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Warnings: Flashback. Masochist Deidara.

Naruto laid back on his pillows with ear plugs in his ears listening to a song. He moved his foot to the beat and bobbed his head; the last two months had been normal between him and Deidara, but lately both of them have been very depressed. Damn. Why did songs about love always have to come on at the wrong time.

A song played through his headphones and he thought of Sasuke, the person he knew he would probably lose soon.

"How dare you talk to me like that." Sasuke got in the cute blond's face.

"Teme you could at least apologize." Naruto growled back at Sasuke.

'And when you hold my hand And I understand that it's meant to be.'cause baby when you're with me...'

"Here, sit still." Sasuke sat down on the coffee table and face Naruto who was sitting on the couch. Sasuke's slender fingers pushed the spray button and the cool contents went onto Naruto's wound. Sasuke took out a peace of gauze and place it over the bruise. 'Wah! What a beauty..his eyes are so beautiful!' Sasuke was lost for words while he was staring into the blond's eyes.

"Hurry up dude!" Uchiha came back to earth and cocked his eyebrow.

'It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven (came by and took me to heaven) 'cause when I stare in your eyes it couldn't be better (I don't want you to go, oh no, so)'

"Hey babe! I bought something for you." Sasuke handed Naruto his jacket and everyone got quite.

'Let the music blast We gonna do our dance Bring the doubters on They don't matter at all 'cause this life's too long And this love's too strong So baby know for sure That I'll never let you go..'

"Teme-?!" Sasuke picked him up like a sack of potatoes and threw him into the limo.

'I got my favorite girl Not feelin, no pain, no fear Don't have a care in the world Why would I when you are here?'

"It's okay though I've never met someone who's not afraid to show their true colors."

'There's a moment I've been chasing And I finally caught it out on this floor.'

"Say AHH!" Naruto held the smore in front of the raven's face and Sasuke bit the end of it.

"Mmm! That's good and I don't even like sweets!" Sasuke licked his lips and Naruto grinned.

'Baby, there's no hesitation, no reservation By taking a chance and more, oh no, because...'

"You're fever got really high while you were sleeping but don't worry I'm taking good care of you." Naruto smiled softly and ran his fingers through the raven's hair.

"Thank you." Sasuke rested back on his pillow. His head felt like it was spinning and he was hot.

"Just rest okay." Sasuke smiled at the blonde.

'It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven (came by and took me to heaven) 'cause when I stare in your eyes it couldn't be better (I don't want you to go, oh no, so)'

"Haaa…" Sasuke yawned and put his arm on the other side of Naruto. Naruto looked Sasuke's hand that rested on his shoulder and then looked at the Uchiha.

"That was so corny." Naruto laughed at the other teen.

"Well I wanted to try it at least once." Sasuke smirked at the short blond.

"It reminds of those lovey dovey teenage couple at the movies." Naruto chuckled.

"Really." Sasuke ruffled the blond's hair.

"Yeah. But I have to say this is pretty nice." Naruto leaned on the raven's chest as they relaxed in the warm water.

'It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven (came by and took me to heaven, girl) 'cause when i stare in your eyes it couldn't be better (I don't want you to go, oh no, so)'

"Take this teme!" Naruto dropped the ball onto the table making it bounce. He then smacked it towards the raven. Sasuke did the same sending it back but it went straight passed Naruto's head and right into the wall behind the blond leaving a small creator in the wall. Naruto turned and covered his mouth, he shuddered a little thinking about the pain he would have been in if it had hit his head. Naruto walked over and picked up the ball.

"O-Okay I guess I'm ready to start again." Naruto looked nervously at the raven and bounced the ball off the table once more. Naruto and Sasuke sent the ball flying back and forth to each other using all their strength.

"Not bad Naruto but you'll need more strength then that to beat me!" Sasuke smirked as he sent the ball flying back to the blond.

"Haa…ha…had enough..teme?" Naruto sweated as he caught his breath.

