Mechanic Chapter one A/N: this is a fanfiction for my bestest friend/partner in crime, vampwolf22! Did I ask permission to use her oc, Emmaline Cullen, in a fanfiction? Nope! But once she starts reading, she's not gonna care! Multi-chapter. X3 enjoy! AU but there's still imprinting. Jacob Black pulled up outside his mechanics shop on bus bike, ready for another busy day. It was always busy here. But that was just the way he liked it. "Jake, you're back!"Jared and Quil said in unison when he walked in."Send me on another vacation, I dare you."Jacob threatened, though his tone was less than serious. "You needed it! All you do is work!"Jared exclaimed."Yeah, man. You needed some chill time."Quil added."And what exactly did you two do to handle the chaos while I was gone?"Jacob asked."We hired someone to come help."Quil said."Who?"Jacob asked. They nodded toward the inside of the shop, where the sound of an engine revving loudly could be heard. He walked past Jared and Quil and into the actual shop, stopping in surprise. He saw first a pair of slender legs stepping out of the car, and then the body they belonged to. It was a girl. Long, blonde, curly hair pulled up and out of the way in a messy bun, a beautiful, curvy body...Jacob Black swore he had never seen someone so beautiful in his life. She frowned, not seeing him yet and opened the hood of the car back up. She bent over the hood of the car, giving him a perfect view of her perfect ass. He was sold. Jacob cleared his throat. She turned slowly, violet-gold eyes meeting his dark black ones."Oh, you must be Jacob, the owner."she stood up, and held out her hand,"I'm Emma." He shook her hand, almost mesmerized by her eyes." long were you here while I was gone?"he asked."This is my third day."she answered. He released her hand."Its nice to meet you."he said."Likewise."she smiled. "I'll uh...let you get back to work."he said."Thanks."she smiled again and went back to work, bending back over the engine. That's gonna kill me Jacob thought as he watched it move slightly as she worked. He shook himself out of his thoughts and walked back to meet with Jared and Quil, who seemed to be enjoying themselves."Like the new hire?"Quil asked."I think he does. I mean, he just all but imprinted on her ass-ow!"Jared snapped when Jacob smacked him on the back of his head. Quil laughed."She's really good at what she does."he said. "Teasing men unknowingly or working on cars?"Jacob asked with a grin on his face. "Both."Quil and Jared said in unison. Jacob chuckled. Working at the shop would become very interesting indeed... A/N: Chapter one, completed. I really hope my friend likes this! Much luffs to mah bestest friend evar! You are awesome!