? – Miwa asked the Manager.

- No not yet.

- Hey! - a voice said.

Kai turned around. He saw three known character: Koutei, Gai and Yuri.

- Team Ceaser! - everybody said in one voice.

- Well hello there! – Manager said.

- Hey everybody! How's it goin'? – Yuri asked.

- Nothing much . – Miwa answered.

- So, where is the Shop girl ? – Koutei asked.

- Oh, she went to train at her friend's place in another town . – Manager said.

- When is she coming back? – Yuri asked.

- When her training' is over.

- And when is that going to be?

- We don't know.Well anyway please look around the shop. – Manager said.

- Well, well, well this is a rear picture to be seen. – A voice said.

- Everybody turned to the entrance of the shop.

- KORIN-CHAN! - the Luser-umi yelled.

- O, will you shut up! - Miwa and Izaki said.

- You guys are just jealous of me!


- Because I have a very good relationship with Korin!


Around that time, not so far away from the shop, the bus stopped at the station. A girl came out with a bag on her back. She looked up at the sky with her sea-blue eyes and smiled. She was back home.

- Miss, are you going to be ok? - The driver asked.

That question got her interested.

- What do you mine? – She asked.

- Well, I heard that there were some gangs destroying this town.

You could see the anger in her blinked a couple of times before she smiled and said:

- Don't worry. It will be ok.

And with that she walk away to the Card Capital, Took a deep berth and walked in.