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Summary: Similar to Beauty and the Beast but with a different twist to the tale. Tamaki Suoh is the prince of the school and president of the newly formed Host Club. To Nekozawa he seems nothing more than a player toying with girls' hearts and places a curse on him. Now Tamaki has to make his 116th guest his bride.

"We'll meet you two at the beach around eleven." Kyoya's voice said on the small speaker of Hikaru's phone. The two exchanged glances with somewhat thrilled smiles.

"Aye aye!" They chirped in unison before hanging up. Hikaru stretched his arms over his head and let out a heavy yawn, having it been a few weeks into the summer break he had spent it often laying around the house.

"The beach does sound nice." He sighed in contentment leaning back on the bed. "And since it'll be a private beach we'll be able to see Haruhi in a swim suit. At. Long. Last."

"Yeah, but every one of us will be there." Kaoru pointed out, placing the phone on the night stand. Hikaru diverted his gaze to look out the window to watch the passing clouds.

"Makes no different to me…I think of it…as this will be the first battle."

"It's not a battle Hikaru…you guys don't have to fight like its life or death. I mean Haruhi's only going to end up yelling at you two if it gets on her nerve."

"Considering how she didn't see it on our date or in her apartment, I think it'll be safe."

"But what about our friendship?" Hikaru closed his eyes a moment.

"I'm willing to do that…for the one time…that someone else has found their way into our world."

"Is this for real?" Haruhi groaned watching the waves roll up against the white sand. She had woken up the morning thinking of the mile long to do list she had resolved the night before, to only come out and find her father chatting happily with Kyoya Ootori. To say she was less than pleased was an understatement.

"It's so pretty Haru-chan!" Hunny giggled, running down the slope and tossed aside the shirt he had before diving into the waves. Mori followed behind him at a much slower pace to leave the other five.

"Yeah Haruhi, you have to admit it must be much better than doing…whatever you had originally planned for today." Kaoru smirked. The brunette looked up to him with an annoyed expression.

"It is prettier, but I don't have the time for the day off."

"Nonsense Haruhi." Kyoya replied coolly, unbuttoning his own shirt to reveal the smooth toned chest beneath. "Your father said that there wasn't much to be done."

"My father isn't the most knowledgeable when it comes to house work, and that's not the point! You guys can't just make plans without asking people first!"

"Ha-ru-hi! Are you saying you don't want to spend time with me!?" A hand placed on her shoulder that she followed up to look to shimmering purple eyes.

"You always use that excuse."

"But come on Haruhi," A hand placed upon her other shoulder that she looked up to see a pair of golden eyes. "It'll be fun."

"Yeah…I'm going to go change." She replied walking away from the two toward the tent. With Haruhi gone, the two exchanged angry looks.

"You're really pathetic you know that?" Hikaru hissed, Tamaki looked away sadly.

"I'm not going to bad mouth you Hikaru, you'll be hurt enough later."

"Yeah right." Hikaru snickered walking past him with his brother.

"So is this why you wanted us all to come?" Tamaki asked looking to Kyoya. His friend shrugged and walked alongside him.

"You two need to settle something, and that's what needs to happen today."

"Someone's going to get hurt."

"True, it could be you, Hikaru or even Haruhi. But you also need to think Tamaki that in order for two people to be together, something's must be done. Otherwise-" He grabbed his wrist and held it up to eye level. "You'll be the one to suffer."

"Are those the only choices I have?"

"Unfortunately yes, if you had more time it could be a different story. But you don't have to worry…I'm sure this will only go on between you and Hikaru, so Haruhi should be safely out of it."

"WHERE THE HELL IS THE SWIMSUIT I PACKED?!" Haruhi's voice shouted. Tamaki tensed up as he glanced to Kyoya's smirk.

"Of course though, I want a nice show."

Tamaki turned around to see Haruhi glaring over at them all, wearing the same two piece swim suit from their time by the pool.

My god! This is the best experience I could have ever imagined today.' Tamaki thought with glee.

"What's wrong Haruhi? You look really cute in that." Hikaru grinned to her. Haruhi shot a glance to him before shrugging on her short jacket.

"That's not the point. What if someone from school saw me in this?!"

"That's why we came to a private beach." Kaoru suggested pointing a thumb to Kyoya. "Kyoya-senpai was actually the one to extend the invitation.

"Kyoya-senpai?" Haruhi repeated skeptically before looking over at the upperclassman. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Kyoya sighed. "Just spend the day relaxing."

"Thanks," Haruhi muttered before having the twins harp on her to push her down to the beach to leave the other four.

"And since I'm extending such a generous invitation, you better make good use of this time." Kyoya muttered darkly before walking down the slope from Tamaki.

Tamaki gulped heavily before watching down upon the three classmates. Especially on the girl that was looking down upon the water that barely ran up against her toes. Taking the chance he skidded against the soft sand of the slope down beside her and looked out to sea.

