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Summary: Similar to Beauty and the Beast but with a different twist to the tale. Tamaki Suoh is the prince of the school and president of the newly formed Host Club. To Nekozawa he seems nothing more than a player toying with girls' hearts and places a curse on him. Now Tamaki has to make his 116th guest his bride.

Chapter 1 The Curse of Ouran Host Club

"Oh Tamaki, you're making me blush." A giggly fan girl sighed dreamily. Tamaki Suoh, the prince of Ouran tilted her chin to look up at him.

"I think you're even prettier when you blush my princess." He whispered gently against her ear to only make her blush deeper.

"Tamaki, you really make me feel special."

"Because you are," He murmured.

"Time for the next appointment." The cool smooth voice of Kyoya Ootori said. The girl Tamaki was sitting with looked up at him, with his cold yet pleased smile. She sighed and reluctantly rose from her seat to make her way out as a new girl took her vacant seat beside Tamaki.

This was plain procedure of the Ouran Host Club. Ouran Academy was a school for the children of rich prominent families. The Club was formed that very year by Tamaki Suoh, the club's king. The whole idea of the Host Club was to entertain bored young ladies by four extremely handsome boys.

Tamaki was the most popular with the ladies being the president. His six foot lean body and golden hair were very attractive features. But most captivating were his amethyst eyes that seemed to suck in the girls' affection. Next was the club's vice president, Kyoya Otori. He wasn't that much of a host considering he preferred just dealing with the club's accounting over entertaining. Of course most girls were nervous around him but he was requested every once and a while.

The other two members were Hunny and Mori, both second years in high school and were cousins who worked together. Hunny didn't seem like a high school student with his short appearance and was more cute than handsome with his golden hair and big brown eyes. He played his appearance to his advantage and acted like the little kid he liked to be which complimented with Mori's act. Being the tallest of anyone in the school, he was the strong yet silent type, yet with Hunny or any of his other friends he was extremely caring.

The club was soon going to grow larger with the end of next term when the group of four planned to be turned into the group of six. Tamaki asked the two Hitachiin twins to join the club and play the affectionate brothers that they were. Already in their last year in middle school, they had dozens of confessions of girls loving one of the two ginger head and amber eyes of either Kaoru or Hikaru.

Everyone loved the Host Club, as just with in the first year it became the most popular club. All, except one person who was the president and only member of his own club.

The afternoon of hosting came to an end, as the four members just lounged around to take a small break.

"Well that was a successful day." Kyoya said pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"So it seemed, but it's not about earning the money." Tamaki smirked from his usual seat.

"We know Tama-chan!" Hunny exclaimed. "You do it to be a gentleman."

"He does remind us every day." Kyoya sighed.

"Yeah," Mori added just looking at the book he was studying from.

"So you guys do this all…to be gentlemen?" A quite gentle voice asked. The four looked over at the double doors to see a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes peaking her head into the third music room.

"I'm sorry Miss, but club hours are over." Kyoya dismissed going back to writing in his notebook.

"Kyoya! That's no way to talk to a lady." Tamaki scolded going to the girl's side. "Ignore him Princess, but I must regretfully say how we aren't hosting anymore, since the day is over."

"That's too bad," She muttered looking utterly disappointed.

"But please do come back tomorrow." Tamaki suggested pulling out a rose and handing it to her. "I'll be waiting."

The girl smiled and waved goodbye as she left, closing the door softly behind her.

"Odd," Kyoya murmured.

"What?" Tamaki asked looking over at his friend. Kyoya just shook his head and walked over to the table he placed his school bag as he put away his black book.

"Nothing." He sighed passing by Tamaki and leaving the other members confused.

Kyoya was basically running down the steps of the school, with his thoughts busily thinking over the girl. She didn't look familiar, but I suppose I'll just have to investigate. Kyoya thought. Although it will be hard not knowing her name.

The next afternoon, the Host Club went through the usual. Girls came in and requested their usual hosts and were entertained. Kyoya observed every girl come in and was yet to see the one who came late yesterday to appear.

"I'm here to see Tamaki Suoh." The gentle voice said, giving Kyoya a small startle that he hid. It was her and it was odd to him the fact she just appeared when he was thinking about her. She was in the usual girl uniform, and looked like a regular student but had an unusual feeling with her.

Kyoya pushed it away and just smiled. "Well luckily you'll be able to fit in if you wait just a few minutes."

She gave a mischievous smile and nodded as she waited for Kyoya able to take her over to him. She took her seat by the prince, as Tamaki draped the arm carelessly on the back of the couch behind her.

"So my adorable princess has returned." Tamaki greeted with a smile.