"O-Of course not!" Sasuke was catching his breath as well; sweat ran down from his raven hair and down his face.

"Then take this!" Sasuke bounced the ball and hit it towards Naruto. Naruto hit it back, Sasuke jumped to hit the ball with his full strength.

'Take my hand Let's just dance Watch my feet Follow me Don't be scared, Girl I'm here If you didn't know, This is love'

"God, I can't believe you forgot your hat." Naruto sulked, walking next to the raven.

"Sorry." Sasuke ran his finger through his hair and sighed.

"I'm really sorry this date has been horrible." Sasuke held the blond's hand and Naruto blushed slightly.

"Stop apologizing, it's making me madder." Naruto puffed out his cheeks and Sasuke pouted.

'Let the music blast We gonna do our dance Praise the doubters on They don't matter at all (oh, baby)'

"Well that's what you sign up for when you date a pop star." Sasuke stated smugly.

"Teme!" Naruto tried to hit the raven but Sasuke caught his hand. He then leaned in and kissed Naruto; the blond gave in and kissed back. He put his hands on the raven's face and pulled him into a deeper kiss.

'Cause this life's too long And this love's too strong So baby know for sure That

I'll never let you go..'

"Stop watching me." Sasuke cracked one eye open and looked at the blond.

"I wasn't watching you for the hundredth time, it's just every time you wake up I just happen to be looking your way." Naruto stated.

So don't fear. Don't you worry about a thing. I am here, by you (I'll never let you go)'

"I don't really need a hug." Naruto was trying to hold his tears back, he knew if he hugged the Uchiha he would fall apart.

"Aw…come on." Sasuke held out his arms waiting for the blond to walk into his embrace. Naruto smiled and walked into the raven's strong arms.

"Teme…" Naruto pulled Sasuke into a heated kiss and Sasuke's eyes widened, he was surprised, he didn't think Naruto would actually kiss him before he left. Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blond's waist, pulling their bodies closer together...

'Don't shed a tear. Whenever you need me, I'll be here (I'll never let you go) Oh no, oh no, oh... (I'll never let you go) Oh no, oh no, oh... (I'll never let you go)...'

"Unn…" Naruto turned over and tears flowed from his bright blue eyes. 'Everything sucks, way to go Naruto, screwing up your first relationship.' The blond sniffled and wiped his face. '...I'm an idiot.' Naruto looked at the time and more tears flowed from his eyes. He knew Sasuke would he coming back around this time as well.

~Dei-chan's House~

"Nii-san?" Shiro knocked on his brother's door; the blond then asked harshly,

"What do you want stupid!" Shiro usually liked to make his older brother mad, but right now it sounded like his brother was crying.

"…Nii-san?" The short blond opened up his brother's room door and Deidara sat up quickly with tears running down his face before quickly wiping the tears away.

"Shiro, get out." Deidara mumbled, throwing a pillow at his little brother.

"Aw stop crying. How am I supposed to laugh when you look so pathetic?" He pouted and his older brother glared at him.

"Unnnh!" Deidara covered his face and cried harder.

"Oh there, there." His little brother patted his head, hesitantly and frowned.

"Shiro, stop forcing yourself," Deidara swatted his brother's hand away.

"Oh come on.. I was just about to tell you how much you mean to me." He said, honestly. He really wasn't one to be open with his feelings and he could be really mean at times.

"Aw..thanks. You've never said that to me before." The long haired blond sniffled, smiling.

"Well... y-you are welcome." He muttered, almost gagging. He then got off the bed and looked around Deidara's room.

"Tell me, how do I look?" He smiled with his hands on his hips.

"Why?" Deidara looked at him curiously.

"Because I'm going to invent something to duplicate myself and if I look ugly I don't want to look twice as ugly." He stated with a grin.

"Get out you asshole!" Deidara got up and pushed his little brother out of his room and slammed the door.

"Man, even when he's sad and pitiful he's still so mean." Shiro walked away and went down stairs.

