Lost in a Storm


He had spent most of his adult life serving his country. Did some damn distasteful things.

Some threatened to overwhelm him. Stained his soul.

Losing his little boy by that fatal gunshot had sent him over the edge.

His first mission through the Stargate gave him back his sanity.

The second a new life.

Unlikely friends.


At first he'd thought nothing of how her smile chased away the lingering darkness.

Until they were separated by a force field. Realization came crashing down on him in a storm of emotions.

He couldn't leave her behind.


He loved her.


- Sam

She was a woman in a man's world. Had to work twice as hard to prove herself. Get less credit.

The pressure and expectations made her strive for success.

It paid off.

She was assigned to SGC.

He turned her world upside down by simply trusting her.

Without the pressure she thrived.

She fell hard for him. Couldn't imagine life without him.

It was complicated yet simple.

He was the safe haven when she got lost in the storm.

It was more than that.

He accepted her for who she was.

Would rather die than lose her.

It was love.

A/N: The cover art is the award hlndncr made for those of us who completed the challenge and wrote at least one drabble per prompt.