Soul bared his teeth at Wes as he felt his whole arm slowly transform into a blade. "You could mess with me all you want… but when it comes down to Maka… no one fucks around with her, I won't let them." He growled as he took a menacing step towards him.

Wes smiled at him evilly. "Hit me with your best shot Soul. I dare ya." He said with a snicker.

Soul charged for his brother and Wes did the same.

That's when all that cool that Soul was known for… vanished into thin air. He lost all sense of the word 'cool', and Wes noticed this. Every swing that Soul did was sloppy and uncoordinated.

Wes was bewildered, this was not the way he wanted to fight his brother, and he wanted Soul to stand a chance so that he could beat him the way he always wanted to.

Wes could easily block all the moves that Soul threw at him.

Soul soon found himself out of breath, his knees close to giving out under him. He realized from the get-go that the chances to surviving this would be slim… but he had to do this for Maka.

They stood a few good twenty feet apart; Wes had a slight frown on his face while he watched Soul pant in exhaustion. "I really would have thought that this would have been more of a challenge Soul." Wes said, shaking his head in disappointment but then smiled dangerously. "I guess I might as well make the most out of this. I've been saving this trick for a while now." Wes said his smile turning into his sadistic smile.

Wes's left arm turned into a scythe again and Wes reached up to touch the part where metal meets skin. He let out a scream of agony that made Soul flinch as he watch in amazement at what Wes was doing.

Wes had gotten a good hold of his blade and was ripping it off of his own body. With a final grunt, Wes had managed to sever the blade from his body, holding it with his right arm, the only one he had left.

Soul's eyes widened when he saw the blade turn into a full blow scythe. "How are you going to handle it? You only have one arm left." Soul said getting into attack mode once more.

"I've had practice." He said with a shrug, not seeming to mind the blood that was pouring out of his arms socket as he twirled the scythe with his fingers.

Soul let out a war cry as he ran, closing the distance between himself and his brother. Wes smirked at him and once more, blocked all his attacks, this time managing to get in a few blows on Soul.

Soul saw no way out of it; he would have to play dirty. He kicked Wes's feet from under him and kicked the scythe out of Wes's stunned hand, hearing the clank of metal hitting gravel. He turned his arm back to normal and turned his fingers into tiny blades. "This is for what you did to MY Maka." He growled at him and slashed his fingers across his throat.

Almost at once, Wes's eyes searched Soul's, a small smile on his face. "Thank… you." he managed to say before his eyes rolled back into his head.

Soul stared at him, shock coursing through him. "Thank you?" he questioned and then sighed. "I should probably bury you." Soul whispered, bending down to pick up his brother but before he could there was a strong wind that stopped him. He looked up to see a jet land next to him and the side door opening. "What are you looking at? Get in!" Kid yelled at him when he poked his head out.

Soul looked down at his brother and nodded at him. "I'll be sure to bury your scythe next to Mom and Dad's grave, right now, I have important things to do." He said as he ran to grab the scythe and jump into the jet to see Maka lying on the ground, damaged and a blond girl, frantically trying to stop the bleeding.

Soul set the scythe on the ground and ran towards Maka, pushing away the blond. "You're doing it wrong." He growled at her, pressing on Maka's wounds, not caring that he had blood on his hands, as long as Maka would make it out okay.

The blond huffed at him. "I was doing it right! I have a certificate in nursing so back off." She growled at him and pushed him away.

Kid closed the door. "Get this Jet moving Patty!" he yelled in the direction of the cockpit and sighed in frustration to see Liz and Soul pushing each other and yelling.

"Both of you! Break it up, you were both doing it wrong." He yelled at them and went to find the first aid kit that had to be somewhere on the jet.