"Why aren't you going in the water?" He asked looking down to her. She shrugged slightly and looked down.

"I still don't like swimming that much." She muttered.

"Is it because you aren't that good at swimming?" He asked with a sly grin. Her face heated up as she looked up to him.

"I am not?!"

"Really? Because you were only dog-paddling in the pool we went to."

"That's still swimming."

"Well you can still get in and wad in the water. It isn't that bad to watch over the sea life."

"Maybe," She replied taking a few steps in the water before bending down to swish her hand around. Tamaki watched with a small smile until water splashed in his face by her hand. An action he would have guessed from the times. When he cracked open his eye he saw her give him a smile that spread onto his face.

"Well that doesn't seem very nice." He chuckled following her. She grinned before going deeper until she was thigh high in the water before she dodged his own splash.


"I won't the next time." He challenged before crouching under and instead pushed up against the water to splash her. Her hands placed in front of her eyes to shield them from the salty water as she shook her head to dispatch the liquid.

"You're really being ridiculous." She giggled lightly. Something that sounded unusual to her.

"Says the girl who started it. Honestly, don't think because you're cute you're going to get out of this." He froze up realizing what he just admitted and she obviously heard it by the stiffness her body had, and the look she gave him in utter shock.

"I…uh…." He tried looking away for a diversion. "I think I hear Kyoya!" He excused trying to wad out of the water as quick as he could.

"Senpai-" She tried to stop before slipping upon a slick rock. Tamaki turned around for her to fall on top of his chest and push him under for a few moments before he pulled himself up to float on his back while holding Haruhi in his arms.

"Sorry!" She said quickly moving away although he held onto her arms for her to stead herself before realizing the bit of blood that floated to the surface.

"Haruhi, you're bleeding!" He cried, gently picking her up to wad out to the surface.

"It's not that bad Senpai. It's just a small cut."

Ignoring her he kept walking to their place that Kyoya was sitting at, reading. He glanced up curiously as they approached when Tamaki set her down upon a towel before lifting up her foot. Haruhi's face ignited into different shades of red.

"What's going on?" Hikaru asked walking up to them along with Kaoru. His eyes coldly drifting down to the intimate position Tamaki was touching her.

"Haruhi cut her foot. Can you get some bandages?"

"About I stay with her and you get the bandages." Hikaru remarked. Tamaki looked up to him and exchanged a look that Hikaru's wanted to kill.

"Should we really argue about this when she's hurt?"

"I'm really fine."

"No you're not!" The two barked to her rudely, before realizing the tone they had taken.

"Sorry." They both replied at once looking away.

"Here," Kyoya sighed, shaking his head in disapproval as he handed over some swabs and bandages.

Tamaki nodded his thanks as he wiped the cut clean, noticing it wasn't too deep before bandaging it.

"You guys over react with everything." Haruhi muttered, taking her own personal towel and rubbing her hair dry. "This is probably why I shouldn't go swimming again. Water is seems to dislike me."

"Haruhi, it was only an accident." Tamaki smiled before sitting up beside her. "Though you should probably stay off your heel for a little while."

"I'll stay here and keep you company." Hikaru replied sitting up beside her. Haruhi glared down at the sand in an annoying manner unsure of the tension that clouded over them while they were under a large umbrella.

"Hey guys! We brought lemonades!" Hunny shouted gleefully running up in front of Haruhi to extend a caned drink.

So that's where they went. Haruhi thought before accepting the drink and smiling cheerfully to the deceiving upperclassman.

"Thanks Hunny-senpai."

Mori was the one carrying other drinks as she realized everyone was huddled around her.

"Where exactly did you guys get these?" She asked motioning to the drinks and recognized they hadn't brought coolers.

"There's a villa on the slope." Kyoya pointed out. "It just has the basics, restrooms, snacks, rec room."

She rolled her eyes at the pointlessness before grabbing her jacket to zip over her swimsuit.

"I'm going to go up to the restroom then." She replied slipping on her flip flops.

"I'll go with you!" Two voices said at once. She looked over at Tamaki and Hikaru, both in which glaring daggers at each other in a heated tension. She rolled her eyes at the thought of what their late feud had been over but just walked ahead.

"Seriously, back off." Hikaru whispered harshly.

"I'm not going to Hikaru. And fighting over it isn't going to help." Tamaki muttered.

"Like I said I'm not going to lose."

"Both of us aren't going to be winning."

"Exactly. You should back off now. I'm the one who's already been on a date with her. And I'm asking her out again."

Amongst their bickering, Kaoru casted a pitied glance to his brother before discreetly following after Haruhi.

Haruhi stood under the cool shower a few moments to rinse the sea water off before shaking her head with water droplets going everywhere. It was nice for a few moments alone, unsure of the reason why the host club had to be so stubborn to be around her every moment.

Walking out of the restroom she ruffled her hair when she noticed the figure leaning against the wall outside of the room.