~The Next Day~

"Haa it feels good to be back home!" Sasuke flopped down on his bed. They were finally back home in their huge mansion and Sasuke was happy he didn't have to worry about Sakura sneaking in to room every night.

"So, what are you going to about Naruto?" Itachi leaned on the door frame with his arms folded across his chest.

"I don't know. What about you?" Sasuke cock an eyebrow and Itachi rubbed his chin.

"I was thinking a sexual punishment and some hardcore-"

"I'm going to stop you there." Sasuke put his hand up silencing his brother.

"Is that how you fix everything with Deidara?" His little brother got up and stretched before taking off his shirt.

"Yeah. He didn't mean any harm and I know how much he really cares about me. I mean What do you expect, we left them alone with each other for three months without sex." Itachi stated, folding his arms across his chest.

"He took advantage of Naruto so I'm going to hurt him." Sasuke growled inwardly, balling his fist.

"I will not let that happen," Itachi sent his little brother the famous Uchiha glare. "You hurt my blonde I hurt yours." He said fiercely, cracking his fists.

Sasuke then gasped and said, "You wouldn't!" He looked at his brother disbelievingly.

"Oh I so would." He replied seriously with narrowed dark eyes.

"Please Nii-san, just one punch in the face." Sasuke begged, clasping his hands together; Itachi flipped him off before leaving the room.

"Deidara get up. We have school." Naruto and Deidara laid in Naruto's bed with messy hair. Naruto nudged his best friend and the long haired blond groaned in irritation.

"Can't we just skip?" He turned over and looked at the spiky haired blond.

"Boys, time for school!" Kushina yelled up the steps. "If you're not going then get down here and clean up my house!" She shouted before walking out the front door to go to work.

"Your mom is so awesome." Deidara muffled in the pillow.

"Uh huh." Naruto nodded still half sleep; Deidara then got up and picked up his and Naruto's clothes they threw on the floor last night because they were to lazy to put them in the hamper.

Kushina hummed, making her way towards her car after exiting the house. Ever since she got pregnant she had been very moody but today she was very happy and perky, her eyes then glanced up when she heard a car door close.

"Oh, hi Sasuke-kun!" Kushina looked at the raven who just stepped out of the limo with shades on his face; Itachi Uchiha was trailing behind him too.

"Hello Kushina-san, is Naruto home?" Sasuke walked up to his lover's mother.

"Yes I think he and Deidara are asleep right now in his bed." Kushina smiled brightly and Sasuke's eye twitched.

"Itachi-san it's nice to see you again." Kushina chimed and the older Uchiha and he bowed his head in respect.

"You as well Kushina-san, how is Minato?"

"He's fine. He happens to be on a business trip today but be sure to give him a call." She opened up her car door and got inside. "You boys have fun." They nodded and the women drove off after waving.

"Come on." Sasuke walked up the steps to Naruto's house and Itachi followed behind him.

"How are you going to get in?"

"I have a key." Sasuke smirked and Itachi seemed stunned.

"You know, you have really stalker like tendencies." The long haired murmured.

"Oh shut up." He began unlocking the door and Itachi sighed. Sasuke finally got the door open and they both walked inside, kicking off their shoes. Itachi looked around and the house was fairly big at least for three people. Sasuke took off his jacket and gulped.

"Guess we should go up there." Sasuke looked at his brother worriedly and Itachi nodded.

"Dude we're going to be alone whenever the Uchihas decide call it off." Deidara looked over at Naruto and the short haired blond nodded. "But hey at least we still have each other hehe!" Naruto grabbed Deidara's hand and the long haired blond sucked his teeth; They gave each other an Eskimo kiss, grinning.

"What's the worst thing we've ever said to each other?" Deidara sat up and Naruto tilted his head to the side.

"Um... Oh! Remember in seventh grade when we got in that big fight."

