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Chapter 1 – Seventeen

Ninja: a society of mercenary agents, highly trained in martial arts, ninjutsu, genjusu, and stealth, hired for covert purposes ranging from espionage to sabotage and assassination. That however was not the extent of the profession, not only were children trained from the young age of four to become assassins, to murder both the guilty and the innocent in cold blood, they were trained to kill basic human qualities to achieve these missions. They grew with a certain set of rules, drilled into their heads from the first day they begin at the ninja academy—the Shinobi Rules.

Many children grew thinking that these rules were the code of life, rules that can never be broken. But all rules are made to be broken, otherwise there wouldn't be a need for jails, holding cells, Torture and Interrogation Forces, most commonly known as a villages T&I department. Some of the rules were helpful for aspiring Shinobi, such as rule 32: A Shinobi must see the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings, a rule that has saved many a Shinobi's lives.

However there were many that were inhuman, causing children to be raised as robots. Rule number four; a Shinobi must always put the mission first, and number twenty-five; a Shinobi must never show emotion. However it is hard to completely crush ones emotions, and therefore to put a mission first before taking revenge on a fallen comrade, but in times of war, it is a Shinobi's emotions that can make or break them.

The fourth Shinobi world war felt as if it was never ending. It had been raging for six months now, six months of bloodshed, six months of watching their comrades die, six months of tears and emotional rollercoaster's.

She was lent against a tree trunk, perched amongst the highest of branches she could manage in her tired state, her breathing felt laboured as she hid amongst the half charred leaves. Her hair hung in disarray above her shoulders, the hair band that once held the once long blonde locks in a ponytail long destroyed, burned to a crisp with the percentage of her hair.

She tried to muffle her coughs, her lungs burning from the heavy smoke in the air. She could sense a familiar chakra signature moving towards her with the last of her depleting nature chakra. The distinctive dark orange markings that shadowed her eyes began to fade as her legs finally gave out beneath her and she was forced to her knees on the branch. She flared her chakra in two quick consecutive bursts to alert the fellow ninja of her position. He arrived only moments after, catching her clumsily as she slipped from the branch. He forced chakra into his arms and legs to support the crushing weight after her ten metre fall.

"Kakashi-sensei, your face" she whispered with half closed eyes as she forced herself to stay awake. She reached up with a weak arm and stroked the young man's uncovered chin, the five o'clock shadow pricking against her finger tips. The usual black cloth that had covered the bottom half of his face was ruined and in tatters, hanging from his neck. He smiled a sad smile, shifting her in his arms as—she was too weak to hold onto his back—he began running back to the camp ground. He looked down to his student; burns covered the back of her head trailing down the left side of her neck and to her arm, the once smooth skin red and blistered. Kakashi sighed in relief as he could see the burns healing already. No matter how many times he witnessed her healing abilities, they never ceased to amaze him.

He reached the camp ground within minutes, making a beeline for the closest medical tent. Dozens of Shinobi littered the inside, most injured and the rest tending to the wounded. Kakashi looked for the nearest empty futon and immediately placed her on the makeshift bed.

"Naruto?" a girl with large green eyes and roughly cut pink hair ran to her injured teammate and sensei, lithely swerving between the other people present in the room. She crouched down to her knees and placed her hands above Naruto, green chakra beginning to glow around them and flowing down to the woman in front of her, inspecting the healing patterns and the extent of her injuries.

"What's the verdict Doc?" Kakashi eventually asked as he watched the girl writing down an abundance of information on a worn clipboard. Kakashi's eyebrows drew together; his one eye furrowed in a frown, wondering just how much damage would be needed to induce that amount of writing and documenting.

"She has four fractured ribs, second degree burns as well as first degree chakra burns, possibly a punctured lung, low to medium risk smoke inhalation, she most likely had a few more injuries before you brought her in but the Kyūbi chakra most likely already healed them. There is also the possibility that she had had a poison in her blood stream but the Kyūbi seems to have taken care of that as well," Kakashi let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. Recently, he'd been feeling more and more thankful towards the beast sealed inside of Naruto, if it hadn't been, he would most likely have broken the promise he made to his sensei's grave stone to protect her, for she would most likely have died already if it weren't for her inhabitant.

"—that's not all though, I have a feeling the Kyūbi is as exhausted as Naruto is. His healing is sloppy, in the end I'm going to have to re-break her ribs because they aren't healing straight," Kakashi rubbed his hand over his uncovered face, the skin wear his mask used to sit felt naked.

