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On the fine day, when the air blows as the winds blows through the cracked window; which is normally happen in the morning with the sing a song from nightingale, get disturbed by the racket within the small cottage…

"Just die, you scum…"

The blonde woman pointed her knife to the black haired man with the baby on his back.

Without even scared with her threat, he is just stared on her and moaned. He didn't know what he could do right now when it's come to this situation. For a few seconds, they just remain silent until Furuichi interrupted them.

"Oga! What are you doing right now? Just follow your script and act like in the script!" Furuichi get mad.

"Ah..shut up! Why do you always want to blame me? It was Hilda who didn't act properly…Just read the script! She has a lot thing to say right now and in this scene I just have to sit like a rock and silently listen to her chatter. You're the one who make this script, FREAK!"

While holding the script, Furuichi scratching his head and later on he is just grinned. He knows that he is the wrongdoer but he makes a face of innocence and ignored that he is the one fault. Then, again he still holding the script up on the air while shouted, "Ok, now maintain and continue your act. Don't make a mistake again. Let started the "Delinquent Beauty Drama" from the beginning because of your lack in acting skills…"

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, PEDOPHILE!" everyone shouted.

"1, 2, 3 and…ACTION!" Like a referee, Furuichi draw his hand to take a play.

"We are not ready yet, idiot director!" all players screamed at Furuichi but he ignored it, saying that he is the director so neither Oga nor other delinquents can't match with him in drama. At least, he just can direct them in drama, but not at outside school which he just like a lowlife flies around the bunch of buffalo having a mud-bathing.(imagine where Furuichi status at there..)While a bunch of humans complain about Furuichi, Hilda just sighed, "Trash…" She just thinks the flashback when they do a meeting….


"We were going to participate on the School Festival as the principal said."Mr. Saotome said that to the students in class specialist for Ishiyama High. It seems like everyone ignored him. Same like Red Tails gangs include Aoi Kunieda discuss about where they want to heading after the school.

Kanzaki complained, "Geh...just ignored it, old man. Just skip what he wants. It's not like that you always follow his rules, isn't?"Kanzaki suggested the ways to escape from participate on the School Festival followed by Shiroyama and Hanazawa Yuka a.k.a paako, who always supported him no matter what. Natsume were just smiling with their behavior towards Kanzaki. Oga was sleep with Baby Beel on his back. Toujou isn't there skipping the class because he had a part time job to do. Only Hilda and Furuichi concentrate every single word that come from his mouth. After a long of his babbling, he started the conversation.

"You assholes must choose one instead of three submissions to play on the stage. 1. Poetry. 2. Drama. 3. The Joker Play. Someone who like the first suggestion, please raise their hands…hah.."

Aoi raised her hand to ask something but Mr. Saotome counted it as 1 vote and wrote it at the first suggestion on the blackboard. "No sensei, I want to ask you something and don't count it as a vote. I want to ask about what is the reason that the principal want us to participate in St. Ishiyama High School Festival? We have nothing to do with their school after all. Besides that, if we were participating in this festival, it's only gotten to be worsening with our reputation as a student of Ishiyama High. Why you want us to chip in so badly?" The student of Ishiyama High cheered and agreed with their Queen a.k.a class rep.

At that moment, Mr. Saotome put the chalk and holds her shoulder then said, "Well, its look like you all didn't get what I said a few minutes ago. If we participate in this festival and do it well, it will change your reputation as the students from the delinquent school improved better. If your bitch didn't do it properly, I'll make sure that all of you got the punishment for losing my 6 month salaries. Don't you felt a pity on me?"

"So, that's why he wants us to join in…"thought everyone in the class.

"We have decided, for the sake of the pride of Ishiyama High, we are going to take a part on the festival!"

"HELL YEAH!" all of them supported Aoi's decision.

"So noisy…I can't sleep properly…" Oga groaned.

A few minutes later…

"Here is the result...hmm..." said Mr. Saotome and glared to a sleeping Oga.

"Then, we were decided that in this drama "Delinquent Beauty", the player and staff that take a role on the stage is…."

Furuichi Takayuki = the Director

Himekawa Tatsuya = the fiancée

Oga Tatsumi = Beast

Hildegarde = Beauty

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV alias Baby Beel = Beauty & Beast's son.

Aoi Kunieda = maid.

Red Tails member = sponsored clothes.

Toujou = (Carpenter) Background props

And the remained = props.

"What the hell with Furuichi had been the director?" Everyone protested.

"Because you're all did not pay your attention! So, just admit it!"


Hilda awoke from her reverie when she heard the hall door stomping. It was Aoi who stomped the door with worries on her face.

"We gotta have a problem! It seems like they wanted us to attend a meeting to change the rules of this competition!"


"What the fuck with that rules, you fuckers!"

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