"Oh yeah. You called me a slut and I called you a bitch and then you called me a whore." Deidara frowned, scratching his head.

"And how did that conclude?"

"I said I love and you said, love you too and then we went to go play video games." The long haired blond chuckled and Naruto nodded.

"You see nothing can break us apart because we always end up coming back to each other." Naruto tackled Deidara onto the bed and grinned when he pinned him down.

"We should go see the fireworks tomorrow!" Deidara beamed, looking at the blond on top of him.

"Yeah! Let's do that!" They fist bumped and Deidara flipped Naruto over so now he was on top.

"Deidara let me up!" Naruto thrashed around and Deidara shook his head.

"-Naruto!" Sasuke kicked the door open. He and Itachi's mouth gaped when they saw Deidara pinning Naruto down.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" Deidara jumped off the bed and hid on the other side of it. "S-Sasuke!" Deidara blushed, seeing his idol with slightly longer hair and a new outfit on.

"S-Sasuke?!" Naruto sat up, frantically and Sasuke hurried over to him.

"Are you okay? Did he rape you?!" Naruto's eyes widened and Sasuke stared at him seriously.

"Um.. no we were just..." Naruto gulped, fidgeting.

"Deidara! I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke tried to jump over the bed but Naruto grabbed him.

"B-Baka! Stop he didn't do anything!" Naruto clenched his teeth as he tried to hold his boyfriend back.

"But while I wasn't here he did something." Sasuke tightened his fists and Naruto gulped. He then looked at Itachi who was whistling, glancing around aimlessly.

"S-Sasuke- Ouch!" The raven kicked Naruto off the bed by accident and the blond fell with a thud. He then grabbed hold of Deidara's shirt collar and balled his fist.

"Sasuke don't-" Itachi grabbed Naruto when he saw his little brother about to punch Deidara in the face. Sasuke quickly froze and Itachi laughed, deeply; he grabbed the blond's arm bent it behind his back.

"Ita!" Naruto screamed out.

"What are you doing?!" Sasuke scowled, looking at his older brother. If he did anything to hurt his Naruto he'd be dead. His blood was already boiling.

"Let him go or I'll snap his arm like a twig." Itachi warned with a friendly smile; Naruto gulped and he struggled to get away from the older raven.

"No! Itachi don't mess this up for me." Deidara shouted, pointing his finger sternly.

"Eh?!" Naruto and Itachi looked at him shockingly.


"What?" Sasuke cocked an eyebrow.

"I am about to get punched in the face by the great Sasuke Uchiha! Now come on right here," Deidara looked up at the Uchiha fiercely; Sasuke didn't see any fear in the teen's eyes, he looked prepared actually. "Wait get my good side so I can take a picture and then tweet it. Everybody will be like OMG you go hit by the Sasuke Uchih-Itai!" Sasuke pushed him onto the floor and he pouted.

"Oh come on! Why didn't you hit me?" He looked up at him with a pissed expression on his face. Naruto's forehead formed a sweet drop and Itachi sighed, letting go of the short blond.

"I have never met a fan this weird." Sasuke rubbed his temples; Deidara then got up and grabbed his fist.

"Come on! You have to hit me, I've been waiting for two months! I've always dreamed about getting the crap beat out me by the great Sasuke Uchiha and then bragging about it but no you're just going to mess this up for me the one time-!" Itachi picked the teen up and coughed awkwardly.

'He really is a masochist. I should train him properly.'

"We'll be going." He stated and Sasuke looked at Deidara, oddly.

"Like I was saying, the one time I want this to happen and you had to stop, I mean you could have at least gave me a lock of hair or even a spit sample or even better a-" The door slammed closed after Itachi carried to blond out of the room, leaving Naruto and Sasuke alone.

. . .

"A-aaha!" Naruto laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head, sheepishly.

"What can I say, he loves Sasuke Uchiha." He looked away from the raven and sat down on his bed. 'I wonder what he's going to say?' Naruto gulped and his palms got sweaty.



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