"I'm happy I get the chance to see you Tamaki." She smiled pushing a strand of her wavy hair behind her ear.

"I have yet to learn your name Princess."

"I must say I like just being called Princess."

"If you insist," Tamaki sighed flipping his bangs aside dramatically. "So what interests you Princess?"

She lowered her chin to her chest to hide her blush. "I have to say the Host Club is a curiosity of mine"

"Why may that be?"

"Well, I'm interested in what you hosts do here."

"Well then, I must enlighten you. Here we entertain all you pretty young ladies."

"You're so flattering," She smiled touching her hand to her cheek.

"But I must say, you're cute my delicate flower." He said tilting up her chin.

"I bet you say that to all the girls."

"How could I? If you are the one I'm enslaved to."

"Tamaki," She sighed. "I'm not familiar of the Host Club rules…but may I have a hug?"

"My Princess, you have no need to ask." Tamaki said pulling her in a small friendly hug. She smiled against his shoulder as she trailed her hand up his back into the collar of his jacket.

"I'm afraid your time is up." Kyoya interrupted already having another girl for Tamaki with him.

"That's it?" She asked rather confused looking from Tamaki to Kyoya. "I thought we were going to be together?"

"Alas," Tamaki sighed. "Our time is up, please return to me soon."

"Come Mademoiselle," Kyoya said retrieving her by the hand. "We have your payment to discuss."

As she was taken away, Tamaki took the hand of his new guest and led her to sit down. "Finally, my princess has returned, my heart has been longing for you."

Another day of hosting came to an end, the hosting hours even extending until after sunset. Moonlight showered in the music room, all the hosts standing by the window to look up at the last quarter moon.

"Tonight's really pretty." Hunny smiled from atop Mori's shoulder, who nodded in agreement.

"The last quarter is the last moon phase before a new moon…and the new moon represents malice and destruction." A familiar eerie voice said. All four members recognized that voice and each slowly turned to see Nekozawa in his wig and cloak standing in the middle of the music room. "I've heard a lot about you Host Club."

Tamaki jumped behind Kyoya in fear. "Oh? I hope…those were…good things?" Tamaki shuddered. He was a very superstious person and was creped out by Nekozawa with him being the president of the Black Magic club.

"I'm afraid not Tamaki Suoh. I believe you play with the emotions of all the guests you have."

"Wh…what makes you think that?"

Nekozawa took out a type of device from his pocket and pressed a button to play the conversation Tamaki had earlier with the strange girl.

'You're so flattering,'

'But I must say, you're cute my delicate flower.'

'I bet you say that to all the girls.'

'How could I? If you are the one I'm enslaved to.'

Nekozawa stopped the recording for a moment and looked up at the Host Club.

"I hear you say that to all the girls."

"Well…I tr…treat them like princesses."

"The opposite Suoh, you treat them like slaves. You win their hearts to only crush them by not committing to them. I heard right after from that girl, that once she left you said the same thing to another girl."

Nekozawa pressed his recording again and replayed what Tamaki had said,

'Finally, my princess has returned, my heart has been longing for you.'

Kyoya pushed his glasses up his nose to hide his eyes

"So that girl was your spy?" He asked coolly.

"An actress I hired to investigate."

"Yes, but how were you able to record that if she left before that?"

"In the collar of his jacket, she placed a chip that recorded everything after she left." Nekozawa grinned.

"He's right Kyo-chan, look!" Hunny said holding up a small black piece that was placed on the inside of Tamaki's jacket.

"So there's much more than just those two who you lie to I hope you know."

"Well, if that's all you came here to say, we would like you to leave." Kyoya sighed annoyingly as Mori stepped closer.

"I'll leave on my own account in a moment. But I have something to do for the good of all the ladies in the school." Nekozawa said pointing over at Tamaki. "So, hence forth on this day, you are cursed Tamaki Suoh. Your hosting days are numbered. Your promises to your hosts will come true. One of them will become your one and only princess. Since you are turning sixteen next, your hundredth sixteenth guest you will need to make your bride."

"What!?" The club said in alarm.

"The time you meet her, you will only have a year to make her except your proposal without having this curse mentioned to her. If you're rejected, by the sunset of that day you will be soulless. Living in pain and hurt those around you."

Tamaki's eyes widened as he fell onto the floor clutching his wrist as a mark was enforced on it that looked more like an odd birth mark.

"As for that mark, it will burn every time you host and even when you're not, you will be in pain until you meet your 'special guest'. You should think I'm nice to save you the trouble of counting." Nekozawa chuckled as he scurried away out of the room leaving everyone shocked and thinking of the situation. But now the prince was regretful this happened because of his Host Club.