Mechanic Chapter four A/N: Sex. In a car. All I'm gonna say. They've been dating for three months. This'll be a long chapter! Smut! Yay! It was getting late, and Jacob decided to help Emma on her last car so she could go home."Thank God we're almost done!"she said, watching him from the corner of her eye. She loved watching him work, loved watching him muscles move and flex. It stirred heat in her stomach watching him. And right now she could swear she had a fever. "I'm gonna go get us something to drink."Jacob said, leaving for the vending machine at the front of the building. She took action. She closed the hood of the car quickly and sat on it, adjusting her clothes to appeal more to his inner wolf. She wanted him. Bad. And now it was time she got what she wanted. She took her hair down, letting it fall wild around her face. Jacob made his way back to the garage with two cokes in his hand."Hey Emma I got you...a..."he felt himself lose his ability to speak at the sight before him. Her face was flushed from working so hard, her wild blonde hair everywhere, those eyes...she smirked."Hey Jake..."she purred softly. He dropped the coke bottles in utter shock. He felt heat pool in his stomach and in his groin. She beaconed him closer, which he wasted no time getting closer to her. Her hands roamed over his bare chest, lightly dragging her nails. She pulled him down for a kiss, not surprised when he pinned her to the hood of the car. She was surprise however when he bit at her lip, demanding entrance to her mouth. She parted her lips and moaned as his tongue ravished every inch of her mouth. His canines grazed over her tongue, sending a shiver up her spine. Jacob broke the kiss, leaving her gasping for breath as his lips and teeth worked the sensitive skin of her neck. She writhed in pleasure, arching against him. Jacob sat back on his heels, admiring the flustered, sexy girl beneath him."Take off your shirt."he said. Biting her lip, she pulled it over her head. His hands roamed the newly exposed flesh, desire coursing through his veins. He picked her up, locking her legs around his waist. He reached into her back pocket for the keys and unlocked the car, laying her down in the backseat. His hands slid up her thighs, pulling off her shorts and underwear in one tug. He got in, hovering over her."Jake..."his name was a soft whine on her lips. He let her hands run over his chest, looking up at him in silent permission to take off his shorts."Go ahead baby."he said, smirking. In the small space of the car, she managed to wriggle off his shorts, whimpering at the hardened heat that now pressed against her thigh through the thin layer of his boxers. "J-Jacob..."eyes eyes closed."You want me inside you...don't you Emma?"he growled softly in her ear. She shivered, nodding."How badly do you want me?"he whispered in her ear, tracing the shell with his tongue. Emma's mind clouded, becoming dizzy with heat."S-so bad..."she whimpered. He unclasped her bra, nibbling and sucking at her breasts. She arched up to his touch, moaning for more. He chuckled darkly next to her ear."I-I need you...please..."she begged, pulling his body down closer to hers. He gave her a crooked grin and pulled off his boxers. She gasped softly at the feeling of his cock pressed against her."Take me...please Jake..."she breathed, locking eyes with him. He wrapped her legs around his waist. Giving her a wicked grin, he held her hips and thrust himself into her."O-oh Jacob!"she couldn't stop herself from crying out as her hips bucked up to meet his. He groaned at the feeling of her tightness, so hot around him every time he pushed into her small frame. She writhed beneath him in pleasure."J-Jake...o-oh harder! Please!"she begged, dragging her nails down his back. He gripped her hips tighter, moving harder and deeper inside her."T-talk to me Jake..."she panted. He smirked."You're so tight hot inside."he purred in her ear. She whimpered needingly, bucking against him again. Her cries grew louder the faster he moved. Emma pulled him down for a kiss, tangling her tongue with his. He sucked on her tongue, felling her shiver under him."O-oh Jake...c-close..."she gasped, digging her nails into his shoulders."Come for me baby...come now!"he growled. Her head fell back as she cried out his name. He followed after, her name a moan on his lips. The two laid tangled in the backseat of the car, working to catch their breath."Jake?"Emma said."Hm?"came his reply."How long have you had a car fetish?"she giggled. He chuckled, kissing her."Since you started working here."he said. A/N: DONE! And this is the last chapter too! I probably just killed my friend...*giggle* Tell me what you think!