Here's an new Winx story, but for Rose, as I know she's a fan.

It was based on a day dream I had while watching the Winx movie this morning, but I had to write.

In it, a young girl discovers she's a magical being but must go to Alfea to make her magic stronger, but will have adventures.

I hope Winx fans like.

It was a beauitful day in Germany, as a yoiung girl was walking through the forest, as she was onj vacation with her parents and brother, but was enjoying herself, but she heard soft growling, as she followed it to a cave, but she was in awe peeking inside, but her eyes widened seeing a griffin.

She was wanting to help but felt strange, as her eyes glowed with magic but Winx emitted from her hands, as it healed the griffin, but Rose was in awe, as it nuzzled her.

"You're welcome, big guy.

But how did I do it?

I-I must have magic, just like the Winx!" she said.

She looked at her hands in awe, but saw the griffin afraid, as a certain group of witches appeared, making the young girl angry.

"Look girls, another Earth fairy!" Icy said.

Rose's eyes widened in awe, but wondered how but she then felt Winx bubble up within her, as it unleashed sending the Trix off their feet, but Rose laughed, as her long black hair blew around her in the breeze.

"You got lucky, fairy!

Let's see you do that again!" Stormy said.

Suddenly Bloom showed up but was angry that the Trix was causing troubl in Earth, like the Wizards of the Black Circle.

She managed to take care of them, using her Believix magic, but Rose smiled, as she hugged the fairy of the Dragon Flame but Bloom was impressed.

"i-i can't believe, that I'm a fairy Bloom." Rose told her.

"You are, believe it.

Who're you?" Bloom said.

"My name's Rose, Bloom.

I'm on vacation, with my family." she told her.

They then were walking back to where the girl's family were, but they were wondering who the girl with their daughter was, but Rose introduced her.

"Your daughter is amazing, Mr der Mejis." Bloom told Rose's father.

"Yes, she is." he replied.

Rose was lying awake in bed that night, imgining herself as a fairy, battling evil and flying high in the skies on powerful wings, but was hoping her parents would understand her secret but for now, she would keep it to herself, as they wouldn't believe her if she told them now, but her body glowed with Winx, but she fell asleep.