"Thank you Sakura, good work as usual," the pink haired girl, Sakura, smiled sadly to her sensei.

"You know I'd do anything for the people I care about, especially you and Naruto. A wise man once told me In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. I couldn't possibly not do everything in my power to help with words like them drilled into my conscience," her mentor smiled and chuckled, placing a hand on her shoulder as he stood from his kneeling position, his joints cracking as he rose.

"Sounds like someone I could learn a few things from," Sakura laughed lightly before her eyes changed, all humour gone as she looked down to her friend. She raised her hand and watched as the green chakra began to form.

"You should probably be getting back, Naruto will be fine here, so you won't be abandoning her for your mission if you go," Kakashi looked admiringly at his student, wondering how someone like him could have possibly been any part of raising two such amazing Shinobi. He placed his hand softly on her head, his eyes conveying how proud he was of his student before turning and leaving.


It had been only a week and a half since Naruto had been admitted into the makeshift hospital, however for the blonde, which was probably one of the longest times she'd ever had to be in one. Her amazing healing capabilities had completely healed her wounds, the once charred skin smooth and pink, no scars left to mark her infinitely flawless complexion.

She was awake now, stretching her newly healed muscles, popping her stiff joints, the feeling bliss after lying down for so long. Her chakra had nearly completely returned, she felt more alive than she had in weeks. However, her happy mood would soon fade as she once again familiarised herself with the war around her.

Naruto felt a familiar chakra signature coming in her direction; she turned to see an older blonde woman with an overly large chest walking towards her. The two women smiled at the other. The older woman's smile was considerable smaller than the younger's as she approached.

"You seem well, but are you well enough for a mission?" The older woman asked, tapping a mission scroll in her hand.

"Come off of it Tsunade-baa-Chan, I am fighting fit and ready to end this war with everything that I have—" she paused briefly, her smile faltering, turning sombre "—I don't want to see any more of my comrades die,"

"Good answer," Tsunade handed that scroll over and watched as Naruto opened it, reading the contents, her eyes turned hard as steel as she reached the bottom.

"When do we leave?" She asked, placing the scroll into her pack, looking expectantly up to the woman she considered to be a grandmother.

"As soon as you can gather everyone together," Naruto nodded and instantly disappeared to find her fellow Shinobi. Tsunade frowned as she headed back to where the other Kage's waited, her hand ghosted over her collar bone where her own grandfather's necklace used to sit. "Good luck Naruto," she whispered, hoping for the girl's safety, not wanting to lose any more of her family.


The battle was long and hard, Naruto fought as hard as she could, but it wasn't good enough as the people around her gradually dropped one by one. Her fellow Shinobi, Shikamaru, appeared beside her, ripping her from where she stood before a giant ball of chakra obliterated the once even ground. The tailed beast ball—most commonly known as a Bijūdama—created a giant crater, reshaping the landscape.

Naruto had had enough; she couldn't sit back and watch the people she knew die any longer. 'Let's do this Kurama,' she said into her mind, addressing the large demon fox inside of her. Her eyes glowed as she began to grow, turning into a giant chakra version of the Kyūbi.

She barely registered the rest of the fight, everything blending together as she fought the masked man and his army. The tailed beasts in front of her all stopped, large balls of chakra forming in front of them. Naruto mimicked the action, her own Bijūdama forming in front of her open jaw. The mass of chakra condensed and fired only a millisecond before it was too late, the colossal masses of chakra colliding between them.

Everything stopped. As the balls of pure chakra collided, everything stilled, all was silent.

She felt it before she saw it. Her oversized body began to slide towards the spinning balls of chakra, a hole forming in the middle, sucking her body towards it. She was the closest to the black hole; she turned in her place to see the people around her slowly being dragged in towards her. Tears escaped her fox like eyes as she drew in a deep breath, Kakashi's eyes widened when he realised what she was doing. He shouted for her to stop. But it was too late.

Naruto built the chakra up into her throat before letting a giant sonic roar from her mouth, in the direction of her comrades. They were all blown backwards, away from the gaping hole behind her, gradually dragging her closer and closer inside. The roar was nothing compared to what it could be, the chakra restricted in order to limit the injuries that would surly accompany this last ditch effort to save her friends.

She saw her friends blown into the distance, hoping one last time none of them were harmed by what she'd just done, before she was forcibly sucked into the hole behind her.


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