"Kaoru? What are you doing up here?" She asked, tilting her head. He grinned at her before motioning down to her foot.

"You left those two down there in an argument, and I thought someone sensible had to help you with your foot like that."

"Thanks," She replied, sliding down the wall with him alongside her. "Do you know what's got them all riled up?"

He laughed at her question as she raised a brow he waved his hand idly at her.

"That doesn't matter, you could say it's the heat and they have been in an argument all summer."


"That's it you're not going to pry?"

"Well I guess it doesn't concern me." She shrugged. He chortled at her comment and shook his head in disbelief.

"You aren't like any other girl; any of us have ever met. The only one to know all of us truly."

"I don't know all of you. Mori-senpai's still a mystery."

"It'll stay that way too. Mori-senpai is Mori-senpai. You've got to love him." He looked up to the sky and closed his eyes a brief moment. "Say Haruhi, do you ever think of any of us in a romantic way like the other girls at school do?"

She paused a moment and looked to him curiously. "Why?"

"Curious." She sighed and just rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly, a boyish habit she picked up on.

"Well, I don't know…really I don't think about those types of things." She smiled looking up to the sky. "Really though…I've more learned to just learn about you guys…can you keep a secret?"

He nodded scooting closer.

"In a way, as you guys are amazed by the way I live in a common everyday life, I'm a bit amazed at what you do. And even though you all are spoiled, pompous, guys who don't ever have a care; you guys changed my opinion of rich brats since arriving at Ouran."

"Gee thanks." Kaoru replied with a little laugh. "So you don't really see any of us in a romantic light?"

She turned away as he took notice to a blush that wasn't due to the heat upon her face.

"I don't know," She mumbled, pulling her knees close "Maybe." She muttered upon her breath too low for even Kaoru to hear.

"Kaoru! Haruhi! You guys still up here?" Hikaru's voice called as he turned the corner and spotted them together. He tensed up before coming over to them and kneeling down before her.

"What's wrong? Is your foot bothering you? Do you have heat stroke? You're awfully red." He said cupping her face. Her face turned redder from his contact as she stumbled up.

"I'm fine, really!" She said. "I think I'm going to go and get some water."

She walked briskly to a nearby counter as the tender handed her a bottle, Hikaru directed his attention to Kaoru.

"What were you guys talking about?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to know about her feelings." Kaoru shrugged.

"What did she say?" Kaoru smiled before winking at his brother.

"It's a secret." He replied, placing his arms behind his head. "Why don't you go talk to her?"

As Kaoru walked down the slope, Hikaru gulped heavily before walking up to Haruhi overlooking the beach.

"Pretty isn't it?"

"Yeah," She replied. "But I'm willing to bet this is a once in a life time chance from Kyoya. Wish I had a camera."

"He'd probably sell you some photos." He teased as she snorted at his reply.

"I'll stick it in my memory."

"Yeah," He replied moving next to her. To watch the sun beginning to cast more yellows and oranges. It was like a part in a romantic movie, though he wasn't sure to wrap his arm around her.

"Hey Haruhi?" He asked, feeling the sweat on his brow.


"Well…I was wondering…well you had fun on our date right?"

"Yeah." She nodded, sipping from her water.

"Well…would you…go out with me….again?" He asked, a puzzled look crossed over her face as she turned back to him. "But this time, without my brother asking for me?"

"Was it that terrible to ask me yourself?" His face turned red as he looked shockingly at her.

"No! Of course not! But…Kaoru…he had more guts than I had to ask."

She chuckled lightly, before looking out to the waters.

"Well….sure." she replied.

"Really?" He asked with excitement but when she looked to him his smile fell slightly.

"Yeah, it'll be fun." She nodded, looking to her feet. "Umm…I think I'm actually going to go back into the water now."

She quickly walked off before he could reply as he watched her retreat down to their spot below. He squinted his eyes to count the figures and noticed two short of the original number.

"Hika-chan?" A voice asked behind him as he turned around to see Hunny and Mori coming from the snack bar. "Are you guys…really going out again?"

"Yeah Senpai…and I did it all by myself." Hikaru puffed with pride. "And now it's two to zip Suoh."

"Hika-chan, why are you acting like it's a competition?"

"Maybe I wouldn't if Tamaki didn't try to sabotage me."

"He didn't really want to-"

"Hunny-senpai, you may be on his side but he wants Haruhi all to himself yet he's too chicken to approach her."

"It's not like that-"

"That's how I see it, why is he so set on Haruhi; does he just want her to prove he can woo any girl?"

"Hika-can?! You don't understand! Tama-chan needs Haru-chan!"

"Why does he need her?! He's the richest student on campus. What can Haruhi have to do with him?!"

"She's the only one to break his curse!" Hunny blurted out, before his hand placed over his mouth. Mori's eyes widened slightly while Hikaru's eyes widened to the size of Hunny's cake plates.


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